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Visit this dating site to enjoy endless scams — phony pictures, fake profiles, financial support requests, and new comments from chat operators.

OurSecretFlirts Background: What Is It and Who Is It For?

If you are searching for online dating services with a very slick operation, the Meteor Interactive B.V. company states its website can satisfy your needs for hassle-free flirts with gorgeous women. All that you need is to join this domain with fine print account photos and buy credits to stay connected with real people.

The signup procedure takes a few moments and lets individuals get access to accounts of perfect matches in the desired age group. The major part of profiles belong to women from Eastern European countries, so you can kill two birds with one stone — discover the beauty of Slavic brides and the benefits of international dating at the same time.

Company Meteor Interactive B.V.
Address Savannahweg 17, 3542 AW Utrecht, the Netherlands
Phone-Hotline It doesn’t work
E-Mail [email protected]

Our team was first tempted to try and see how this dating portal works. Is it a total scam? Should you satisfy your interest in this type of dating communication? Let’s investigate this case together. Mind the gap!

Review in Detail: Registration and Fake Services at Our Secret Flirts

Avoid committing this mistake — don’t register if you haven’t read terms and conditions of any dating sites. This might cause serious financial and cyber security issues you really don’t want to face and solve. Anyway, let’s start talking about this specific company and its registration details.

You won’t be able to tell it is a total scam right away. The landing page interface is eye-catching and draws your attention to the charm and beauty of women who will be waiting for you on the web. As we saw in new comments about the dating portal, other customers didn’t have issues with this part of cooperation after we had dropped our analysis. You don’t have to write a portfolio during registration — just fill in the fields:

You will have to get more credits to answer the messages from profiles marked with heart icons and have fun. We started receiving incoming messages a few minutes after finalizing the registration process. Our experts hoped it could be fun to write these ladies back, but it was an epic failure.

The Functionality of OurSecretFlirts App: Special Features and Services

Dating sites with no physical contact aren’t surprising — it is a standard approach of ill-minded companies. The analyzed dating app won’t correlate with your sex proposal and make you go away soon after spending money on buying credits in mammoth numbers.

This interface is appreciated for its very slick operation, but it doesn’t serve its main goal — to promote talking of interested men to real women. Even if you find satisfactory details about fake profiles, these ladies might rarely answer. You would rather get tons of new comments than long-term interaction with the same operator.

Advantages and Disadvantages of OurSecretFlirts.com

When it comes to the benefits of using dating sites from this organization, it is hard to find any. The problem is that you are requested to buy credits and hope for trustworthy feedback but get nothing valuable in return:

On top of that, even if you don’t mind communicating with operators, they can rarely answer. This will ruin your talking to strangers on the website and using fiat money for dating experiences online.

The Cost of Membership on the Our Secret Flirts App

Whenever you decide to spend money on dating sites, please check whether there are trial plans and the opportunity to refund your investment back. In the case of the distinguished dating platform, buying credits happens with no trial plans and is based on a non recurring coin plan. In turn, talking to women, sending images, and contacting fake profiles will have its own price.

Overall, the question of how much tokens cost is answered on the official page:

Additionally, your charges can be prone to extra fees from the site and your bank. The uncertainty level increases for foreign users of the portal since they will have to cover exchange fees as well.

Safety & Security Issues

When you decide to spend money on online dating services, you can’t help but expect the corresponding quality and efficiency. As you can see from the comments of former users and professional reviews, this site for dating women has totally failed. During our stay on the website, we were able to search for fake profiles only. Showing phony photos was so typical that it was surprising to see real pictures from fellow contacts in the dating domain.

This dating team doesn’t answer and anyhow reacts to the responses from registered persons, informing them about several issues with the site. We analyzed the website and encountered these problems:

Compared to other sites, the probability to meet real people after you sign up is considerably higher than in the case of this dating chat for interacting with fictitious women. Several woman pictures and profiles are non-clear at all, and it is complicated to define their real location or at least the city they come from. With no background checks, no security is guaranteed

From the Terms and Conditions Section

Whenever users contact women on dating sites, they do hope to see something sincere and original. Regrettably, this dating site is a total scam that can never lead to trustworthy and secure fun. Potential members of the chat are meant to spend money on phony photos and interact with another registered person on the dating site with credits.

Apart from being an expensive and ripping-off trap, this brand is famous for justifying fake profiles, photos, and responses from either bots or hired customer care women. By visiting the site, you acknowledge the company’s terms and conditions, which are really unfair for setting up an account and theoretical dating with women:

[This site] reserves the right to suspend or prohibit linking to the [chat] for any reason, in its sole discretion, without advance notice or any liability of any kind to you or any third party.

We do not review Profile Pages to determine if they were created by an appropriate party, and we are not responsible for any unauthorized Profile Pages that may appear in the [chat].

You acknowledge, agree and consent to our data practices… You also understand that this is a fantasy entertainment [chat] and that the profiles are fictional and your interactions will be with operators.

We do not conduct background or criminal record checks on [customers] or verify their identity, and you accept all risk of interacting with people via this [chat].

Source: https://www.oursecretflirts.com/agreement
If you are even more curious, you can visit the site and check its policies on your own. This agreement has a really special formula to it, which helps it trick customers — such long pages of somewhat controversial and ambiguous texts are perfect to distract users from the genuine senses hidden between the lines.

The Conclusion from Our OurSecretFlirts Review

Can’t stop waiting for impressive chats with hot women from Eastern European countries? Casual dating and hookups from Our Secret Flirts won’t help you anyway. Meteor Interactive B.V. is a long-term player in the market, so you will find several sites from the brand on the internet. It is a total scam that is capable of showing phony photos and fine print profile photos just to lure customers into a more addicted connection with the site. We sincerely recommend prospective members avoid committing this mistake and trust the data provided by this chat. Their efficiency is fake since the on-site operators are focused on achieving their own goals that don’t coincide with your true intentions.


  • Spending money could’ve resulted in an instant flirt with gorgeous women on the site. This site’s customers should’ve been able to communicate with fellow users with interest, fun, and pleasure. On the contrary, it is a total scam that lets you contact fake profiles only and requires more credits to cover the cost of its features.
  • This brand is officially registered and keeps creating dating websites. But we can’t consider it legal because of its regular fraud and scam activities. Free registration will lead to fake joy and excitement since you can only stay in touch with women with no physical contact or in-person meetings.
  • This dating portal has several features to be considered a website to meet another person and communicate pleasantly on the internet. In reality, such fake pleasures cost a lot of money and threaten your cyber security. Not only are customers able to search for fake profiles without difficulty, but also they risk losing their private account data like physical location, profile photos, and other pictures.
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