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FlirtState Review

With its negative reputation in the dating world, FlirtState won’t help you arrange even a single real date with women.

FlirtState Background: What Is It and Who Is It For?

Dating websites aren’t typically available for free. Solutions you will have to pay for are typical in the market and deliver both freebies as gift tokens for user messages and pre-paid features to discover. In the case of the FlirtState dating site, enthusiasts establish matchmaking links on the domain with numerous pictures of hot girls and top-notch webcam chat accounts.

Since it is an example of a platform where a person can fulfill their passions, the majority of customers are younger and mature adults — there are almost no senior singles.

Company Name On the site, it is Social Links Online B.V. In reality, after research, we’ve found out that Meteor Interactive B.V. is a partner company.
Address De lepenwei 16-D, 4191D Geldermlalsen, the Netherlands, CC: 75087707
Phone-Hotline non-available
E-Mail [email protected]

As you can see from the table above, these fake chat operators are based in the Netherlands and are known as representatives of two different companies. While Social Links Online B.V. isn’t extremely popular, it is a completely wrong statement about Meteor Interactive B.V. The latter is known for its ripping-off tactics, non-refundable credits, and establishing fake entertainment fake profiles. Let’s check what Flirt State considers fun for its members. Onwards!

Review in Detail: Registration and Fake Services at FlirtState

Online dating sites like Flirt State free desktop and mobile versions provide numerous external links to simplify end users’ navigation on the site. Once you would like to establish a solid man woman relationship on this website, you register and contact other members of the community.

We tested the efficiency of the free registration process, and here are the results:

  • This portal states that users will be able to search for great dates and find like-minded partners without difficulty, especially taking into account there are over four million visitors with free accounts. It is challenging to prove or bust this statement, but we did see duplicating pages on the domain. That’s why we consider setting such high expectations an exaggerated tactic.
  • To set up a user page, you don’t have to disclose your location immediately. A person just needs to choose a username and secure password or sign in with Google.

The Functionality of FlirtState App: Special Features and Services

Of course, you shouldn’t expect AR and VR technologies from free dating sites, especially such fake chat operators as the Flirt State dating website:

  • On the one hand, you are enabled to send a lot of divergent users messages and enjoy instant responses from fellow members and other freebies.
  • On the other hand, any decent functional feature transforms into a negative performance aspect once a person reviews its fake profiles.

Advantages and Disadvantages of FlirtState.com

Free members of the page have access to resources that tell them more about this dating site and fake chat operators. The problem is that nobody truly understands the degree of scamming and informative abuse from fake chat operators until spending days tuned in. This dating site has a clean and responsive web design, which is considered a benefit usually. On the contrary, reviews of fake profiles show issues like repetitive replies in different chats, stolen visual data, misused and non-refundable credits, and much more. We don’t think utilizing video communication features is a wonderful strategy if your final goal to have a face-to-face meeting will never come true with Flirt State.

The Cost of Membership on the FlirtState App

Operators of the fictional fake profiles lure fellow members into spending more cash on chatting with them on the Flirt State dating site. We only could search for other accounts for free. Here is a quick summary of our experts’ reviews about the pricing policy of the platform:

  • It is a coin system, which functions on the basis of credits. Unlike packages with full-service memberships, you don’t get unlimited access to the site’s functionality at once. You have to constantly check the balance of your account and replenish it regularly.
  • The aforementioned wouldn’t have been a problem, but it is a scam provider. The site lets you pay in different currencies and isn’t responsible for any additional charges, made by your banks and credit card companies. In turn, enthusiasts to meet hot beauties out there only invest a lot into expensive bunches of tokens to stay in touch with fictional personas.
  • As a non recurring plan, this pricing system enables men and women not to worry about the automatic renewal of the subscription. First-time visitors can get the most out of sixteen tokens at a discounted price. The most expensive packages per credit we paid for included just four and eight credits per two and a half US dollars each.

This cost doesn’t seem like a lot at first. Unfortunately, visitors forget that the price of user messages, sending pictures, or just viewing VIP images in special galleries doesn’t cost one credit per view. During our stay on the site, our communication with these fake chat operators as customer team representatives was minimum.

Safety & Security Issues

When it comes to confirming their efficiency in terms of protecting their customers’ rights and freedoms in dating, the distinguished solution won’t advise you a lot. Its approach to dealing with end users is straightforward — they just expect that individuals paid, are paying, and will cover the cost of this dating site’s tools and fake profiles.

As former members of the domain, we are strongly unsatisfied with the organization’s policies. For instance, your rights to manipulate images and photos provided will now belong to the on-site fake chat operators for free. We can also address a lot of questions to the web’s owners, trying to find out where their SSL protocols and other security measures are. The number of fake pages won’t drop because the team doesn’t regard anyone’s requests to ban them. In turn, only more negative reviews about FlirtState are expected in the future.

From the Terms and Conditions Section

After we finished with the login page and entered the domain, we had to deal with the proactive behavior of fake profiles. These ladies do email first. However, not only are there hundreds of online cupids with no physical contact but also there are typical fake profiles. If you scroll the landing page of the FlirtState dating site down, you will be able to check its policies and see that the truth about its scam business approach isn’t hidden:

  • Social Links Online B.V. reserves the right to suspend or prohibit linking to the [chat] for any reason, in its sole discretion, without advance notice or any liability of any kind to you or any third party.
  • We are not responsible for repairing, or reissing any credit or refund or any other sum, as a result of our modification of any Credits or virtual item, or for loss or damage due to error, or any other reason.

The Conclusion from Our FlirtState Review

The FlirtState site’s scams are straightforward. Fake chat operators rule the majority of profiles on the domain and trick new visitors with their spam notifications, fake requests, and promises. We didn’t find anything extraordinary to respect and love about the brand. Since this scam site isn’t likely to change its business approach, it is better to leave the platform for good.


What is FlirtState.com?

Like several other websites in the market, the FlirtState site promises end users to help them locate free dates around the world and gorgeous women who are willing to send different photos in private chats. It’s flexible in delivering casual dating and hookup dating deals. In practice, we didn’t find the actual performance on the domain suitable for any person. Instead of discovering new dating horizons, the platform’s visitors just pay for trash links and poor-quality matchmaking algorithms.

Is FlirtState a legitimate dating app?

The analyzed dating site is a scam and can’t be considered a legal platform to join. For example, its physical address is in the Netherlands, yet its representatives advise having fun for people from different countries, making an accent on customers from the United States. We don’t say there couldn’t be trustworthy international dating services. In this case, the problem is that reviews about fake accounts are never-ending.

Is FlirtState.com a scam app?

This type of scam is distinguished by its informativeness. After free registration, Meteor Interactive B.V. will gladly tell you more about its bad reputation. So far, all the online dating sites from the company turned out to be lacking dating interfaces with fake profiles with computer-generated data instead of real user messages. Our team is convinced that paying for such advertisement links on the Flirt State dating website isn’t a beneficial idea.

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Reviewed by 3 users

    • February 24, 2023 10:38 pm

    I didn’t find the cost for FlirtState pictures and search tools expensive, and I paid. Again and again. These credits are ripping me off!

    • February 17, 2023 3:58 am

    Any person on the site will be a wrong dating candidate. I spent so much time and cash just to delete my images and ban this URL address in my browser.

    • February 11, 2023 4:15 pm

    no matter what browser I used, I always had issues with entering my account after signup. I tried to contact Flirt State support guys, but things didn’t work out.

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