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MyMatchGame Review

The MyMatchGame online dating platform is home to the best matches with fake profiles, annoying notifications, and no physical contact with single women.

MyMatchGame Background: What Is It and Who Is It For?

A lot of single men believe that there is nothing better than free links to accounts of beautiful girls and their hot images displayed on a top-notch dating site. The My Match Game dating website claims to be a reliable platform to satisfy your preferences, kinks, and myriads of dating goals.

By joining this app, you agree to find like-minded members easily and share photos, pictures, and videos in private chats with beauties. This provider also publicly informs how much money you will need to pay to stay tuned with potential matches on the site.

Company Name Meteor Interactive B.V.
Address Lorentzweg 22-A, 2964LN Groot-Ammers, the Netherlands, CC: 74034782
Phone-Hotline non-available
E-Mail [email protected]

So far, so good, isn’t it? Unfortunately, after we tested this dating interface, we couldn’t confirm the credibility of the aforementioned self-description of the organization. Keep reading to find out more about scams of the My Match Game dating site. Onwards!

Review in Detail: Registration and Fake Services at MyMatchGame

The My Match Game dating site is specialized in fooling end users with casual dating tools and communication with fake profiles. But first things first. Before creating login details, we checked the My Match Game visual aesthetics and basic features of the app. Our team is sure that members can effortlessly figure out how to utilize these services, upload pictures, and so on.

You might feel comfortable about free registration and be eager to pay for on-site dating instruments right away. Nevertheless, skipping important analysis steps can instantly rip off your bank account balance. To get your profile created in no time, you have to follow the free registration instructions on the website:

  • Sign up for the site with Google and get the ability to contact women from your or another city.
  • Feel free to fill in standard fields like your gender, email address, age, etc.

With over thirteen thousand profiles found on the My Match Game dating site, you can only imagine how much more photos and fake facts are there.

The Functionality of MyMatchGame App: Special Features and Services

Former users of the My Match Game website could see that their login and other details like personal pictures later appeared on other fake profiles of the system. We tried to contact the support team to see whether there might be a chance of their reaction to such events. Unfortunately, My Match Game was constantly non-available.

They are proactive not in the cases when they need to backup end users’ login and account information. Instead, they are extremely motivated to advertise their scams in the referral program. Although this scam supports video chats for real money, we didn’t enjoy the process — too many flaws and errors prevented us from appreciating this dating tool.

Advantages and Disadvantages of MyMatchGame.com

When it comes to distinguishing scams from real dating websites, prospective users will face several difficulties. Phishing techniques are based on the combination of decent benefits and drawbacks, which complicated decision-making a lot. However, all that you need to do is to compare the genuine efficiency of accessible bonuses and the negative impact of the cons to see the difference.
The list of advantages isn’t rich:

  • The My Match Game interface is pretty simple and won’t cause challenges for non-techno-savvy users. The problem is that you won’t also understand what the profiles and photos of fellow girls look like.
  • This My Match Game website is adjusted to the needs of anonymous and discreet dating. Its profiles are private and don’t reveal personal details about matches to third parties and other members of the community.
  • The My Match Game system also provides straightforward instructions on how to delete your account and photos.

Taking into consideration the fact that it is a scam dating environment, a clear ability to cancel your accounts is a benefit. On the contrary, users will also be prone to several risks:

  • The scam tactics are divergent and can be personalized to lure you into investing more cash in the My Match Game operation.
  • The My Match Game free online dating platform doesn’t have a decent mobile application, and the interface of its mobile version may occasionally lag behind.
  • The My Match Game website definitely is a free opportunity to appear in a paid membership trap. Users’ accounts don’t survive the competition and are constantly chased by fake profiles, operators, bots, malware, and so on within this customized game.
  • The site advertises its casual dating solutions. With this match board game designed by Meteor Interactive B.V., which is a famous provider of fake chats on the internet, it is clear that won’t improve and get rid of its rip off past.

The Cost of Membership on the MyMatchGame App

The My Match Game free online dating platform is governed by Meteor Interactive B.V., which representatives have always been transparent about the basic pricing policy they offer. On the website, enthusiasts can freely check the paid membership terms without setting up an account with photos and other users-related information.

With this match board game designed for casual dating, the distinguished site advertises its best matches accessible after meeting the conditions of non-recurring coin plans. New partners frequently believe that this method is more efficient and styled for working properly for any budget needs. On the contrary, we are convinced that it is a clear rip off. This customized game to chat with women requires constant account replenishments. You will be able to proceed with login for free, but spending cash each and every time you are about to interact with other members of the community might be really annoying. Please remember that the number of tokens doesn’t coincide with the functional feedback on the MyMatchGame real site.

This fake chat makes single men register and pay a lot of money for sending messages to other users of the company:

  • After you get your free account login details, you are enabled to test this dating site’s promotional package. The My Match Game fake profiles will be accessible for the first messages at nine US dollars. The cost per token is sixty cents, which makes these sixteen credits the most budget-friendly option on the My Match Game app.
  • Whatever plan you decide to go for depends on your own preferences. We must warn you that the system doesn’t send any payment links — the most popular method is a credit or debit card transaction. What’s more, registered members have to confirm and agree that their monetary investment will be non-refundable after free registration and login and the site.

Safety & Security Issues

The inability of physical contact with the best matches isn’t the only reason to mistrust any promised security measures on the My Match Game dating website. At first glance, this interface seems a bit plain but not harmful for prospective users to join the domain right away.

Unfortunately, it is true that this portal doesn’t take care of free account verification processes (they aren’t responsible for any disputes between girls and guys) or react to customers’ complaints about stolen or wrongly displayed profile photos. Not only didn’t we find any SSL and HTTPS certificates on the website, but also its outdated interface signifies that the website’s plugins and software aren’t kept up-to-date and regularly modified for working properly.

From the Terms and Conditions Section

We don’t find the My Match Game dating website a reliable dating environment to contact single women and set up full profiles with numerous personal pictures and images. The My Match Game dating site refuses to take care of its visitors and assigns all the responsibility for this decision and its consequences to customers: “You are solely responsible for your interaction with other users of the Service. We do not conduct any background or criminal record check.”
Source: https://www.mymatchgame.com/agreement

The Conclusion from Our MyMatchGame Review

All in all, MyMatchGame is a tricky adventure for singles, which requires a lot of attention to detail and knowledge to distinguish lies from the hidden truth. After research, we can’t recommend the My Match Game dating site — there are several negative consequences of cooperation with the team.


What is MyMatchGame.com?

Your login on the MyMatchGame site doesn’t cost real money at first and lets you stay connected with hot ladies. Then you are prone to realize the abundance of spam on the portal, including fake accounts for casual communication and ripping-off practices.

Is MyMatchGame a legitimate dating app?

This site seems like a legit dating environment at first, but it is one of a series of poor-quality and ripping-off websites from the organization. That’s why we don’t consider its legitimate background trustworthy.

Is MyMatchGame.com a scam app?

The My Match Game dating site isn’t worth hunting single women here — malware, ill-minded operators, bots, and other tactics will prevent you from having fun and pursuing your dating goals.

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    • February 13, 2023 6:14 pm


    • February 9, 2023 5:15 am

    this website is for visitors who like a women’s company; though they are bots, it is kinda fun sometimes. if it hadn’t been a ripping-off dating site…

    • February 4, 2023 3:00 pm

    My Match Game dating site experience was way worse than planned. I didn’t expect that my card could be hacked that easily. Luckily, I didn’t lose much after MyMatchGame login.

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