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The conclusion of our review on PassionateChat.com is obvious: it’s not worth your effort, nerve, and money since members are shamelessly cheated here.

Discovering Passionate Chat.com review details

The dating sites company bearing the name PassionateChat is designed in a restrained style to make it pleasant for a member. There is all the necessary information. You will find a step-by-step guide to creating your online dating profile. If you scroll down, you can see icons of a beautiful girl whose profile will be available after the coin plan. Many people find a lady they like and create an account at this stage. That will be a fatal mistake, though, leading to the loss of money.

Website Passionate Chat for online dating works under the protection of Meteor Interactive B.V. and the Netherlands. It is suitable for men who want to find a young woman for chatting and even meeting with a continuation on sex. Overall, the search is simple. The website is also suitable for gay and other non-formal people. There is no intimate subtext. But you can meet frank pictures friend of women, which causes an additional desire to chat and make a paid subscription.

Even though fake profiles on dating site of other users are a free fun club, its resources look pretty nice. There is also an opportunity to upload many pictures so you can be recognized closer. However, there are significant disadvantages, so we can’t advise you to create an account here.

Read more about dating site Passionate Chat explorer in the table below:

Company Meteor Interactive B.V.
Country Netherlands
Postal index and address 3542AW Utrecht
Mail [email protected]

The full search can take a while. It’s time to discuss creating a Passionate Chat account and what it hides. Is it really the best thing for talking about. Check it out further in this fun review for a member!

How the platform works – a thorough review

We immediately said that the free fun website is recognized as a fake. Here, any chat can give out its pitfalls, and you will immediately realize that you do not need to stay here any longer. However, the search for an interlocutor is fast. To know the site from the inside, you need to create your own page. You need it to open chat and start your first fake passion communication through apps of dating sites. And to create your profiles for physical contact, the following steps are required:

  1. Open the official Passionate Chat website.
  2. Enter your personal data through the computer on the best dating site. Specify your date of birth.
  3. Provide your phone number or email address.
  4. Confirm contact data with the sent confirmation code.
  5. Log in to the website and start your first fake passion chat with a conversation with a person and, in the future, it may lead to sex. Flirt in any form is available here.

It is recommended that you register for a member account right away. You will be invited to upload a photo and tell about yourself. Such form will be available to everyone, even those who have not created an account. This is a significant disadvantage, which is described in reviews on dating sites.

If you want to search for your interlocutor, create a profile page. You will not be able to upload pictures that you have in the gallery. It is necessary to pass the validation of the moderators. So you can not upload a fake photo of a cat or a celebrity. By this, the dating site Passionate Chat was trying to show that only real people are registered on the free website. But many reviews state the opposite.

In general, the free website is intentionally made in such format to attract people to the paid fake chat. Let’s take a closer look at the website features in this review, which can attract members to spend money.

Characteristics of PassionateChat

When describing the website Passionate Chat and chat itself, it is important to mention a few things for a member. For example, you can always configure search filters. This way, it will be possible to chat only with those living in the same region. It is relevant if there is a desire to meet or move from chatting to sex.

Therefore, you can find a match almost anywhere in the world here. Another advantage is that the location picks up potential fun partners nearby (the minimum distance is 1 km, but it can be expanded to several hundred kilometers).

Passionate Chat’s simple interface, the ability to attach profiles to Instagram (so you don’t have to upload a lot of fake fun photos), and to protect yourself from annoying members make this application seem one of the best for online dating. Yes, only mutually confirmed members can start a straight conversation with a person in chat and then have sex.

Let’s now compare the number of advantages and disadvantages. This way, you can better understand if this dating site is worth its time to start using all of its features, including fake chat. Find out all about it in our fun review!

Pros and Cons

We have gathered for you a list of the pros and cons of the website Passionate Chat, which arouse interest:

Unfortunately, the disadvantages of Passionate Chat are much more. Here is their list:

Of course, the prices have become a significant disadvantage of this fake site. Therefore, let’s talk more about pricing and whether the services offered are worth the money in our review!

Subscription prices

You will need to pay with virtual currency. It will be converted into a real message to access fake chat on dating site Passionate Chat. Many users have noticed that the rates are excessive, especially if we compare them to other sites. This factor is already alarming.

So let’s have a closer look at how many virtual fake currencies you need to buy credits for a conversation with a person on this dating site for online dating:

It takes a long time to make the payment if you want to buy credits from Passionate Chat or trial plans. There will be an additional fee. After that, it is worth wondering whether you need to buy credits again. As you can see, the financial policy of the fake website is questionable. These prices do not match the real services.

There are quite high prices for fake chat and viewing fake profiles. At the same time, any financial transactions are not secured and additional fees may be charged. If we start talking about security, let’s elaborate on that answer and discuss it below in the review. It is important to explore!

Safety & Security

There are increased risks of getting caught by fraudsters when sending messages on the fake dating site Passionate Chat. The data used to create your account is not protected. The website directly says that it can use the personal contact data of the members for its own purposes. In addition, we note another unpleasant point. It lies in the fact that your personal contact information can be changed without your knowledge. All this is described in the terms and conditions of fake websites. Let’s talk about them in the next section of the review.

Terms and conditions of the website

Here come the most important things about Passionate Chat. Besides fake profiles, it is easy to get caught by dishonest people. The following lines of the terms and conditions of websites will prove it:

We do not conduct any background or criminal checks in the service or other investigations of members, some of whom may be sex criminals, fraudsters or other undesirable and could be potentially dangerous to you. We are not responsible for the conduct or content of any members. We reserve the right, but have no obligation, to monitor or intervene in disputes between you and other members.

You should also pay attention to this point:

We do not verify accounts for authenticity and are not responsible for any unauthorized accounts that may appear on the service. In any dispute regarding account creation or authenticity, we shall have the exclusive right, but not the obligation, to resolve such dispute as we deem appropriate, without prior notification from service.

There will be links below with details of the terms and conditions. As you can see, the fake browser is almost not responsible for anything that happens on it. It does not protect its users additionally. We, therefore, propose to proceed to the conclusion of the review!

Source: https://www.passionatechat.com/agreement

Conclusion from our review of PassionateChat.com

At the end, we want to state unequivocally that the browser is considered to be fake. There are plenty of fake links presented here. You can not get your money back if you change your mind about continuing the cooperation with the dating site. There is no protection of personal data. And the operators of the fake site do not want to help the members. Be careful and think twice before you pay the virtual currency!


  • It is a dating site promising mountains of gold to naive young members. There are many fake profiles here and an expensive subscription isn’t worth it. It is managed by Meteor Interactive. This dating site offers chat with an option to move to physical contact, which is impossible though thanks to bots prevailance.
  • No. There are a lot of fake profiles on this site. There is no security for the registered members. This site doesn't protect the rights of buyers, just luring them in purchasing a scam subscription.
  • Yes. This scam site is full of fake profiles. There is a non recurring interface and expensive scam subscription plans.
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