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GetFlirty Review

Don’t trust fake promises and never-ending promises to become better — GetFlirty is a scam company with ill-minded ripping-off intentions.

GetFlirty Background: What Is It and Who Is It For?

This dating website shows itself as a reliable service provider, which won’t make you want to cancel your subscription. It is a nice chance to chat with women freely and experiment with different types of dating online. The list includes even swinger relationships. Although it requires real money to send messages and date soulmates, the palette of communication features is varied and amazing with its video-related tools.

Company Morganite LTD
Address It isn’t disclosed.
Phone-Hotline It is non-available, but you can apply for its online contact form instead.
E-Mail [email protected]

With the Get Flirty dating site under consideration, enthusiasts will figure out how to report fake profiles, avoid contact with annoying members, and capture ill-minded techniques of the website. Our team spent a few weeks analyzing different reviews about the domain and creating our own rating with the Get Flirty dating website included. Stay tuned to get more reasons to get your accounts dislocated from this system. Onwards!

Review in Detail: Registration and Fake Services at GetFlirty

Compared to other online dating sites, the case of GetFlirty is even more special. We can’t evaluate its https website popularity as extremely high, but there are hundreds of registered users on the Get Flirty dating website. Before a person even achieves an opportunity to get their account created, it is a must to acknowledge the company’s terms and policies and copyright rights. Otherwise, you won’t be able to check whether sending emails to other people on the site is your cup of tea — either you continue or leave the website.

We believe this tactic is a bit controversial since it is intended to hook enthusiasts who close the first popping-up notifications on the site. This way, members don’t review website-related ratings in detail and are prone to several risks of scam dating strategies from the very beginning.

So people have to understand that their acquaintance with the site and finding singles who are located nearby or in other countries will be complicated. We recommend checking reviews if you are wondering how to join the target dating website without risks:

  • Interested parties don’t require to contact the Get Flirty customer support team to register — the procedure is self-explanatory. You have to fill in the corresponding fields on the landing page.
  • Submit your email address, password, gender, age, and zip code.
  • Before joining the community of women and chatting with different members of the domain, you have an opportunity to acknowledge the brand’s policies again. If you are aware of them and tend to agree, your first impression of matchmaking results and other experiences will be better than ours.

Our team used this service to find out whether we can recommend meeting ladies to interested parties. After a couple of weeks, we are convinced that this dating website provided a bare minimum of legit details to avoid punishment for the use of fake email addresses of random people, fake pictures, poor-quality yet expensive reports, and so on.

The Functionality of GetFlirty App: Special Features and Services

Dating sites can be advanced and offer a lot of unique commenting and chatting features. The Get Flirty website is a rather moderate solution, where users can perform a lot of activities without a wow impression. It is easy to set up your account and let its matchmaking algorithms rank your favorite profiles via likes and dislikes, but that’s it. We had issues when leaving chats, trying to report fake profiles, and contacting the customer care team.

Advantages and Disadvantages of GetFlirty.com

Without a doubt, estimating the platform’s features and ranking its efficiency depend on numerous factors, including personal preferences. Our attitude to the company is clear — we are convinced it is a scam organization, which isn’t worth wasting your effort on. However, different members find it tempting to register an account here. Let’s analyze why the system’s benefits can’t compete against its drawbacks:

  • Although the interface is intuitive, it is pretty outdated. The size of photos on the page is small, and there are cases when the shots are overly pixeled.
  • The platform provides straightforward user policies, but its employees cheat a lot to ensure you pay as minimum attention to them as possible.
  • There are both free and pre-paid features for enthusiasts to try. On the contrary, the number of freebies is extremely limited. There are also financial issues, where their promises to be liable at least one hundred US dollars don’t work when they ask customers to forgive the company for any mistakes and damage gained through the service.

The Cost of Membership on the GetFlirty App

When it comes to reporting about pricing policies, the Get Flirty solution isn’t any different from other websites:

  • Your chances to be refunded back literally don’t exist. Even if you cancel your subscription plan ahead of time, Get Flirty doesn’t guarantee you won’t be charged extra for this decision.
  • We contacted its operators to get more legit details about the estimated cheque, but they didn’t reply at all.
  • The problem is that GetFlirty has a fluctuating system of payments. If you are lucky to open your browser and visit the site at the right moment, you can encounter several freebies on the domain. On the other hand, it is an expensive solution for users who want to contact fellow members, especially compared to other dating sites.

Our team spent a few hundred US dollars on exchanging controversial messages with ladies, reporting fake profiles, and replying to comments from women on the site. So we are convinced that interested parties shouldn’t test platforms without clear pricing conditions as in the case of the Get Flirty website. Otherwise, they are prone to losing big sums of money.

Safety & Security Issues

The system claims to have a team division, which is an expert in dedicated fraud and moderating online pages of the service to deliver as convenient and secure tools for building relationships as possible. In reality, we reduced the scores of the site in our rating for ruining our expectations from this perspective. Taking into account how many profiles are fake, how lacking search filters can be, and the fact that their moderation is ineffective, we couldn’t rank them positively.

From the Terms and Conditions Section

It is not even surprising to highlight the main points from the terms, which highlight the ill-minded nature of the Get Flirty company:

  • You agree that we shall not be responsible or liable for any loss or damage incurred as the result of dealings on the service.
  • You acknowledge that the Company is not responsible for third-party access to your account information that results from voluntary distribution or theft or misappropriation of your username or password.
  • The Site will not be held responsible for bank charges, fees or penalties due to overdrawn or delinquent membership accounts.

Source: https://getflirty.com/terms

The Conclusion from Our GetFlirty Review

Even if you are tired of searching for your ideal dating platform, the Get Flirty dating website isn’t the best place to settle down. Unfortunately, our team had to deal with all the typical issues of scammers in the dating world — from hacked rankings to fake photos, comments, and accounts. It might seem a controversial decision-making strategy since the site is quite interesting, but everything becomes clear once you realize what its operators intended to do with your vulnerable personal data.


What is GetFlirty.com?

The Get Flirty dating website popularity is based on its multi-functionality. Any individual older than eighteen years old can register, check its conditions, and meet fellow users for casual, hookup, fun, and even swinger-dating adventures. After checking its https security and discovering numerous issues at every stage of its performance, our team suggests customers with created accounts ensure they at least don’t share extremely peculiar shots. If not, they will only contribute to the collection of fake pictures on this and other online dating sites from the company.

Is GetFlirty a legitimate dating app?

A lot of information on the website is available for free. Unfortunately, these pieces of data don’t result in secure online and offline dates. It is hard to understand how a brand without clear rates from professionals can exist and recommend what singles to start sending messages to. Your content copyright rights will be constantly violated since Get Flirty claims the right to manipulate it as its operators want. We can’t help but desire to ban such providers and suggest members close their accounts rather sooner than later on this non-legit website.

Is GetFlirty.com a scam app?

Along with the lacking ability to contact the Get Flirty customer care team (well, we don’t consider fictional profile operators), this dating website has a poor presence in numerous dating aspects. Not only is it challenging to verify their organization details on the spot and confirm the credibility of their rates on the internet, but also any physical contact is forbidden — instead of meetings in person, only for digital entertainment purposes. That’s why we call such solutions a total scam.

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Reviewed by 3 users

    • January 25, 2023 7:13 pm

    I didn’t like how Get Flirty doesn’t stop searching for my presence in their disgusting dating world. I truly wish such websites with fake photos and phony messages couldn’t exist.

    • January 20, 2023 1:10 pm

    Hopefully, my intention to rank this site and share my comments about my experience will be essential information. JUST CANCEL YOUR ACCOUNT AND RUN — TOO MANY SCAMS ARE DETECTED.

    • January 19, 2023 10:41 pm

    I can’t recommend this service. It isn’t legit. It ripped off my money and refused to reimburse them. I captured them red-handed, yet the customer support on the site plays an indifferent part like they aren’t aware of working for a scam provider!!!

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