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Would you like to flirt and send messages to sweet girls online? No matter how lonely you feel, don’t join MyLocalCrush. Otherwise, it will make you lose faith in online dating.

Main Points About MyLocalCrush

When we first visited the website, it looked rather decent. Though the registration window appeared to be the only feature available on the landing page of local crush, that seemed pretty fine. But later on, it turned out that this site for  online dating was nothing but a rude scam.

Rushing ahead, we noticed something wrong with registration that made us learn more about My Local Crush dating site. When we decided to dive deeply into the origin of the website, we recognized it was a part of the network of popular Internet scamming sites that provide fake chat features to people from all over the world.

Here is the key data about the company that owns MyLocalCrush:

Company name: Meteor Interactive B.V.
Company address Savannahweg 17, 3542AW Utrecht, The Netherlands
Company e-mail [email protected]


Something pretty familiar, isn’t it? This is because we had an opportunity to learn much more about the work of Meteor Interactive back in the day. This company is a real scam generator of different fake dating websites focused on stealing everything users have. Meteor Interactive B.V. dating is in charge of the network of hookup sites that looks similar to their other fake dating websites.

Therefore, let’s review Mylocalcrush in detail: how it ruins all the images of Internet dating for fun, makes match suggestions if there are almost no real women, and how fictional entertainers profiles are implemented in the local crush work.

How MyLocalCrush Works

The main principles of this fake website for online dating are simple: scams and stealing. Nothing more. The landing page includes a heart icon, which is used by some scam resources to pretend being legit on the Internet. But when we were surfing this website data, we had no idea that was a fantasy entertainment service. It turned out to be a hookup site aimed at providing its members with basically bots and fake profiles. But let’s start from the very beginning and talk about free registration process on alike dating sites.

It was pretty simple, and the website asked us for the following details to sign in:

The background of the registration field was full of nicely-looking women which gave us additional points to think that the site was something real. But that feeling faded when we faced an issue. We couldn’t finish our registration, because the website claimed our e-mail to be wrong.

We checked everything again, and when we saw that the website was held by Meteor Interactive, we understood the reason why everything happened like that. They just blocked our test e-mail after our reviews!

After the registration, we understood that heart icon meant nothing, and that Internet dating site was focused on providing users with an illusion of a real woman looking for physical contact in  real life. This dating site employs scammers and bot operators for money to perform their total scam system in front of new members.

But we created our account, so let’s go on with our review and check mylocalcrush fake profiles properly.

Diving into MyLocalCrush.net

My Local Crush dating site greeted us with a poor interface and no real women sign. The image the landing page might create in a mind of an average user will be completely ruined by its low quality. Everything seemed to be just copied from their other sites, and we were not even surprised. Their template is always similar, and we were just waiting for the nudity sign to start appearing on our screen.

In only 5 minutes the spam started. Too many messages appeared, so our account inbox was full of naked women. Free nudity came as the main solution here. Typical scam focused on making people buy a lot of messages that costs credits. This way, users try to contact these women, without knowing that their accounts are fake.

The website also gives you no age range. It is not needed because of a huge number of fake profiles.

Talking about profiles on mylocalcrush, they just scream to us how fake they are. No single real person, all other members are just bots. Our inbox was full of many messages with a lot of naked images from other sites. Most of them, classically, look like they were just stolen from some private libraries, which is horrible. It is also possible that women who used this site and sent some women to the fake men they were chatting with were scammed twice, and their photos are now used to scam men.

But probably Meteor Interactive has decided to make at least one fair resource? Let’s discover it right now!

Are there at least some advantages to MyLocalCrush?

Talking about pros and cons, we can see no advantages at all. Even a joke that free nudity might be counted as an advantage will not be that great, including the fact that a lot of photos are not stock ones. So, perhaps, many women have no idea that their private pictures are used as bait for men search. You can’t use this dating site even for fun.

On the other hand, free registration might also be beneficial. But you don’t need a free registration on a resource that will make you pay for everything. This fake dating site is nothing but a simple attempt to make people contact bots or fake profiles that will make them pay more money for a fake chat search even on other sites.

Here come the disadvantages of MyLocalCrush:

This is just a peak of the iceberg revealed by MyLocalCrush review. What about the prices of this resource?

How much will you pay for MyLocalCrush scam?

Visiting a payment page on dating sites like this was the only option to ensure that it was just a common scam. Of course, we were 99.99% sure that it was, but we couldn’t base our review on mere search suggestions. New members of this platform will have an option to buy a paid membership on this dating website to send messages and use other features. Sending messages is available only after they buy credits.

The prices are the following:

Yes, to start chatting, you have to buy messages to text women on this site. In a message, you can include everything you want to, including photos. And with the same feeling of inability to avoid scamming, we paid $20. Of course, the site has taken more, about $25.

When we managed to send messages to MyLocalCrush members, that gave us hope that maybe not everything was that bad. But no.

We sent 2 messages to women that simply ignored us, and 3 messages to ladies that asked for giving them some intimate photos in exchange.

Security issues on MyLocalCrush

Security is not a thing on My Local Crush dating site. This scam site will never provide you with at least some safety. It is focused on stealing as much as it can. Your information is not an exception, and in some cases, making you send your naked photos to the bots on the site will be even more expensive than sending money to people. They will just blackmail you.

Moreover, Mylocalcrush operates all the transactions itself, without giving you a protected third-party service. Can the site find an explanation for it?

Mylocalcrush terms and conditions

When we dove into their Privacy Policy, we saw that there were no differences as compared to other resources Meteor Interactive provides. Just read the following:

Your Interactions With Other Users; Disputes. You are solely responsible for your interaction with other users of the Service, whether online or offline. We do not conduct any background or criminal record check or other investigation of users, some of which may be sex offenders, fraudsters or otherwise unsavory and may intend you harm.

Source: https://www.mylocalcrush.com/agreement

Do you see? There is no single option that you will not be guilty of potential harm from other users on local crush. The site is not responsible at all. Especially, when we recollect the fact that all fake profiles are operated by MyLocalCrush and all messages from women on this site are sent not by real women but some fantasy profiles.

Avoid Being Scammed: Conclusion About MyLocalCrush

The conclusion of MyLocalCrush review is simple. This is an appalling scam site where you will never be protected but fooled to buy credits instead of real dating with local crush. This resource is scamming people who want to find genuine love on dating sites.

What will you get using MyLocalCrush dating website? Nothing. Some people might have their life fully ruined because the site also blackmails its free users in order to get even more money. Everything on this website, including their landing page, free registration, search tools, pressure to pay to buy more credits, and, of course, the lack of real people made using this site a bad experience. Chat mechanics are extremely awful, while the search system is absent at all.

So, don’t use MyLocalCrush as a dating and hookup site. Avoiding it will save you money, nerves, and reputation.


  • My Local Crush is a site for online dating that looks pretty fine. But this illusion covers a poorly crafted scam resource that doesn’t give you fair services, but ruins the dating experience for all people that decide to try this extorting money.
  • MyLocalCrush is not a legitimate app. There are no legal and fair services, because it is only focused on the creation of a false image of proper online dating. Every single woman here is fake. It ruins the reputation of all dating sites with its existence.
  • My Local Crush is a scam application focused only on providing you with fake services to steal money. This site will only cause stress, because every single woman here is not real, and you cannot start chat with local crush or other people you like. Likewise, no physical contact is ever possible.
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