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Do you want to find the real women of your dreams to please them and spend money on them? Are you looking for cool dating sites for that? In that case, our free reviews will help you not to get caught on a fake website. Read below to find out the whole truth about PickYourFling.com.

A brief description of the website PickYourFling.com

Before you register, you need to know the main points about fake dating sites with a chat. It is regulated by the scandalous company Meteor Interactive B.V., which had long been caught on scam. The website is not of high quality, suggesting to go straight to the fake register procedure. There is no way to look inside and find out what members can get.

The website with the chat itself provides only a huge list of scam terms of use. Only a few people read them, and that is not good. It is possible to write to the website support but it may take weeks to answer. In general, there are women of different ages for scam. Dating sites are suitable for men over 18 years old, because minors are not allowed to join it. The site is suitable only for communication in fake chat. How does the platform work and what can we expect from it? Read more in our free reviews!

Company Meteor Interactive B.V.
Address Savannahweg 17
Support email [email protected]
Country Netherlands

How PickYourFling.com works

This one belongs to fake dating sites where there are a huge number of bots. Every second women on this site send a fake message to some naive men. The main total scam is paid subscription. You cannot communicate in chat without it. But you have to spend a lot of money on fake profiles.

All scam photos and profiles are designed according to the same pattern. There are rarely any real women. Most of them are specially programmed machines to send template fake answers. Pay attention to the fact that your personal data may not be protected. This once again confirms that dating sites like this are fake.

You need to register to understand how it all works from the inside on a website with a chat. Let’s analyze in detail the algorithm of personal account creation on the website to better get the essence of total scam. It will be interesting!

You can register in the scam free application through Facebook, a Google account or just via your phone number. After that, dating sites remind you about the importance of authenticity of data in the account, ask you to remember about security and not to share private information, treat your interlocutors with respect and report the unworthy behavior of others.

The process on Pickyourfling is as follows:

  1. Open the official scam website for dating.
  2. Select your registration method.
  3. Enter personal information.
  4. Check the privacy terms and policies.

Note that other members and fake profiles will not be able to see your photos. Only those who have become members of an online dating website. This may be the only advantage of meteor interactive. The rest of the comments says that you cannot find real women. Here you can communicate only with fake bots, even if you spend money on these scam dating sites.

What else is important to know about scam dating sites with beautiful women? Let’s go over the visual layout and the main features of the website for dating.

Characteristics of PickYourFling.com

A significant advantage is that if you purchase the paid features, you can cancel it. The website has an option to cancel a scam subscription. Any adult encounter can be suspended on your personal profile page. Click on the heart icon to open an account and cancel your subscription. There should be be an automatic deduction, which isn’t always the case.

The other thing worth talking about is the nice pictures. Although other sites may post erotic photos, here it is checked. Uploading a fake gallery is subject to scam moderation. It takes about two working days. It’s not a waste of time, but an elaborate security step.

We’ve searched for hundreds of advantages, but there is nothing else to add except that. The rest counts as totally scam. If the photos of women are not recurring, the forms for dating are almost the same for everyone. You will get a template and pre-prepared answer in the chat from fake profiles.

Now let’s talk more about the advantages and disadvantages to understand all the specifics of scam website online dating. It will be useful for you if you are looking for women.

Pros and Cons

Let’s talk about the advantages of website online dating here, which are not numerous:

However, the disadvantages are as follows:

As you can see, in general, the scam service for fake dating is not good. Let us now find out how much money you will have to pay for it. This is an important point to understand if this service is worth your effort. Read it in our reviews below!

The cost of credits on PickYourFling

Let’s find out the price of fake credits the only character has to pay to access the scam website online dating:

This scam dating site is constantly changing the cost of fake credits. You often have to pay more money for credits to date. Considering there is no subscription, which can save money, you have to pay more than on the other similar site. Don’t waste time on total scam!

It is necessary to give a certain amount of credits for all messages in chat. When they run out, you will need to fill up the fake balance again for messages. It is important to constantly monitor the credits so you can buy them with real money. Sending messages in chat will not be available unless you have enough credits on your balance. It is annoying, especially during communication. And non recurring payments may get repetitive!

You will send messages in chat and pay each time with your purchased fake credits. In your profile there will be information, where the date of purchase of scam credits will be fixed. You will be able to roughly understand how much money is spent on your messages in fake chat.

In general, there is almost everything paid for fake dating. You can get members only if you pay a lot of money. Now we will tell you about how members are cheated. Let’s talk about safety of the fake site and whether you should spend money here. This will be helpful for members to avoid total scam.

Safety & Security

Today Meteor Interactive B.V. for fake dating is not safe for their members. There is little real profile and almost all lead you to buy credits.

Besides the payment, which has become a total scam, we got many answers after reading the terms of use of this fake dating site. It turned out to be informative.

Terms and conditions of the site

A large number of fake profiles caused doubts about the honesty of the resource. That is why we decided to re-read their terms and conditions in full. After that, it became clear why the owner decided to fill the pages of sites with fake profiles and attract members there.

It is worth paying attention to the following lines:

The profiles are fictional, and your interactions will be with operators.

You can purchase Credits for the Service, From time to time, you may be permitted to purchase premium usage permissions (e.g., credits, points, and/or virtual currency) or optionally for virtual items (e.g., badges, avatars, emojis, graphic items, etc.) made available on the Service, all of which are, as permitted by applicable law, have no monetary value (i.e., are not a cash account or equivalent), and are purchases of only a limited, non-exclusive, revocable, non- assignable, non-descendible, personal, and non-transferable license to make use of those subject to the Additional Terms that are ascribed to them from time-to-time, which Additional Terms may change after purchase and are solely within our discretion.

Source: https://www.pickyourfling.com/agreement

Therefore, the site admits they will charge you huge money for talking with fictional characters, but who cares? Unless you read the terms attentively, which is a rare thing amidst users thirsty for entertainment, you will find pleasure in talking to bots. Now that you know the truth, think twice before deciding to to register on PickYourFling.

It’s time to make a conclusion about such fake sites, to understand whether you need these strings attached conditions and more credits.

The conclusion from our reviews of PickYourFling.com

PickYourFling for dating is a fake and scam. This online dating service will not give you any pleasure. You will not meet a real person you can talk to. Other members find it boring and it does not make sense to be on the site. You will not reach the main goal of finding real women. You can only talk to fake bots for money. Non recurring plans turn out to be recurring!

If you fill in cell text with personal information during registration, there is no guarantee that it will be protected by confidentiality rules. The chat offered does not live up to expectations. You will meet women in the fake chat who have prepared text messages in advance. There is a high chance that the bought credits will simply be lost. Make your own conclusions, but we definitely don’t recommend that you deal with fake sites!


  • This is a special fake sites that offer to buy credits for talking in their chat to fictitious members. According to the claims of the sites, there should be girls here for dating. By the fact of writing the review, it was determined that it is a scam.
  • No. Sites don't work legally. There are a lot of fake profiles and only a few real person accounts. You can send messages in chat only to fictional entertainers profiles. In addition you need to buy credits all the time. And personal data of members is not protected.
  • Yes. There are a large number of fake profiles on sites that bilk to buy credits for every messages in chat. This is a real robbery and scam. It is almost impossible to meet a real person. At the same time, the site encourages people to buy more credits.
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