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The result of CitySweeties review: CitySweeties members get no benefits when using this website, being shamelessly scammed instead.

What Do You Need To Know About CitySweeties?

When you first visit this website, you can understand that CitySweeties is an adult dating site. The women in a bikini colored with the US flag can tell that you are able to find here a lot of women from this country. But it would be a mistake to tell you that you will meet real women here. CitySweeties is full of fake profiles that are being implemented in the use of the website to scam people looking for man woman communication. CitySweeties is held by Meteor Interactive. You can reach them using the following contact details:

Company name Meteor Interactive
Address Savannahweg 17, 3542AW Utrecht, The Netherlands
Phone-Hotline non-available
E-Mail [email protected]

The Meteor Interactive company is focused on the creation of scam websites oriented toward users who are looking for a proper dating experience. And CitySweeties is not an exception in such a case. People of all ages will visit this website to face a dishonest attitude. Yet, let’s not just blame CitySweeties but examine the proofs of how fake this website is in our review.

CitySweeties operation in a nutshell

When you first start your cooperation with City Sweeties, you will see that there is no single feature working properly. This is because the main goal is to scam you. Let’s begin with the registration.
In fact, this is the only thing available on the front page. Clicking on any other link here will just lead you to the registration field, so you will not be able to learn more about the work of this scamming resource. The City Sweeties free registration includes:

The website doesn’t require your identity verification. In fact, you don’t even need it, because the regional searches just don’t work. The company made it that way that anybody who joins City Sweeties from any location could be scammed by these fake profiles of hot locals. People living in any part of the USA can join this service for free, but after that, they will be looking for a panic button to escape from these spam profiles.

Talking about all this data, we should mention that a nickname can be whatever you want. CitySweeties claims that there are more than 4 million users, but they did let us make a nickname “Mike.” We don’t believe that out of 4 million members, no one took such nickname.

Also, your location doesn’t matter as well. This is because all the members here are fake. Every single user coming to this site will never find a real person here. Moreover, you will never be able to join this website using mobile phones. It is technically impossible. But let’s talk more about this site and see what the worst nuances are. Maybe you can contact City Sweeties girls and set up a real date?

The fake features of CitySweeties

The only service available on this site is chatting. Of course, it is fully fake, and no single member will be real on this site. But we need to give you an explanation of why we think that local girls on City Sweeties are fully fake.

First of all, all CitySweeties profiles contain nudity. This is the first mark that makes us believe that this site is a scam. Adult dating, of course, is mostly focused on sexual contact with other members. This comes as the main reason why people use these websites. But CitySweeties has no borders and provides you only with naked pictures of women. City Sweeties just presses you with porn content and offers no real meetings.

Talking more about City Sweeties, there are no real people. You can only contact fake girls’ accounts that are focused on sex only. They use their sex photos in order to make people buy more responses without even thinking about trial plans. City Sweeties will never give you free features, because they know that users would like to pay for juicy content.

Moreover, every single woman sends messages literally every 5 minutes. Private chats are full of spam messages, because these casual dates insist on physical contact only. This means that the City Sweeties bots and operators use a common script that starts spamming users right from the start of using this site. But maybe there is at least something good in City Sweeties?

CitySweeties weak points

The City Sweeties site will not give you anything real. In fact, the realization of the fact that you are being spammed with a lot of photos of naked women that 100% were leaked provokes the feeling of fear. You forget about dating, you start thinking only of how bad it is, and how fake the things the site writes to you are. City Sweeties free nudes come as a fake nonsense. Other dating sites do not accept it.

Moreover, the site is slow. Making every single click will come as a challenge, because you will have to wait 1-5 minutes before a new browser tab will download.

And you are getting spammed constantly, with one single script. The main goal of such spam attack is to make you pay. So let’s talk more about their costs.

Prices on CitySweeties

CitySweeties sells you messages. There are no credits, no subscription, and no sort of paid membership. Here, you buy directly messages in order to just pay money for non-existing services. And the prices are just incredibly high:

Imagine paying $20 for only 7 messages. For proper dating, it will never be enough, you will not have an option to even learn about how the site works. But for our review, it was enough. We spend $20 and started chatting with women and local girls. All these ladies who literally spammed us every 5 minutes started ignoring us. We spent all the messages we had, but they really stopped replying.

A paid membership is not a solution here. They gave a coin plan to implement it into no recurring payment method. This way, anybody who registers on this fake site will have to buy more credits for more flirting, more responses, and more paid features. But after you provide your contact details, City Sweeties will use them to steal money from your bank account.

We were shocked not by the City Sweeties scam, but by realizing that people were able to send their naked photos as a reply. So we decided to learn more about the security of this scam project.

Issues with security on CitySweeties

Security is another con of City sweeties. You will never feel protected on this site, and even registering here will mean that you are just signing a deal with the devil. Creating your account for free is meant to let City Sweeties scam you.

Even the payment question. You are not sending money to their banking account, and you are not using the third-party service. You just have to enter every single piece of your banking data on the site to receive fake credits that will give you no dating solutions. And using your data, Meteor Interactive B.V. may just take away your money.

Also, don’t forget that other members can always ask you to send some intimate content in exchange. This is tricky because novice users can believe in this scam and send something, which will only lead to blackmail messages. But maybe the site can clarify its methods of work and user protection?

What CitySweeties tells about its security

The site acts as usual and provides you with no protection. All they say is that you will be the only one responsible for all the actions on this platform. Don’t believe us? Read the privacy policy of Meteor Interactive B.V.

You are solely responsible for your interaction with other users of the Service, whether online or offline. We do not conduct any background or criminal record check or other investigation of users, some of which may be sex offenders, fraudsters or otherwise unsavory and may intend you harm. We are not responsible or liable for the conduct or content of any user. Exercise common sense and your best judgment in your interactions with others (e.g., when you submit any personal or other information) and in all of your other online activities.

And another quote:

You also understand that this is a fantasy entertainment Service and that (i) the profiles are fictional and your interactions will be with operators.

Source: https://www.citysweeties.com/agreement

Yes, you will never be protected from this fraud, because the site owners, Meteor Interactive, are only focused on scamming common Internet users. The creation of a City Sweeties account will be your main mistake. You will never be able to contact their support team, their company, and their girls that are nothing but trained operators!

CitySweeties Review: The Final Say

You will never find real dating solutions on this site. City Sweeties is only focused on the creation of a fake image of adult dating, and, let’s be honest, it does it badly.

The site looks cheap, and the overall design is below the average, while all the female users on this site are just scam bots and employees trying to fool you with non recurring payment options. Our real life review on City Sweeties has proved that behind some free features, there hides a horrible abuse of girls’ photos.

A nice option to save your time and money would be to avoid using CitySweeties. With this site, you will never achieve a demanded adult dating result, but may risk leaking your private information. City Sweeties will only give you free bait to steal your contact details.


  • CitySweeties is a scam dating site that has nothing to do with trustworthy dating. City Sweeties is an attempt to create something that looks like a dating site. But you will only find naked photos and scam bots here.
  • CitySweeties includes no legitimate services in its work. This site only gives you a fake promise that you will be provided with at least minor dating solutions. But in fact, you will be the only real person on this site.
  • CitySweeties is a scam application that will ruin your expectations about dating. City Sweeties is focused on stealing money from average users and will grant you only stress and disappointment.
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