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The Fetoo online dating website from the XSMobile SP company is a waste of money — a portal for insufficient dating website experiences.

Fetoo Background: What Is It and Who Is It For?

If you would like to test dating websites search in the sex dating category but would like a more peculiar online dating website, Fettoo will come in handy. Compared to other dating sites, the Fetoo online dating platform has a unique kick to it, offering exclusive backup and assistance for fetish enthusiasts. Whether you are just curious about the practice or have established several ritual online profiles for discreet dating, the free registration process at Fetoo is a promising decision.

According to the service provider, it leads to real meetings with many women, whose passions are of the highest quality. All that you need is to choose a non recurring credit plan and freebies to get access to as many profiles of fetish aficionados as possible.

Created by the XSMobile SP company, this dating portal isn’t the most popular one. However, it presents a lot of other profiles to meet new registrations and have a decent role play experience.

Company XSMobile SP
Address Naramowicha, nr 217B, 61-611 Poznan, Poland
Phone-Hotline non-available
E-Mail With limited contact details on the landing page, interested parties can send messages to the team representatives via an online contact form

Unfortunately for many real women and men, former customers of this virtual entertainment world state that it is an insufficient dating website. Our team is always there for those who aren’t ready to invest in a very expensive report and check whether this casual dating site is home to professional animators. Are you ready to meet negative comments about Fetoo? Let’s get it started!

Review in Detail: Registration and Fake Services at Fetoo

Such modern dating sites offer free registration on the landing page either via the email address or to sign up via Google. If you choose the first way to spend money on fake profiles and fake chats on Fetoo with your credit card, you will be able to contact any fictional person with no real meetings. Pay attention to reviews of this fake chat for a woman-man relationship — this chat doesn’t have any issues during the first step of getting acquainted with the platform.

Our team acted as a real person and created a few test accounts, highlighting username, password, email address, age, and gender. It is a must to accept the terms and policies of the Fetoo dating portal and chat.

The Functionality of Fetoo App: Special Features and Services

This fake chat doesn’t impress with advanced functions. Contrary to alternative online dating sites, this platform to rip off end users lets you send messages in texts without issues. When it comes to audio and video communication, we see how many challenges real account users appear to have. Pay attention to the fact that the overall design of the landing page is just beautiful. Yet, it doesn’t show what will happen after becoming a member of this fake site.

We could’ve trusted this company if all the FAQs and knowledge base details on the site were true to life. In practice, its operators just create a basis where fake profiles of the Fetoo casual dating sites can exist without borders. We tried to ban another fictional person on the site, but we found that account in the chat menu later on.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Fetoo.com

It doesn’t make any difference how much money you will spend to set up an account on Fetoo — the fake chat remains an insufficient casual dating site. We tested our profiles to the full extent to determine what pros and cons of registering on Fetoo we can recommend:

The Cost of Membership on the Fetoo App

To review the legitimate nature of the Fetoo dating site’s nature and confirm if yes, we had to test different trial plans of the service and compare their efficiency with free features. For instance, talking to girls after a wire transfer isn’t an option for Fetoo accounts.

This fake chat portal doesn’t have high pricing policies per transaction, which lets enthusiasts consider other payment methods to freely answer messages from fellow users. Still, there are just a few mentions of the organization’s address and lacking details about its background. For this reason, we can’t consider this portal a legit domain.

Compared to other dating sites, the Fetoo casual dating site with fake chats offers a lot of account tools without a rip off intention, but this is compensated by those fake features that require money transfers via credit cards. The landing page provides just a few pieces of fake information about its way to charge accounts and how they keep users’ credit card details safe. So such reviews are quite essential instruments to find out the truth and distinguish it from fakes on the site.

Safety & Security Issues

When there are so many scam chats on the casual dating site, we can make a clear conclusion that the applied SSL protocols and other protection measures if any don’t work. Compared to other dating sites in the market, this fake chat also promises to guide your online safety with its anti-malware instruments and certifications. As practice shows, it doesn’t make their status among dating sites better.

From the Terms and Conditions Section

Don’t forget to review the policies of the Fetoo casual dating site — unlike messages in fake chats, its statements clearly show the chat’s credibility. Here are some scam roots:

  • [It] assumes no responsibility or liability for the accuracy and security of the data and content published or transmitted by other Users. [It] also assumes no liability for the correctness of the contents of the User profiles.
  • [It] is also not liable for the unauthorized access of third parties to the personal data of Users.
  • The Service may contain advertisements and promotions offered by third parties, as well as links to other websites or Internet resources.

Source: https://www.fetoo.com/static/terms

What’s more, Fetoo can manipulate the provided data and share it with third parties via its database. The misuse of the information by chat members is strictly punished.

The Conclusion from Our Fetoo Review

To sum up this review, we would like to mention that the Fetoo dating site has a lot of similarities with both the best and worst dating websites. While maintaining its quality with different information and FAQs on the site, to help beginners meet real profiles well-prepared, there are way too many fictional personal accounts and fake chats to tolerate.

Even if you don’t invest a lot of money thanks to trial plans and discounts for wire transfers, fetish values that are pre-identified separately wait for you only in theory on the Fetoo dating platform. The interface was promising, but the communication with ladies was boring and typical for scam solutions. That’s why our team doesn’t recommend Fetoo services for singles.


  • The Fetoo online dating platform invites enthusiasts with fetish values identified separately to join the test dating websites search and contact many women with unique interests and passions. However, you won’t be able to meet real profiles even if you invest a fortune in credit purchasing. Unfortunately, it is a rip off of the highest quality, where new members encounter dozens and hundreds of fake profiles and fake chats instead of real women. Therefore, we don’t find such virtual online profiles worth visitors and agree with former customers, who estimate the chances to meet a real person after they sign up on the landing page as zero.
  • Not only does credit purchasing via crest card transfers to satisfy the conditions of this coin plan threaten your financial well-being, but it is also a total scam with rip off and fake profiles on the landing pages of the domain. A real person will feel lost among fictional characters, who play the role of new members of the community and initiate talking to girls. The legal registration is doubtful. We will surely pay attention to the site’s development and update our answer if there are any valid modifications to consider. So far, you will sign up for the Fetoo dating reviews only to exchange messages with a fictional woman.
  • When we prepare reviews of dating websites, we analyze different parameters to define whether the target domain is a total scam or worth trusting. The list is varied and includes the number of new registrations, our encounters with professional animators on dating websites if any, and issues with credit card payments in the coin plan or subscription system. In the case of this creation by the XSMobile SP company, we had to deal with overcharging even though it is a non recurring plan. It is hard to estimate all the other profiles on the domain, but the probability to have a role play with a fake woman for a real woman is high. From this perspective, we estimate this analysis as one of our negative reviews.
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