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Looking for a simple solution to find your date on the Internet? OnlyFlings will be an insufficient dating website to use. Let’s review OnlyFlings to prove that point.

What Is OnlyFlings.com?

OnlyFlings is a website focused on providing imaginary casual dating services to men and women of all ages in the US. The main orientation of the site is adult dating which is implemented badly on the resource. Yes, it might look pretty fine at first glance and you may think there is no scam here. Yet, the one who digs deeper learns that the website is rich in scam methods and subscription traps. The members here will be only deceived, so it seems that  this Internet portal is created for some strange entertainment of admins, who have fun providing their rip off strategies.

And that is not a surprise. Here are the contact details of the company:

Company name Records Custodian
Address Athinodorou, 3 Dosoupoli Strovols, Nicosia PC 2025 CYPRUS
Email Address [email protected]

It was a real challenge for us to reach them via the provided contact details. It is simply impossible to do that. Now it is time to really examine how the website works. Let’s see what common users get, how this site manages its rip off strategies, and whether there are any free solutions for members of OnlyFlings.

Starting The Work: What Is Wrong With OnlyFlings?

When you only visit the front page of the website, you can see that the registration window looks like it was just copied from somewhere else. A great entertainment to solve this puzzle. This is the first bell that OnlyFlings isn’t that fair. But everything becomes even more interesting when you decide to check out their privacy policy. You will never be able to check everything out if you do not insist too much on clicking that link. The landing page of this site is made to hide everything.

But let’s talk more about the registration. You have to include:

The fun began when we completed all the fields. We couldn’t start using the website, and we could not see even a minor shadow of its interface until the confirmation of our e-mail. And we didn’t even receive their message. We had to wait for 2 hours until the site sent us a confirmation mail. Was it worth it?

So now that we finished with their landing page, let’s talk about the main solutions OnlyFlings gives its average users.

How does OnlyFlings work?

The very first thing to see after you complete this exhausting but free  registration process is the main page, namely the online section with members profiles. However, it looks not like a dating resource where you can find a lady for a hook up but like a catalog of escort ladies whose stock pictures claim how fake they were. And all their details included their filthy desires. This casual dating website uses a free registration feature to start scamming users that become premium members. Premium membership here is a literal subscription rip off that will not provide users with some entertainment but will make them only pay for fake services more and more.

This insufficient dating site contains no real user profiles. Some of them contain celebrity photos. As we always want to test dating websites search, we were disappointed with the fact that there was no option to find a match in this pool of fake accounts. There were no real members here.

The vast majority of profiles of these online cupids in fake chat contains nudity. And the flood. The flood with a lot of messages proved our point that all the accounts are simple fake bots for scams. All messages were pretty similar to each other, and we could only see a lot of naked photos. And that is not a surprise. These user profiles are operated by the site to make you sign up to send messages called to lure you in their subscription trap.

Benefits and cons of using this website

As for the pros and cons of using OnlyFlings, our reviews prove that there are no advantages. Of course, some members will tell that nudity comes as an advantage on a landing page, but seeing a lot of these photos we could come to the conclusion that the majority of them were stolen or leaked. But maybe this dating website followed some sort of entertainment purposes. New members can find it attractive and become an easy target for a rip off. And free registration doesn’t come as an advantage, because it just allows scamming users.

Disadvantages of insufficient dating on onlyflings include:

Don’t forget that you will never contact a support team here, because they will ignore you, like all the fake women will. The only goal they try to achieve is stealing not only members money, but also their data. How will they steal your information? Study the next chapter.

Prices on OnlyFlings

The prices here are high. They are too high even for a legitimate adult dating resource, even considering the fact that the vast majority of them are focused on giving much more paid features. But this subscription rips users off.

Here, you must buy credits for talking in fake chat. But there is no sense in providing such paid system as there is no exclusive content that you can buy for credits. Even naked photos are being sent for free, without any intrigue and romance. All you can use these credits for is just to send messages. Yet the prices are too high. You can purchase:

And that comment is for a simply not working service. No, don’t think that you cannot start writing messages to women. But they will not lead a meaningful talk. Maybe 5% of these bots will send you messages called for some naked photos, but that’s the only thing you will get. Therefore, Onlyflings subscription rip off is just shameful. And their security policy is dubious as well.

Examining the security breaches on the website

Of course, talking about scam resources, there is no security. Your money can be stolen at any moment you use the scam website, and you will never be safe on a scam site. But OnlyFlings comes to a brand-new level and decides to take everything from the average user who wants to experience some adult dating.

The very first thing we have to tell about security is payment. You are not using some third-party resource that can at least keep your data away from the site. The site decided to operate with your payments using its own resources, which means that all your payment data will be stolen without any doubt.

This way, the site will not only steal all your money for services that do not exist, but will take much more for just entering your card number here. Every person can use this data to use your bank account for his needs. This website comes only as proof that the Internet remains a dangerous place. Even a dating website can turn into an entertainment service for some freak that will give you a lot of fake profiles for buying his paid membership.

But the second thing that will be stolen is your personal information. As we told you before, you have an opportunity to start a little chat with fake women on this site. And these fake profiles try to make you send them something private and intimate.

Thus, how does OnlyFlings lie about protection?

From the Terms and Conditions Section

Well, there are no illusions about the work of the site. Here is what you will find in onlyflings terms:

We are not responsible for anything that you post or say while you are on the Website, and we cannot monitor all of the content of the Website, but if we do see or someone tells us that you have posted something that we think is inappropriate, we may remove it.

Source: https://www.onlyflings.com/pop.php?page=terms

What does that mean? Everything is simple. You will receive no protection as the site takes no care of what is posted there. This is not a proper resource for casual dating. You can get scammed, and no one will help you with that.

The Conclusion From the OnlyFlings Review

OnlyFlings is a scam resource with fake profiles that promises to let you enjoy casual dating but provides you with nothing real. No real women, no other members, just a bunch of bots that are focused on leaking every single piece of information you have via fake chat.

This website will never show you at least one real person. It is impossible to find a match, there are no free features, and all the members are fake. Moreover, your account might be used for the entertainment of admins, who can do with your data whatever they want.

Casual dating on this platform is not involved even if you choose paid membership. By buying their membership, you will only see fantasy profiles and fake chats. Their subscription rips users off.

Dating solutions were never included on this scam site, and you will never be able to experience at least something not fake. So if you want to save your money, time, and nerves, trust our reviews and do not even open the browser page with OnlyFlings.


  • OnlyFlings is a poorly designed scam project that doesn’t even try to hide its true aims behind a proper interface. It has nothing real to provide to average users apart from fake profiles, so don’t believe any positive reviews and comments of other members about such scam sites.
  • OnlyFlings is a fake dating site that involves no legitimate aspect. It uses stolen pornography content, provides a lot of fake profiles, and steals everything you have, starting from your money to your data.
  • OnlyFling is a scam application that provides you with no real dating and chats. Avoid this type of insufficient dating not to fall victim to skilfull cyber fraudsters.
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