American Dating culture explained
American Dating culture 

American Dating culture explained

American Dating culture explained

Dating is a very broad topic, which has a lot of peculiarities and differences based on culture, mentality, personalities of partners, etc.

Building a relationship with a person of your nationality can be challenging at times, but imagine falling in love with a person that comes from a completely different background than you. It’s a hard work!

Nowadays, when dating is becoming globalised thanks to matchmaking websites and internet technologies, a lot of couples face the challenges of international relationships.

Initially developed in America, dating solutions are taking over the world. They remain highly popular among the USA audience and turn out to be the best way to meet potential suitors from the States.

When meeting your American soulmate for the first time, it is better to be well prepared and know what to expect from your future other half and the relationship in general. Keep in mind that when dating an American girl, she will always value her independence and seek true love and feelings.

Differences in dating approach

American Dating culture 

When compared to European or Eastern relationships, American dating culture appears to be more candid and straightforward. The women in the US tend to be more open about their desires, expectations, and feelings. If you are coming from an Eastern or European background, this level of openness might be brand new to you.

But don’t be put off by this behaviour, try being as open about your intentions as they are, and you would be surprised by how it improves the overall quality of dating life. Communication is a key when dating an American girl. They do not like to second guess and prefer to set everything out even before you begin dating.

Now that we have explained one of the significant differences, let’s explore which other aspects might come as a surprise for you. Knowing the differences and being prepared is the best way to build a healthy international relationship.

When you are dating someone from a different culture, learning about which things they do differently will aid you in avoiding misunderstanding and improve communication, which contributes to 70% of the relationship success.

Having options is normal

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A typical American girl would like to keep her options open. Do not confuse it with carelessness. They are raised with the idea that there is plenty of fish in the sea, and, therefore, they prefer talking to a few potential suitors at once just to see with whom she will have a better bond.

This is something that might sound weird at first, especially for people from Eastern cultures. But if you think about it, it is actually a very clever way to approach dating.

Since Americans are looking for real love and true feelings, they want to make sure that their lover is the one. The only way to figure it out is to communicate and spend time with a pool of potential lovers.

And do not be frightened by the idea that your date is seeing other people, whilst you are the one sitting at home being played. Once they establish that they want a relationship with you and ensure their interest is mutual, seeing other people would not be an option anymore.

Put a label on every stage

Talking about establishing your romantic expectations… Be prepared to talk through and put a label on every stage of your relationship.

For example, if you meet a girl on one of the American dating sites, it is highly likely that when you ask her out on the actual date, she will double-check your intentions and ask if it’s a casual date (yes, some people meet on dating apps to find friends) or more formal, even romantic, date.

In American dating culture, this is absolutely normal. As your relationship proceeds into further stages, you will need to establish that you are exclusive to each other, which means that you and your lover are not seeing other people.

What comes to dating, Americans also like to make things official and inform their friends when they start going out with someone. Therefore, be prepared to take part in a get-together dinner with your lover’s friends, where both of you will make the statement of your new relationship.

Express feelings freely

Expressing feelings freely is another common aspect of American culture. It is normal to talk about what other people make you feel. If you have romantic feelings for someone, you would be expected to state it. If you feel upset about what your partner or friend did, again, you will need to confront them.

Communicating your reaction is absolutely normal in this culture. Do not be afraid of expressing what is on your mind because Americans will always listen and pay attention to your words and thoughts.

Another interesting aspect is that it is absolutely common for women to reveal their feelings first. Unlike in most Eastern cultures, where men are always expected to make the first move and say those three significant words. In America, there is no such conception, as everyone has the right to say.

Online dating is normal

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In most countries around the world, online dating and matchmaking apps still remain a wonder. This isn’t the case in the USA. American dating sites are widely popular there and are not perceived as a destination for hookups and one-night stands, although there might be people using them for that purpose.

Overall, meeting people through the Internet is very common in the States, unlike most of the European countries where people still do not put trust in love-finding services.

American audiences use online services to meet all sorts of people. They meet for work, to find friends and to find partners. Being very sociable, Americans are not put off by the awkwardness of meeting strangers they matched on a dating app a few weeks ago.

The whole process appears easy and organic, as they will always find a topic to discuss. This fact makes building any kind of relationship with an American very easy. And with the help of American dating sites, you can now find the love of your love even if you are located out of the States. Isn’t it amazing?

Keeping it relaxed in all senses

Everyone knows how Eastern European girls like to dress-to-impress and always look in the best possible manner. But with American ladies, the picture is quite the opposite. In the US, people care about your personality, your personal achievements and how interesting you are as a person a lot more than they care about looks.

They just love to keep their clothing style relaxed, comfortable and casual. Hence, when going on a date with an American girl do not expect her to wear full-on make-up and a fresh blow-dry as she will always be dressed to occasion. If you are having a casual date in the downtown café, she will pull up looking nice and simple, because it is all about personality and soul.

So, remember this and make sure not to overdress, yet wear something stylish. A same relaxed attitude is applied when choosing date spots.

Do not try to impress your lady by taking her to the fanciest and the most expensive restaurant in town as she might not understand your intentions and take them wrongly. Stick to a chill place where both of you would feel comfortable.

Build relationships the American way

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American women are fun and exciting to be around; they love to meet new people and are very sociable. Do not expect them to settle down straight after your first date, because she would want both of you to spend quality time together and have fun.

This is what relationships are for — to have fun together with your partner before both of you will be willing to settle down and make things serious.

Respect her independence and trust what she says and you will be treated the same way. Communicate about your feelings and agree on what kind of relationship both of you want.

When building an international romance, always remember that having different backgrounds means that you think differently, and therefore, talking things through and understanding where the other person is coming from is vital.

Even if you get yourself acquainted with the above differences, there would be a lot more to learn about American dating culture. Every person is different, and we have different attitudes and backgrounds.

Therefore, our advice is to keep the information we provided for you in your mind, but still follow what your heart desires, it will always lead to the best outcomes.

Do your research, see and compare different American dating sites. Perhaps, it is better to start with a free dating site for meeting single Americans just to see how it feels and whether online dating suits your personality.

If you have always dreamt about finding a soulmate from the States, online matchmaking solutions are a fantastic option that will provide you with millions of potential suitors waiting to get matched with you!

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