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Looking for a place where you can find a lot of like-minded people to date in reality? Forumofdesires will not be the site where you can fulfill your wishes. Read our review to learn more about this scam website.

What Is ForumOfDesires?

Our review has proved that forumofdesires.com is nothing but a scam service that has nothing in common with regular reliable dating resources. The site has no age limits and is oriented toward male people from the United States that are seeking a one-night date. But after 5 minutes of scrolling the site page, we managed to see who runs this scam resource.

Company name Info Media International AG
Company address Baarerstrasse 133, 6300, Zug, Switzerland
Phone number +16466471467
Email address [email protected]

It is a pity but the website doesn’t even look like a forum. It looks like Info Media International AG just created a scam resource for taking your money. So, let’s learn about all the scam services this site provides: fake comments, no forum tools, shameful desires, and permanent talks about sexual contact. Read our review to learn more about it!

How Can You Work With Forumofdesires?

The first thing to mention in our review is registration. This must be the main step for your dating. But Forumofdesires made it so poor that we were even sort of sad. Though it was pretty fast, the website provided us with no verification. We simply used a fake e-mail to start using this website, while our password was “12345678”. Forum of desires created our account without any issue. They are either scammers or know nothing about Internet security.

But even though the registration was pretty fast, we faced a lot of problems regarding the work of the resource. Though it included adults dating, there were no gay solutions for people. We were surprised that forumofdesires.com didn’t use fake gay websites to spread their fraud to even more people.

The site is so laggy that it was a real challenge to scroll it down. Our powerful computer couldn’t  manage even one browser page. The combination of a bad design with a poor speed made this resource impossible to use. But what about their work? Let’s finish creation of our account and login into this fake forum of questionable desires to continue our review.

The main issues when using forumofdesires

The work of the site has nothing in common with fair dating. It is fully focused on fake profiles of women looking for a man. And the pictures the website provides are extremely bad.

Forum of desires makes all the profiles look not only fake but cheap. The low quality of the photos makes it clear from the very beginning. Moreover, the nicknames of all ladies were also fake. Each Forum of desires lady had a specific number in her nickname, which means age. And they just copied this number in the age.

What makes the matter worse is that all the messages are scripted upload. Forumofdesires fake ladies spam you with huge internet letters that revolve around sex. Everything is focused on something filthy that makes us feel extremely uncomfortable. And of course,  these messages are aimed at leeching all money you have.

Though it might be impossible to find some advantages here, let’s talk about what this scamming resource offers.

Advantages and disadvantages of Forumofdesires

The main advantage of the website is that it is so slow that many people will give up on it instead of paying money. The poorly made core of the site saves people.

But all the disadvantages include:

These website owners didn’t even try to create naturally looking profiles that will attract people. In our reviews, we rarely see such a pathetic attempt to scam people. But how much does Forum of desires ask for using their scamming resource?

Costs on forumofdesires

Costs are sky-rocketing. The site tells that you will not find here some sort of subscription or gold membership, but that is just a trick. You have no trial plans, because it will make this total scam evident in advance. The packages include:

And though Forumofdesires claims these packages are a non recurring plan, the site will charge users without any difficulties. During our review research, we learned that their coin plan was just another fake to attract more new members.

And, of course, discounts. In our review career we saw a lot of attempts to attract new members to buy tokens using fake discounts. Thus, Forumofdesires.com wasn’t the exception and provided us with simply nothing. Buying the cheapest pack, we got no sincere talks with real women. And what is more, we were charged not $17. The site stole about $30 from our wallet.

Security issues on the website

The security feature on Forumofdesires is as poor as its interface. Though they try to create an illusion that they try to protect not only users but also children from the content, there is no verification process.

And if you want to try credit purchasing of this gold membership, you will see this is a total scam. The company makes you buy tokens via their integrated service, where you have to include your banking details directly. That is another method of Forumofdesires.com fraud.

Moreover, we tried to create one more account and claimed that we were 14. The access wasn’t denied, which makes us think that many of the naked pictures of women we saw were somehow stolen. So what does the site tell about their security?

What does the website tell about its issues?

Including the fact that the site uses its bots and fake women to scam people, they mentioned the following:

We are not responsible for anything that you post or say while you are on the Website, and we cannot monitor all of the content of the Website, but if we do see or someone tells us that you have posted something that we think is inappropriate, we may remove it.

Source: https://forumofdesires.com/agreement

And none of fake Forum of desires reviews would tell you about that. They just don’t want people to know about the justification of the fraud.

This means that by using this website, you will just lose your data, your money, and your time.

ForumOfDesires: Yes or No?

It’s our firm opinion that ForumOfDesires is a typical scamming site that has only one goal. They want to steal as much from common users as they can only imagine, so you will never find any real person on this resource.

In our rating of fake websites, it can easily come to the top 10. Yes, forumofdesires.com managed to provide people with incredibly fake accounts of other women that send messages, expressing their horny desires. And all that to let the company steal your contact and banking details to scam you later.

Save your money and don’t pay these scammers. You will never find a proper dating experience on ForumOfDesires. We advise you avoid forumofdesires.com and find more reliable services mentioned in our other reviews.


  • Forumofdesires is a scamming resource focused on stealing money and the personal information of users who register here. The site might look like a resource for adult dating, but it is fully fake. All the comments on this website are focused on sex just to steal your funds.
  • Forumofdesires is not a legitimate app. This site is full of leaked pornographic pictures they use to make people pay for chatting. Forumofdesires.com has nothing in common with legitimacy and is focused on scamming.
  • Yes, Forumofdesires is a scam application that provides you with poor and extremely expensive fake services that you will never be able to experience due to the fact the site doesn’t offer real dating.
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