3 most helpful tips on dating Slavic women
Slavic girl in a national headscarf

3 most helpful tips on dating Slavic women

3 most helpful tips on dating Slavic women

Meeting partners from different countries is not a new trend but a necessity. No one is surprised by an international couple nowadays. Slavic women dating is a salvation for many western guys who want to see a feminine lady with traditional family values by their side.

This idea beckons many men. Some of them happily do that, others still have doubts. Whether you belong to the first or second group of gentlemen, this guide will help you understand how to enjoy dating Slavic women and take the most out of it.

Who are Slavic women?

The first thing to understand is who you mean by this collective concept. The most popular Slavs are Russians and Ukrainians. Belarussian girls also acquire their popularity in the world of Slavic women dating. But we are talking about Slavs, we mean not only girls from this country but also Poles, Slovaks, Bulgarians, Macedonians, Croats, Czech, Slovenes, and Montenegrins.

As you can see, not only Ukrainian, Russian, and Belarussian brides are Slavic. There are many more of them. Of course, throwing them all in one barrel is impossible. These nations are very different, their appearance, character features, traditions, and everything else differ from each other.

Slavic girl in a national headscarf

Thus, here we will be speaking only about Russian, Ukrainian, and Belarussian women who have a more or less similar appearance, traits, and customs. They are the most frequent guests on Slavic women dating sites and the most demanded among western searchers.

All these females have their peculiarities. Even within one of these countries, their appearance is very different. For example, in the Center and Southern Ukraine, girls look totally different as if they are from separate countries.

The same is in Russia. This country is huge and includes a mixture of various nationalities and folks. So, you can meet totally different-looking ladies among Russian women.

We are not going to speak about the similarities or differences in their appearances while they are influenced by lots of geographic and historical factors and deserve to be a separate topic. We will cover the pros and cons of dating them and the most helpful tips on how to succeed in it.

They are beautiful, loving, and caring

Dating Slavic women means having a girlfriend who is constantly looking after herself. Hundreds of admiring eyes will be staring at her. You are proud of such a partner and men from various countries choose these ladies because of that.

Beautiful women are also an object of jealousy. Guys are afraid to lose such a lady. A Slavic bride means not only exceptional beauty but also a loving partner. Slavic girls surround their boyfriends with love, care, respect, and lots of attention.

Even if you are just dating, she behaves like a good housewife and takes care of her man. She is gladly cooking, cleaning, and making your life much cozier and more convenient.

Each gentleman is dreaming and pleased to have such a girlfriend. They are very charming and kind. One of their most distinguishing features is their femininity. You will hardly see a masculine-looking woman among Slavs. Femininity is their peculiarity. They never choose their career instead of a family. You and your children are her priority.

They are used to being behind their husbands. They are supportive and never betray those they love. Such a bride or wife matches any man. However, here are the most proven tips on how to date Slavic women.

Tip 1. Be confident

The girl looks great in the foreground of the photo

Confidence is your «everything», especially, when it comes to Slavic women dating. Not because you must be an alpha male but because they are historically used to it. A man is a provider, defender, leader of the family. A wife is a caretaker.

Slavic men used to protect their families, be the only bread-winners, and make important decisions. Their wives have always been by their sides. This is a tradition that was inherited from their mothers, grandmothers, and grand grandmothers. Until the present day, they search for the same type of men.

Although times have changed and most ladies do not stay at home but get a very good education and work full-time, they still look for very confident men—their bread-winners and protectors ready to take all the responsibility for their families.

Thus, if you aren’t ready to take responsibility for your woman and make important decisions, you can hardly succeed with one of these pretties. Work on your confidence and masculinity to impress a gorgeous Slavic bride.

Tip 2. Look your best

You choose to date Slavic women because you know how stunning they are, don’t you? Their looks pamper your eyes, and these women’s femininity and natural beauty are primary reasons for joining a Slavic women dating site. Be in line with her if you are going to conquer her attention.

They do not only look for confident men but also for masculine and good-looking ones. No worries, they are not looking for a male lingerie model or Brad Pitt. Appearing on your date with a messed hair or trainers isn’t the best idea, though. Thus, if you are going to date a girl from a Slavic country, do the following:

    • Get an expensive fragrance. All women love when a man smells great.
    • Have a stylish haircut. You shouldn’t look as if you just woke up.
    • Attend a gym. Being a bodybuilder is unnecessary but at least caring for how you look is a must. You can hardly impress a stunning woman with your beer belly.
    • Take care of your clothes. You don’t have to buy expensive designer clothes. But wearing proper tidy and ironed clothing is a must.

Just like you prefer well-groomed cute ladies looking their best, these girls also prefer well-groomed men who do care of being in line with their partner.

Tip 3. Forget about being greedy

Blonde in a matronly blouse

Last but not least, Slavic women won’t use a free dating site. If you want a freebie, you get the same result. Good and serious ladies don’t use such sites. They do not get acquainted on social media or cheap apps as well. These cuties look for serious guys who are ready to prove their readiness for being real partners.

If you are aimed at meeting top-quality Slavic women, a dating site should be respective. This is not all yet. Most of all, these females do not like unconfident and greedy men. Get ready to make gifts, send flowers, and impress your lady. Paying the bills and taxis is a must.

Instead of telling her «I will do everything for you», show exactly what you can do. Express your attention and care. Prove that you are a reliable partner and not just a chatterbox. They distinguish such things at once so you won’t keep them long with empty promises.

Mean what you say and you succeed!

Slavic women dating sites offer thousands of valuable profiles. It seems that any western guy can find his gorgeous girlfriend from Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus. But success does not come that easy. Any relationship is hard work and online dating is not an exception.

Girls from these countries do not believe empty words, they recognize actions only. Show them your determination, confidence, and readiness to move mountains for their sake. This is a man all Slavic women search.

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