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The result of CrushNearby.com review: crushnearby permanently scams its users with hidden fake features.

What You Should Know About CrushNearby?

CrushNearby is a so called dating website focused on adult dating. At least, this is what the website says. In fact, this is just a regular scamming resource aimed at the creation of a fake image of illusionary happiness found on a dating website.

The creator of this website is Meteor Interactive, a notorious scam company that uses the same template to reach to as many people as possible to make them pay for conversations with fake profiles. You may try to get in touch this company via these contact details:

Company Meteor Interactive
Address Savannahweg 17, 3542AW Utrecht, The Netherlands
E-Mail [email protected]

However, their contact details are as fake as all the other members on their website. Reaching them looks impossible. This is because CrushNearby is only focused on giving members scam services without any support. But why are we so cruel to this website and what are the points of its work that make us think like that? Let’s go on with our crushneaby.com review and explain why this company is a total scam and how it uses fake profiles to implement its fraud schemes.

Starting Work With CrushNearby

The registration process on this website is extremely laggy. Everything starts with the landing page, where you see a naked woman that, probably, has to show you that you will have to register on an adult dating resource. Though there is a free registration, it was implemented badly.

The registration window is also huge, you see it right ahead. But you will never miss it. Clicking on every single link on the website will lead you to this registration field, so you will have to register to go on.

The registration might look simple, it only includes:

Pretty much the information needed to become a member. For adult dating focused on flirting, it might be enough. But even this information makes no sense due to the fact you are joining a scam site that will just rob you. And all this fraud begins right from the landing page.

Diving deeper into Crushnearby work

We must warn you from the very beginning that there is nothing real here. All the profiles are fake, and the lowest quality of images and interface elements just ruins the whole picture of this resource.

But if you think that the image is already ruined, you should look at the profiles. Everything looks like you are not on a site with hot local singles but light-minded women.

Every 5 minutes, these fake profiles send you messages that contain a lot of naked photos, sexual desires, and are insisting on physical contact. And that looks just incredibly bad because their messages include not only cheating proposals but strange fetishes.

Everything comes in the same order as on their other projects. You can register on their so called dating site for free, but after that, you will face a total scam when you will have to spend more money to buy credits to chat and interact with fake profiles.

And while we were examining this site, we started wondering about its favorable aspects if any.

The cons of CrushNearby

At the very beginning, we thought that some users would find it funny to read explicit messages and receive nudes for free. But the horrible truth came to light when we realized that the vast majority of profiles here contain leaked photos of women to hide.

And also, talking about the disadvantages of the site, we cannot but mention how slow it is. Even though there are no special interface features, the website is extremely slow. We couldn’t explain that phenomenon. And when the site required us to pay, we had to learn more about the prices.

How much to pay for CrushNearby scam?

The prices of CrushNearby are extremely high. For the service with no great features included, paying that much money will be insufficient.
Firstly, there is neither fair subscription nor membership. Just buy messages that you will be forced to send to these fake members.

The packages include:

7 messages cost $20? This is a rip off. No single decent dating resource will provide its users with such pricing. But CrushNearby did, because they just need them to pay at least something to scam them.

The rip off system is simple. You have to buy more credits to start chatting and interacting with these fake girls. All members are fake here, with their profiles irrelevantly filled. Crushnearby.com review reminds us of our previous examinations of Meteor Interactive products.

Of course, we didn’t want to buy their messages, because while we were scrolling the site, we received more than 20 messages, and some of them were just similar. But we had to prove that CrushNearby is fake, so we bought the cheapest package.

And we were surprised by the fact that we still could operate the site, and we could send messages to other members. These fake profiles couldn’t even perform a proper rip off. These girls were not only fake, but blank, without any control. But only one woman started insisting on sending an intimate picture of us, which gave us an opportunity to learn more about their blackmail desires.

Security issues on CrushNearby

What can we tell about the security of this scam site? Well, there is no such thing as security. The main goal of this site is to give you only the illusion that you are protected, but this pink dream is being ruined right from the start.

Take the payment option, for instance. They want you to pay for their messages, using their own resources. You have to enter all your payment details in the fields they provide. This way, they will have an opportunity to use all your payment data to gain access to your banking account whenever they want to. The cases when owners of the site steal more money from its users are not rare at all. But we realized that even before we registered here for our crushnearby.com review.

And what about chatting with fake women? After completing the payment, you are free to send them whatever you want. This way, operators can use the information you provide to blackmail you. A lot of people received blackmail messages after they visited this site. This is because your registration data is used to learn everything about you. So what does the site tell about this scam?

How does the website deal with its scam?

When you visit this website, you can forget about any sort of legitimacy and protection. You will always be the one guilty if the site scams you. This is what the site claims in its Privacy Policy. Our goal for the crushnearby.com review was to see how they deal with this scam. And they say:

You are solely responsible for your interaction with other users of the Service, whether online or offline. Exercise common sense and your best judgment in your interactions with others and in all of your other online activities.

Source: https://www.crushnearby.com/privacy

And here is the excerpt about profiles:

You also understand that this is a fantasy entertainment Service and that (i) the profiles are fictional and your interactions will be with operators.

Source: https://www.crushnearby.com/agreement
As you can see, there is nothing legit in the work of this website. You will be scammed as these girls’ profiles or other members’ pages are just fantasy entertainment profiles. A dubious pleasure, isn’t it?

Why You Shouldn’t Use CrushNearby

CrushNearby is a scamming platform that will only steal your money wasted on their fake profiles. Meteor Interactive didn’t even pay attention to the overall look of the website, and gave a raw template, just hoping that some people will believe that this website is fine. This is what we saw clearly in our crushnearby.com review.

Free registration on this service will only give you a false image of hot women. The only thing you will see is fake profiles that will not even satisfy any entertainment purposes. No single real person will join this website.
The result of our Crushnearby.com review is obvious. There are no real members at all. It is also sad to complete such reviews, because we know that a lot of members from the dating community attend such services and have their money lost believing that the profiles on the website are real.

And, unfortunately, many people were scammed by these fraudsters. But we hope that our crushnearby.com review will put an end to this scam streak, and more users will be able to avoid being scammed by CrushNearby.


  • CrushNearby is a website that wanted to create an image of a proper adult dating solution. But this website appeared to be a scam system where people get blackmailed and scammed.
  • CrushNearby is not a legitimate dating resource that has the willingness to steal as much money as it can reach. This is why the website asks you to enter all your payment details. Moreover, this website also uses your personal information to spread across your family members.
  • CrushNearby is a scam application that uses leaked images of women to make average users pay for chatting with hot local singles. But this option will not be available.
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