Is It Worth Sticking to Dating Rules?
Girls' thoughts when they browse a dating site

Is It Worth Sticking to Dating Rules?

Is It Worth Sticking to Dating Rules?

With the course of time, the attitude towards traditional and non-traditional means of dating has undergone significant changes. You won’t be a loser or a sort of unlucky person if you prefer communicating with the other sex online.

Only in the United States, over forty illions of residents are active users of profound dating platforms. When taking into account the marriage statistics, more and more couples are created thanks to online services as well.

There are several reasons why internet-based communication has turned out to be such a highly sought-after offer. Just imagine how large your pool of potential candidates is, especially in comparison to what you can achieve in reality.

By visiting different bars, restaurants or other standard meeting places and trying to get acquainted with your suitor, you aren’t protected from the risks of failure. Of course, its alternative isn’t the safest side either, but online portfolios allow finding your soulmates with equal or alike tastes faster and much more efficiently.

However, that doesn’t mean zero efforts are a key to stay in touch with excellent interlocutors online. That’s why experienced users and more cautious amateurs choose to consider particular casual dating rules which will complement online communication.

Rules for Dating Online: Basic Steps

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Whether you admire or hate this fact, online dating isn’t just going to stay on the market, but is likely to gain momentum even more. Although this trend is still associated with the benefits of hook-up culture, statistical data prove the opposite.

According to various reports, the percentage of customers who have tried such services in order to find a partner for serious and exclusive relationships reached around 49 percent in 2019.

There is no need to be afraid of or feel intimidated with the opportunities online dating may present. Here is a crash course of basic dating rules to bear in mind not to trick and be tricked.

Perfect Balance of Honesty and Sincerity

If you start posting someone else’s beautiful photos or pictures, downloading images with too much of Photoshop, you seem to desire to create a great first impression. This feeling is common for hundreds, if not thousands, of people who are looking for their perfect match. Unfortunately, this approach is a way to nowhere.

The beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and to fight your inner fears in the mentioned way is just telling lies about your true self. The rule of thumb here is to use photos you like without any significant adjustments and modifications.

For a better effect, pay attention to what you write into your account about your tastes and skills. It is recommended for users to give their preference to brief but actual information description. It would be a wonderful idea to show off your guitar playing skills by posting an image of how you can use this musical instrument.

At the same time, you can’t assume that every other user on the selected website is as honest as you are. Service providers do their best to verify the real personalities behind the created portfolios, but not every lie can be caught.

There is a simple and obvious rule to stick to — don’t start dating with strangers immediately or a few days after getting acquainted. Take your time and choose the desirable pace. You should be a treasure for yourself, so don’t «pick up» the first candidate.

Try to get to know each other better before actually meeting in reality. Online services offer varied solutions for that — from text messages to video chats. There is even an ability to send a real gift to your beloved one!

Learn the Lingo

Girls' thoughts when they browse a dating site

If you are new to the online dating scene, it is an urgent necessity for you to find out whether particular terms are used by the followers of the particular platform you prefer.

Don’t hesitate to investigate the portfolios of other users. On the one hand, it will be a great source of inspiration and even motivation. You will be able to see on your own what attracts and distracts people. In such a way, it will be easier to select which form of self-representation to select for your own account.

On the other hand, flowery language or any signs of vague statements should be accepted as an alarm. If you feel that something is untrue about the mentioned facts, feel free to ask.

When people communicate online on dating platforms, they know for sure what they would like to achieve at the end of the day. Questions and messages from strangers won’t be perceived suspicious or even dangerous here.

It is forbidden to get lured in by too sweet phrases and expressions. It is hard not to believe the person who keeps on saying that he/she has never met a partner like you before. Pay attention to details.

If someone says about falling in love with you after a three-day communication term, don’t believe in magic outside Hogwarts that much. This step is also included in anti-dating a married man rules.

There is a risk to consider online dating from an over-cynical perspective. But even online, you will be able to feel how trustworthy and reliable your potential partner is. It is a difficult challenge to lie to an interlocutor without any mistakes, especially when people communicate with at least a few candidates within internet-based platforms.

Trust yourself and let yourself notice the signs of lies, no matter if the person on the other side of the screen seems to be a crush for you.

Stick to Your Barriers

At least once in life, everybody has experienced how it feels like to keep talking or chatting with someone for hours. If you prefer taking most out of what dating services can offer, don’t forget to follow your own principles and restrictions. What does it mean?

First of all, this rule relates to your communication patterns with candidates. If a person doesn’t understand when you refuse to accept some deals or satisfy particular requests, it is the best way to say «goodbye» to such a candidate. You are not obliged to find compromises with every person you are chatting with on the Web.

Don’t be afraid to sound rude or even impolite when an interlocutor shows any signs of disrespect towards you. The online dating scene may seem a perfect solution for some personalities to show off and seem better on somebody’s account.

Don’t let other people abuse or offend you — that is one of the best dating rules you will be able to find. Even online, you have to stay yourself and not forget how to behave intelligently and politely. It is highly essential not to let an ill-minded character manipulate your wish to love and to be loved.

On the contrary, if everything seems to be fine, and you can deal with the other half as if you have known each other for ages, that is not the reason to forget about your daily routine and life duties.

Online dating may turn out to be very addictive, so limit the time you would like to spend chatting with potential suitors. Besides, it is a good thing to keep communicating with a particular number of people simultaneously. When you see the main goal is achieved, don’t start looking for better options over and over again.

Rules of Dating: Safety Measures

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Any list of essential dating rules for those who are looking for love online won’t be complete without following special steps to keep your guard up. Here are some of the most important tips for both newcomers and pro-level searchers:

    • Stay sober — online dating allows customers to save a lot of time and energy on planning in-person meetings. You can be in your most comfortable environment and get less stress from chatting with strangers than if you were to get acquainted with someone offline.
      At the same time, even if you are not obliged to follow any special dress code requirements, don’t think that drinking or smoking are included in the list of the best intentions possible. These actions increase the risks of losing your concentration and let someone deceive you with sweet words and flower language.
    • Use the benefits of modern technologies — as you already know, chatting and communication is a must-have step before meeting strangers for the first time. Besides, people can use a Google Voice number instead of their real numbers. This is a step further to improve your security and safety when maintaining interlocutions online.
    • Research — it is not necessary to rely on the data mentioned on your dating service. Try to make a simple Google search to check whether the photos posted aren’t owned by someone else and are fake. At the same time, check your own account to avoid any probability of posting too much personal data like your personal address or phone number.

Wrap It Up

Online match-making algorithms promise that your dedicated partner is the one at the other side of the screen. The probability it is really so is definitely high. However, nobody and nothing can protect you from all the potential threats of online communication better than you. Stick to the listed rules of dating to make sure you will achieve your goals without any risks to your mental or physical health.

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