Is interracial dating normal?
A couple in love at their wedding getting ready to kiss each other

Is interracial dating normal?

Is interracial dating normal?

This question is somewhat controversial since there is no definite answer to it. However, let’s look at it from the two sides. On the one hand, it is beneficial to date a person of another race. On the other hand, there are a few drawbacks of getting involved in relationships with another race person.

Why is it OK to date another race person?

It is rather advantageous to date a person of another race. First of all, it is up to you. Meaning, you are free to make up your mind what you should do. No one has to control you and decide instead which partner to select. Therefore, if someone tells you that interracial dating is wrong, tell them the following things and provide them with adequate reasons whether to date such a person or not.

Reason 1. Your babies will be unique

It is evident that probably it is better not to start with children. However, it might be one of the most illustrative examples for your enemies or people who are against you.

If you marry someone of another race, your kids will inherit your race and his or her race. Therefore, the kids will be of a very exclusive appearance. If you are a woman, it might take you some time to get used to your baby’s appearance.

However, these problems might seem ridiculous when a baby grows up. It will be a unique member of society. Therefore, people will notice him or her and get involved in many of the businesses. For instance, such children are very precious in show business and modeling. Therefore, it will be easy for your child to find a good and well-paid job in the future.

A couple in love at their wedding getting ready to kiss each other

Reason 2. There will always be something to talk about

If you date and marry someone of another race, you will never get bored. First of all, he or she will provide you with an alternative perspective on various things. You probably might not ever think the way your partner thinks. Therefore, you will always be introduced to a fresh point of view about ordinary things.

Therefore, it will be much easier for you to generate new ideas. For instance, if you are a businessman, you will get many new ideas about new start-ups from your partner from another race. Hence, you will enjoy communicating with each other.

No boredom is allowed in your relationships. There will always be a lot of creative ideas about the way you look and dress. Moreover, interracial dating might inspire you to change your haircut or hair color. A new perspective on ordinary things will teach you a lot in modern life.

The more you talk with your partner from another race, the better it is for your personal development. You probably might get inspired to set more crazy goals, which will make your life exciting and fruitful. So interracial dating is not a thing to avoid and be afraid of, for sure.

Reason 3. Practice your English as much as you can

English is an international language. Therefore, it is 99% that you will have to speak English to communicate with your partner, at least, for the first time. If you study English but have little practice, you might consider talking to a person of another race and break the language barrier.

Moreover, dating a person of another race is not only an excellent way to practice English but also a chance to find the love of your life. More and more young people decide to look for a person of another race when they consider getting married. Nowadays, more and more couples consist of people of various races.

Therefore, there is nothing odd or bizarre about interracial dating. It is becoming a norm of contemporary society to date with representatives of other races. What is more, it is a kind of trend to go out with people of different races.

Sure, a few decades and even a century ago, interracial dating was a thing that was unacceptable in society. However, it is not like that today since the times have changed. Nowadays, the norms about dating have modified, and more and more happy interracial couples create families.

Reason 4. Your marriage will be very strong

A wedding with an Asian girl in Asian style

If you make up your mind to date a person of another race, it means that you are very confident. If you are so confident, it means that you will be responsible for your relationships more. Therefore, if you make up your mind to get married, your relationships will be powerful.

Moreover, if two people of different races decide to have a lifelong commitment to each other, it means that they do not care about what other people think. Their love is an essential thing for them, and they ignore the rest. It is such a big plus to have intense love, isn’t it?

To add more, your love for your partner will grow with years. Therefore, you will not split like the couples of the same race during the first three years of marriage and excusing and telling things as «Love exists only for three years,» which is not valid.

Interracial dating means being confident and independent enough. It supposes relying on yourself and being responsible for your life even more as it might have been with a person of the same race.

Reason 5. Use your sense of humor

Perhaps, there might be times when you will not understand each other because your cultures and traditions might differ. However, interracial dating will teach you a precious lesson of every successful relationship, which is the ability to laugh at little things.

The more time you spend with your partner, the more you will get to know about him or her. Nevertheless, if there are any faux pas, a sense of humor will guarantee you to have strong feelings.

The more sense of humor you practice, the more devoted you become to your partner and your relationships. Hence, dating a person of another race and culture, you will learn the most valuable lessons of successful relationships faster than you might have done with a person of the same race.

Reason 6. The more love, the less fear.

The groom kisses the bride on her wedding day

If two representatives of two various races and cultures decide to connect their destinies, it means that the thing they genuinely feel is love. If they did not love each other, it might be impossible to stay together for such a long time.

Building the relationships between two people of various races might take some time. However, it is worth waiting until the relationships will get more serious and mature. The more time the two people spend with each other, the more devoted they become. Consequently, they will feel less fear, especially before their wedding day.

So it is recommended for a multiracial couple to spend more time dating if compared to couples of the same race to build stronger relationships and get rid of any embarrassment and fear.

What are the disadvantages of interracial dating?

Sure, there are some weak points about getting involved in multi-racial relationships. Let’s review the most obvious ones and determine whether it is worth interracial dating and creating a multiracial family. There are such disadvantages and obstacles on the way of every interracial couple:

Obstacle 1. Polar cultures

Young couple in front of the British flag

Even though two people might have a developed sense of humor, sometimes their misunderstanding might ruin their relationships. To be more precise, they might be representatives of two polar cultures with different values.

For instance, if a man is from Georgia, he will expect his bride to be a virgin before getting married. He will be agitated if his bride of another race does not correspond to his expectations. Moreover, if it happens to be like this, they might divorce very soon.

Therefore, it is important to discuss everything before you get married. It is a must to talk about each other’s expectations from the beloved one and marriage. For instance, if a husband is from Nigeria, and the wife is from Ukraine, they should discuss where they will live and raise children before getting married.

Obstacle 2. Possible bullying of your children at school

Although, the future of your children will be bright. However, there are several things to take into account before you begin dating. First of all, if you have a baby, you should decide where they will grow up.

For instance, if you live in Russia and your husband is from South Africa, it will be better to live in South Africa for the first 10-13 years of the child’s life because people in Russia might not understand it and kids might bully your child at school.

So you would better wait until the child grows up and decide where he or she will live for the rest of their life. Bullying is a severe problem in Russian schools, so you would better take care of your kid’s normal psychological condition in advance.

Is it beneficial to date a representative of another race?

As you might see, the number of pros about interracial dating is more significant than the number of reasons against it. Therefore, feel free to go for interracial dating if you want to. You are the master of your own fate, and it is only you who decides whether you will be happy or not.

You are the creator of your life. If you want your life to be colorful, go ahead and ask a person of another race or culture for a date. It must work out if you get prepared for your dating day. However, even if it does not work out, you will learn a valuable lesson in your life and will know for sure whether to have interracial dating in the future based on your practical experience.

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