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Hot babes and burning macho men – is virtual online dating without contact as beautiful as it is written about on dating websites Flingpals.com? A thorough review about the online site or how we get fooled by fake chat operators on dating sites like Flingpals.

Briefly about online dating site flingpals.com

Online dating, also known for matchmaker help, has become very popular in the United Kingdom and worldwide. As a result, many women and men reveal their hidden desires, which they can’t show in real life. For example, the dating site flingpals.com invites all willing members for frank intimate conversations, offering the best conditions for contact users. But is it really true? Read our review to test dating websites search, and you’ll know everything.

The Internet portal we will consider in this review is an insufficient dating website with a bad reputation in the united kingdom. You can meet negative comments from members about their experience. Looking for a real person here is quite difficult, as the system automatically switches the dialogue with bots to fake chat operators control. If you are careful with a free registration, you can read about it on the landing page when you agree with all the Terms and Conditions.

You can find contact with members between 18 and 99 on the dating site online. But the main category belongs to the 35-55+. These are women and men of different nationalities, skin colors, religious beliefs, and sexual orientations. The functionality of landing pages and online dating portal, in general, can set all of these parameters to search for specific community members.

After careful analysis of the online site’s positive and negative comments and rules, we do not recommend leaving personal information about yourself in the form. You will not get any guarantees about the safety of the information, and as a result, it can be used for their own purposes even after you delete the account.

Now, let’s look at helpful information about the company that explicitly reserves this internet scam.

Company Skyloop Digital Ltd
Address Dept 3266 196 High Road Wood Green
City London
Country United Kingdom
Email [email protected]
Phone number +12399084094

How does flingpals.com work?

The dating site of Skyloop Digital Ltd allows a free sign up, thus attracting customers. The second argument in the platform’s favor is the absence of monthly fees and subscriptions. How attractive it is and everything is free, isn’t it?

Absolute fraud! In addition to the fees of other club members, there are many ways to extort money from the person. And the company has found the easiest way to do this – to introduce paid messages instead of paid membership. You won’t be able to communicate with any person unless you pay coins for insufficient dating.

There is nothing wrong with it. As usual, a very expensive report. The company acts as a matchmaker and wants to do business online dating real person. But there is one nuance that you should be aware of. All members who will write to you on this insufficient dating website are fake and meant for an absolute rip off! There is not a single live person you will chat with in a fake chat.

If you’re still ready to search for new adventures with paid fake chat operators, see how to proceed with free sign up on the website. The procedure of registration of a new profile is simple and similar to many other dating sites. All you need to do is fill in a few details about yourself:

These are just the initial data for a new profile to enter the landing page of online dating portal. Then, you will be asked to fill out a form that contains more detailed information:

In the paragraph “A little bit about myself,” you can write your preferences and personality traits. But the most alarming is published in the “Interests” section. Here you indicate your erotic inclinations and desires, which may confuse some users of the platform. Of course, we are all adults, and we understand this topic, but when the website is positioned as social, such moments can be impressive.

Features of a dating site: tips and functionality

The main landing page of the website flingpals.com is designed as usual, similar to thousands of other dating sites. There is a photo of a beautiful girl in a seductive pose on the registration cover, signaling to users about the availability and openness to insufficient dating.

After you enter your data, you will receive a confirmation email. It’s a little calming and reassuring to users that everything here is for real. But how you are mistaken! The company has all the tools it needs to create hundreds of fake landing page of false users, which are aimed to lure money from you.

Layout and sections

The official website flingpals.com, or the so-called online matchmaker, is designed in dark colors that do not strain your vision and visitors feel pretty comfortable. The sections include all the necessary points:

Incoming information is displayed in the corresponding section in the form of labels. This way, you are kept up-to-date with new developments.

Pros and Cons

To describe the positive characteristics in our review, we had to think a bit. Discussing positive aspects of a dating site with fake services takes a lot of work. Nevertheless, we found some positive aspects:

The negative factors of this online dating portal are even more numerous:

Any casual dating on this portal is aimed only at your wallet. Specially designed dialogues discreetly draw hundreds and hundreds of dollars for sending responses with high costs. Moreover, all the cute other users are not real, so flirting with them is fake, and you won’t see them in real life.

Flingpals prices

After free registration, you will be disappointed. After all, you filled out a form and sincerely expected a new casual dating. But you can only hope to communicate with girls and guys if you have enough money. They will send messages to you persistently and regularly because these are spam profiles. But you can only reply to them after you pay the credits. Their cost varies, depending on the market. The current rates are:

In our review, we want to point out that you will have to buy credits very often. High costs are waiting for you. Each real person receives dozens and hundreds of messages from fake profiles. It forces you to reply to the interlocutor and spend a certain amount of money. You cannot test trial plans because there is no such service.

Safety & Security

According to the published information, the website flingpals.com is not responsible for leaks of the member’s personal information. However, it promises that all confidential data will be reliably protected. You should not trust this website with sensitive data, such as credit card codes and personal contact. If disclosure occurs, you will not be able to prove exactly how it happened.

Besides, we meet negative comments from former customers of Skyloop Digital. They say that their photos and fake profiles are used for commercial purposes because after being blocked in profile settings, they continue to function as fake profiles, or more precisely, as fake chat operators. So it is worth wondering where all these beautiful pictures and detailed profile pictures come from.

From the terms and conditions section

Following up on the topic of personal information and scam dating sites in our review, we want to introduce you to some of the items that no member pays attention to. Strings attached points are as follow:

5.2. The purpose of flingpals.com is entertainment. The goal of flingpals.com is not to establish dating or personal dates.

5.3. flingpals.com directly reserves the right to send messages to flingpals.com through self-created profiles. These are fictitious profiles with which no physical agreements are possible.

It is a total scam because it is entirely impossible to identify fake chat operators. They are not marked in any way in the fake chat. Moreover, you won’t find a single real person who will write you messages in the fake chat. That’s how the system is set up to match real women and men exclusively with fictitious profiles, not casual dating.

But even if you can prove this cheating, no compensation will be given because there is a warning already at the stage of registration, strings attached:

You acknowledge that the website contains a fake profile, created and managed by a website that can communicate with you and send calls for advertising purposes.

Source: https://flingpals.com/agreement

That says it all, and if you still agree to participate in this rip off casual dating after that, then there can’t be any complaints.

Conclusion from our review of flingpals.com

Dating site flingpals.com is a commercial online site whose purpose is only financial gain from real gullible other users. There is no question of any dating, or personal dates because it is impossible to see a bot with fake chat operators control. Even though the portal is described as the best dating site to establish dates and the probability is stated, you will not find a single person who wants to go with you for face-to-face dating; there is only a fake chat full of fake profiles.

The website is inconvenient to use from a mobile device. It doesn’t display correctly on the small screen, and the menu buttons don’t work. And since there’s no mobile app, you’ll have to sit at your computer for hours to answer all the emails.

All interlocutors who will date users on this website are self created profiles by the company and therefore rip off. Their profile pictures are taken illegally and used to increase the company’s capital. The same will happen with the data you publish in the profile. After a thorough test dating websites search, we strongly recommend in our review you don’t do that.


  • The dating site flingpals.com offers to brighten up everyone's free time with flirting and intimate, casual online dating. However, you will have to spend a lot of money to interact with your conversation partner that is nothing but a bot.
  • Legitimacy is when no person is cheated. It is one of the unfair dating websites, there are only self created profiles by operators who are engaged in a dialogue with you and are interested in your money.
  • Visitor reviews and proven facts show that it is a scam dating site using rip off for robbery. There is no real casual dating here, and fictitious profiles empty the wallet of  unsuspecting visitors.
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