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Trying to find a local cougar is always a nice solution for many lonely people. Yet LuvCougar is nothing but a scam of Internet users. Our LuvCougar.com review has proved that this website scams people who look for mature women.

Basics About LuvCougar

When you only start working with this cougar dating site, you can see that it looks pretty average. And it will be your main mistake to believe that this resource has at least something legitimate to provide you with. The image, of course, looks pretty respectful, but let’s dive deeper into its work and see who runs this website for dating older women.

The company that created this website was already involved in the creation of fake services. We are talking about Porticato Media LTD. Before you sign up, you have to know that this is an online scamming company. You can find more reviews of its products on our website.

Company Name InfraWeb Solution Limited/ Porticato Media
Company Address Suite 1601, Kinwick Centre 32 Hollywood Road Central Hong Kong
Phone number 1 (800) 894-9138
Email address [email protected]

The website is focused on young men from the United States who are looking for a mature woman to start dating. And that is not a surprise. By using the audience of men searching for older women, LuvCougars tries to provide you with a lot of fake online services that will lead to stealing your data. We will use more specialized criteria to review Luv Cougar dating site to see how the creation of an account on this online scam resource can change your life.

But let’s see how the website works. Let’s discuss their mobile site, trial period, and possible dating solutions, and review Luv Cougar with all our attention to minor details. Let’s see whether you should sign up here or not.

The Key Services LuvCougar Provides

Luv Cougar free registration process is oversimplified. Of course, some users will say that a simple and free registration is an advantage, but the website didn’t even bother asking us about our nickname. Everything we had to include for our account was:

Age was also required, but we will discuss the age issue later. The main issue with using this website is that your email will be used as a nickname. What anonymity can it provide? No anonymity at all! Any single user, if there was at least one real, will have an opportunity to simply contact us via the email address, and that will break all the borders, especially when we talk about dating cougars. So, Luvcougar free registration will only create problems for young men who are looking for hot dates. And don’t forget that using iOS devices, members will have no option to complete the registration.

The location was also funny. We knew that we had to chat with fake profiles on Luv Cougar, but we didn’t even know that they would not even be linked to our location. There are women from all over the world. Luv Cougar dating site is not friendly to new members at all. Moreover, they provide no mobile site which is also bad for finding a local cougar. Your can get an access to your account only via PC.

However, this website will never let you meet older women or any other members in real life. Cougar dating on Luv Cougar includes only fake user profiles with low-quality profile pictures and profile videos.
But what about the users themselves? How fake are they?

LuvCougar users’ profiles

When you first sign up and visit the main page of LuvCougar website, you will not understand at once that there are no real cougars here. In fact, there is no single real person on this website. All members are not mature women seeking love and a man for successful dating.

The review proved that new members on this dating site would experience a complete scam. Luv Cougar will provide you only with fake profiles of all types of women, but not cougars. Luv Cougar site takes no care of your location or your preferences. Yes, free registration on this site might be an option, but after paying to these scammers, you will never get access to private chats with real cougars.

A lot of women here are 25+ ladies that somehow decided that they are cougars, providing you with no life experience, and no single real dating option and solution. But we realized that everything was fake when we took a closer look at profiles.

Firstly, they all look cheap. Photos are of low quality. No real local cougar will use such a bad profile pictures for representing herself. Fake accounts are really obvious. User profiles look not well. Every single Luvcougar account comes with inappropriate content. Looking at their profile pictures and profile videos, no single man will want to send messages to them. There is no need to use specialized criteria to recognize the Luv cougar scam.

Secondly, our first message was received even before we registered. When our registration time was 17:59, the message we received from a suspicious account was sent at 17:57. How is that possible? Everything is simple. LuvCougars decided to give us their bait in advance, sending a message using a bot profile that just wanted to make us pay to reply. And Luv Cougar sent us many messages to make us buy their services. But let’s move on and see other features you get creating an account on this dating website.

Cons of working with Luv Cougar

When trying to think about something beneficial on this site, we can tell that it works pretty fast. These scammers invested in LuvCougar to create the most respectful image they could. And all that to steal your money. Of course, a free registration might be counted as an advantage, but let’s be honest, it is bad as it opens your way to nowhere.

Moreover, considering the disadvantages in our review, we found out the following issues:

There are no local singles included, so if you want to use LuvCougars for a romance or for a strong union with mature women, you will be unable to do that. And paying an unfair price for fake services, you will be disappointed. So what about the potential costs?

LuvCougar pricing policy

First, we have to begin with the method this dating website uses. There are no credits on the site and no trial membership, only a subscription. Using their paid membership might give you unlimited access to all the features on the site, which contains only fake services with nothing pleasant for your dating experience.
And to attend this scam site, you have to pay:

In fact, the prices are even sort of average, and many people can find them attractive. Many real dating sites offer the same prices. This is what makes the scam of LuvCougar even more cunning. But in the best-case scenario, you will get nothing for paying for the site. This way, you will lose $20 or $30 for nothing and will forget about LuvCougar.

When we bought their premium subscription, we got an opportunity to write to other members. Women on this website were just focused on sending photos and other filthy comments. Fake women on Luvcougar started spamming by asking for “showing what they will have to deal with.” It gave us an opportunity to realize that the site has even more security issues than we thought.

Major security issues on LuvCougar

The site provides you with only scam services and makes everything in order to steal as many things as you have in your life.
First of all, payment. The subscription system on this site was provided in order to steal money from you constantly. This way, LuvCougar will be able to steal money from you nearly daily.

Secondly, filling your payment details online. It is completed via the site. Yes, you have to give all the card information to LuvCougar online, and the site can take as much money as it would like to. Your bank account will be empty.

Younger men always scroll online resources and can find a lot of reviews and comments about this cougar dating site. If you read them, you can make your dating experience much more successful, and save a lot of money finding free resources, or the ones where free features are implemented into the overall concept of cougar dating.

But the most disgusting thing comes with fake members that make you pay. They also try to make you send them as much personal information as possible. This information might be used for stealing even more money, and for finding you on social networks for blackmail. But maybe we are mistaken? Let’s read their privacy policy.

How LuvCougar tries to justify its scam

LuvCougar doesn’t even try to tell you that they protect you. They just focus on taking more and more of your data just to get as much scam income as possible. Here is what they say:

Unfortunately, the transmission of information via the internet is not completely secure. We cannot guarantee the security of users’ data transmitted to the Site; any transmission is at your own risk. We cannot assure you that the personal information that we collect will not be used or disclosed inconsistently with this Privacy Policy. We assume no responsibility for any of the users’ information.

Source: https://www.luvcougar.com/c3RhdGljUGFnZS9wcml2YWN5cG9saWN5bHV2Y291Z2FyLmNvbQ==
Yes, the Internet and you are guilty. LuvCougars will not be the one who is responsible for scamming you. Your account will be used as the main tool for this online fraud. Common cougar dating sites offer a high level of security. But this dating website doesn’t.

The Conclusion About LuvCougar

LuvCougar looks like a respectful dating site where people could find their mature love without any difficulties. But the main issue is that this impression is fully fake. All the other users on this platform are bots operated by some freaky operator who has no idea of how dating works. It will be a real mistake to sign up for this online dating company. Your account will become a weapon against yourself.

The result of the LuvCougar.com review is simple. The main goal is to steal money from average users that try to attend a modern dating community. This way, they just lose their money and time. And again, this comes as the best way of using this site. Many other users can lose much more valuable things after joining LuvCougars, and that is not a surprise.

Using LuvCougar will be a complete mistake. You will never reach the world of high-level dating with this scamming resource. So use only reliable sites to improve your experience. Luv Cougar is a scam dating site full of fake members with bad profile pictures.


  • LuvCougar is a dating site that claims to be focused on dating with cougars and mature women, but it is fake. The platform is just a scam site that has nothing in common with appropriate dating. This online scam service provides no trial period as it only ruins the image of mature dating.
  • LiveCougar creates an illusion of its legitimacy, but the resource provides you with no legal services. All possible dating solutions are not available on this site. It is a complete scam that will only try to steal your money from your bank account after you complete the registration. Read more reviews, look at the pictures, and you will find out that LuvCougar is just a scam site.
  • LuvCougar is an immoral resource that has only one aim. It is focused on scamming you. Losing your money is the only option on this site. Using it, you will be scammed, blackmailed, and your personal account data will be abused.
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