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The conclusion of our AssTok.com review is that the dating platform is an insufficient service aimed at scamming its members.

AssTok Background: What Is It and Who Is It For?

AssTok.com’s advertising touts its complimentary signup process and substantial pool of active members. It says on its landing page that more than 5 million people and local girls have already signed up, with a gender split of 60% men to 40% women. That’s a lot of attractive college girls and milfs, as it is noted.

This business is rather well-known in the marketplace; it has developed a number of dating websites and makes the claim to provide exquisite adult dating platform chat and interaction capabilities. Its employers take great pride in making the lives of its potential customers exciting, enjoyable, and joyful with chatting local girls. Following registration, individuals are given the option to view other active members’ profiles as in real life. Women participate in all the activities on the AssTok account dating website without hesitation, starting with message writing to scam as college girls.

Company Global Personals LLC
Address Pine Ave Longwood, Florida
Phone-Hotline 1-888-617-2001
E-Mail [email protected]

You can see from our analysis that none of these claims can be asserted to be accurate. In reality, AssTok.com is just a fraud that takes advantage of users’ subscriptions. The chatting feature requires a paid membership to chat with girls, regardless of what is stated on the first browse page. Paid messages subscriptions are nearly impossible to cancel, according to first-person accounts based on the browse experience of previous real life subscribers. It’s not the best idea ever to spend capital on messages for fake accounts and scam computer-generated messages material. It’s time to dive right into research results and the detailed analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the AssTok adult dating service. Onwards!

Review in Detail: Registration and Fake Services at AssTok

AssTok offers registration that is quick and simple, just like the landing page advertises. You simply need to complete a short registration form with a few basic information fields to create your personal account. The system keeps track of your device’s location to ensure that it matches the basic information you submit. You won’t be able to register if you don’t decide to input the right one. After that, you will have the chance to create a profile and add a photo, but you can skip this search step at dating sites.

On AssTok.com, the members’ initial impression is already unfavorable. Particularly for those utilizing a casual dating platform for the first time, the interface is extremely complicated, and it’s difficult to know where to start. However, it is at least now clear that this one is not unrestricted. Banners urging you to acquire a premium membership can be found everywhere. The tools you need to narrow your search are in the menu on the left side of the page access.

Only you can view nearby residents and those who are online with a free membership. You may also see every detail of each member’s profile, including their photo. You’re unable to interact with anyone on this basis, unfortunately. As soon as you enter the members’ area, you should anticipate receiving a lot of communications after free membership. These are automated messages from fake profiles, unfortunately.

The Functionality of AssTok App: Special Features and Services

The AssTok dating website offers a number of chances to post files in comparison to other adult dating websites. Numerous implicit and unsuccessful encounters with “real” women are made in addition to the simplicity of registration. Those who are interested can message each other and discuss their casual sex fantasies. People like the opportunity to date multiple women at once and ignore any profiles with dubious indicators; they only see what they want until they learn the reality about AssTok fake offers and account.

Pros and Cons of AssTok.com

When considering if this site offers at least some value, we can be completely certain and say that it operates rather quickly. To project the most respectable image they could, these con artists invested in the business. And it was all done to rob your capital. Free registration is undoubtedly a benefit, however, let’s be honest, it opens the door to the world of scam.
In addition, when discussing drawbacks, we can see that the following problems exist:

Since there neither local singles nor real members present, you cannot utilize AssTok work to find a significant other or form a close bond with those who share your values. You will get nothing in return for paying an unfair amount for fake services.

The AssTok website offers hassle-free real-time conversation with actual ladies, just like adult dating site. It has an easy-to-use, versatile, and mobile-friendly interface. Expecting anything sincere and wicked even when we were chatting with an operator was a bad idea. When women email you the picture of someone else and post it in your conversation, thinking that would be enough to pique your interest in them, it is difficult to be impressed by a complete hoax. As you could have guessed, these are only a few examples of this scammers’ haven.

The Cost of Membership on the AssTok App

On the numerous casual dating sites it controls, this corporation doesn’t considerably alter its pricing strategy. Plans for one-time use and monthly credit card subscriptions are also included in the list of packages. AssTok.com has many alternatives for premium memberships, ranging from two days to twelve months.

The monthly cost decreases with length of time. There is no other mode of pay; all major credit cards are accepted. All subscriptions are subject to automatic renewal, meaning they will continue to be renewed unless you opt to discontinue the agreement. This is a difficult task, according to several former other users. All the other scams don’t really matter because there are so many false and fictitious profiles, making real-world meetings and manage membership impossible by default.

It is still funny on its own. Your financial interactions with AssTok may also be incredibly unsatisfactory. It is not secure to provide your banking information. Even though AssTok doesn’t automatically enroll the plans, there are times when the bank performs poorly. The use of credit then turns disastrous. In addition to always demanding more capital, the AssTok network also occasionally demands more tokens for the same feature.

Safety & Security Issues

In a very specific way, this team does care about clients’ privacy and the reputation of its service as a whole. Its owners don’t disclose the strategies they use to successfully defend this domain. Even if we assume that the portal uses SSL protocols and data encryption, it is still incredibly deficient and insufficient. And it’s very hard to cancel membership.

From the Terms and Conditions Section

The corporation’s policies are just as hostile to other users as its casual dating services. Here is a brief summary of the issues that registered members of the corporation will experience:

You may cancel your membership at any time by clicking here. You must cancel your membership at least twenty-four (24) hours before your monthly anniversary date to avoid being charged for another month of membership.
The Site may, from time to time, offer an automated message system for users to contact other users that meet at least one interest that the user is interested in. Such automated messages are labeled “Icebreakers”.

Source: https://www.asstok.com/members/info/terms

The Conclusion from Our AssTok Review

Any dating website run by the Global Personals LLC address could be risky if you wish to communicate with people and have fun with them. It doesn’t assist its clients and just displays deceitful tactics as proof of its concern. We can reassure you that there is no good reason to register on AssTok.com after conducting a thorough investigation. Its schemes have already duped far too many individuals. The site’s operator is notorious for making it incredibly challenging to cancel premium membership.

Several former users claim that this will invariably result in a subscription trap. Moreover, the majority of the visit communications you get are false. Even though they appear to be from real profiles, they were actually created by software. Even if you are genuinely interested, our staff does not advise trying this service because it will just waste your hard-earned capital.


  • AssTok was created to provide users with anonymous casual dating and digital casual sex delights. However, there are several issues with this software for chatting with attractive ladies, including links to malicious third parties, bots, spyware, and more. A dating service operated by the company makes significant investments in its visual appeal. The dating website purports to be devoted to cougar dating, however it is a fraud. The website is nothing more than a scam that has nothing to do with acceptable dating. The reputation of senior dating is only damaged by this online scamming service.
  • Despite the company's online presence and advertised cool stuff, it is not a recognized and authorized location for dating. Not only are there many fake profiles on the company app, but the entire thing is a scam. If you are wondering if AssTok is legit, our answer is no. This portal offers a wide variety of inadequate services to join that are designed to defraud users. It merely gives the appearance of respectability, but the resource offers you no legal advice. This AssTok membership account does not offer all of the potential dating options. It is a total scam that tries to withdraw your money from your bank account only after you have finished the registration process. If you read additional reviews and examine the images, you will discover that the business is only a swindling account without anything interesting.
  • With its search for fake accounts, unfriendly chat rooms, and inoperative contact forms, AssTok membership is clearly a hoax. Its main goal is to con you. The only alternative on this account is to lose your money. Using it will expose you to a scams contact, blackmail, and misuse of your personal free account information. So support gpnethelp.com won’t assist you. Any member who joins this team will not be happy at all.
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