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Free search filters and registration won’t help you regain trust in the dating services of this company.

MySecretNeighbors Background: What Is It and Who Is It For?

My Secret Neighbors will seem tempting for those people who search for hassle-free discreet conversations with a soulmate person. It isn’t strictly styled for casual dating purposes. On the contrary, sharing your contact details in the domain will lead to hot chats with girls and other potential friends.

Compared to Facebook and typical social media, dating sites are always more specialized, and the distinguished site isn’t an exception. Interested parties will be able to explore numerous types of naughty and secret communication channels and hang out with women in your country. The age range is various, which promotes your seeking the best partner for chatting and dating.

Company Meteor Interactive B.V.
Address Savannahweg 17, 3542AW Utrecht, the Netherlands, CC: 74034782
Phone-Hotline Only online contacts are possible.
E-Mail [email protected]

This site in the sex dating category is established by the Meteor Interactive B.V. company. Regrettably, the reviews about the website owner aren’t pleasant. Keep scrolling this page to see what people find so irritating, frustrating, and disappointing about its dating offers.

Review in Detail: Registration and Fake Services at MySecretNeighbors

Thanks to searching for the site’s owner on the whois server, we know that the brand is what it seems to be — this part of the information on the official page is trustworthy. However, solid hosting concepts don’t signify the top-notch performance of the company. To explore this dating portal, we had to registrar:

Both men and women can sign up for free and write an unlimited number of messages to other members of the dating chat. Will you enjoy this interaction though? That’s a huge question. We didn’t. Let’s get straight into other reasons to exclude this portal from your wish list of dating sites.

The Functionality of My Secret Neighbors App: Special Features and Services

With so many negative comments and expensive fake profiles marked with heart icons, what attracts customers in women in this dating city? Here are some appealing features:

When we started chatting with women online, we couldn’t define their scams right away. But their craziness and foolishness only increased over time.

Advantages and Disadvantages of MySecretNeighbors.com

The list of benefits of this solution includes:

As soon as you engage in chatting with ladies on this “best” whois server, you will track several issues:

This dating website is designed for fun and pleasure on the internet. Compared to other dating sites, it states about its fake profiles right away without specifying the real number of those in the domain. You will be able to read a few notes about fictional entertainers profiles marked with heart icons and with no physical contact on the site, but it doesn’t bring the necessary degree of clarity to end users.

The Cost of Membership on the My Secret Neighbors App

The money-related policy is straightforward — you can check how much it will cost you to send messages to other members:

Another option is to join the VIP club. This offer is valid for a month and isn’t a regular subscription for the domain’s tools and features. We didn’t try its efficiency during our test and analysis of the website, but it’s also pretty expensive.

If you compare this website’s pricing packages with other reviews on Google, it won’t impress you. There are companies that ask for hundreds and thousands of dollars regularly. But the approach that the analyzed domain maintains is tricky. Since it is a coin plan, it requires more funds to cover the cost of on-site features. Unlike subscriptions with a stable price, you don’t really know how much you might spend in the long run.

Safety & Security Issues

This dating portal has implemented all the necessary security measures to safeguard the information gathered from end users and protect it from unauthorized access. Unfortunately, the team doesn’t stand up for its principles and puts all the responsibility and liability in regards to the internet security of customers on them solely. Each and every member of the community is subjected to limiting access to their device and account, whether they have created an account or browser for registration purposes.

With no proven SSL protocols, data encryption, and corresponding details in the whois database, the costing concepts of the distinguished dating portal are rather questionable. Here are some of the biggest issues we have either encountered on our own or got to know about from former users’ reviews:

As you can see, relying on the efficiency and credibility of the Meteor Interactive B.V. company will cost you a lot of losses and restrictions. We didn’t have the desire to follow the game of the women here and canceled our subscription right after the test. The world of digital dating can be secure and trustworthy — you just need to google and discover the right sources for your online relationships. With the help of other reviews from our team, you will be able to avoid the world of scams and fake profiles.

From the Terms and Conditions Section

The platform is directed to and intended only for users in the United States. In practice, this isn’t the most popular residence from where women can come. In several chats and conversations with ladies, we found traces of phishing too — they could either lie about their country or hide this information on purpose. It’s one of the very many controversies when it relates to the company’s policies and how they are truly handled on its websites.

You don’t have to google for other reviews to discover other scamming techniques of this provider — this analysis is all-in-one. The dating portal’s employees tend to explain their lacking performance by assigning any kind of liability to the end user:

We are not responsible for your interactions with other users or how other users will use Personal Data you make available to them and we do not undertake any background checks on, or otherwise make efforts to verify the identity or character of users.

We are not responsible for, and make no representations regarding, the policies or business practices of any third parties, including, without limitation, third-party [solutions] associated with the [website].

This website owner “may share any information about you, including, without limitation, personal data and non-personal data, for any purposes not inconsistent with this privacy statement, or our written statements at the point of collection, and otherwise not prohibited by applicable law.

Source: https://www.mysecretneighbors.com/privacy
This dating world is oriented toward ripping off customers and taking as much money as possible from them without any responsibility. We don’t find this approach a healthy and organic business strategy and can’t suggest choosing this online chat over other websites in the industry.

The Conclusion from Our MySecretNeighbors Review

As the website owner, Meteor Interactive B.V. does impress with how many scam websites it maintains in the industry and keeps creating new websites to lure end users into the phishing world of ripping off. We can’t explain why this board has chosen this path, but it is definitely not worth risking your cash, the hardware safety of your computer, and overall security to share your contact details in your country with unauthorized third parties. The rating for this dating portal’s professionalism and efficacy is poor since the basic purpose isn’t fulfilled — you won’t be able to date anyone on this app.


  • Like other websites from this owner, the analyzed platform is multifunctional and can work for both casual and hookup dating purposes. During our test, we encountered several phishing features that make it impossible to date any woman, regardless of how much money to spend.
  • Despite its official registration, we would like to report that this dating world isn’t safe and legit. Like other websites from the provider, this platform is overwhelmed with malware, bots, fake profiles with no date options, stolen pictures, and much more.
  • All the information gathered can be transferred to third parties without your consent. The fact this domain can be found on the whois server doesn’t make it any safer. This network is full of fake pictures from girls, automatically forwards you to malware links. That’s why we can’t present a good rating to this website owner and consider it a scam website.
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