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Searchingforsingles members are regularly getting scammed by this platform and cannot get in touch with real matches that are merely absent on the site.

What is SearchingForSingles?

Searchingforsingles is a dating website focused on providing its services to people from the United States. There is no certain age range, because you are free to find here 18+ people, and even a lot of senior users that want to find their dating solutions. However, it would be great if at least one profile on this scam site was real. It is an obvious scam that we managed to discover.

This resource is focused only on the creation of fake promises and is held by the company, which you can find by the following details:

Company Name Hellerman Limited
Company Address 29 Cooper Road, London, NW10 1BG, United Kingdom
Phone number 1 (888) 654 4513
Email address [email protected]

If you want to meet like minded adults in an exciting place, you will be limited by a lot of factors. Searching for singles doesn’t let you contact other people looking for real connections. Moreover, you cannot see their good photos either.

But let’s go on with our review and learn more about the main points of working with Searchingforsingles.

More Details about SearchingForSingles

When you first visit Searchingforsingles, you see the registration window. It is pretty simple, but we should also consider their landing page. It contains a lot of different information so that it really looks like the website is a respectful dating platform. They even let you read their privacy policy and terms, which looks like they are frank. But this is just a fake illusion of a proper website. Let’s talk more about Searching for singles registration first.

Though it was rather simple, it took a lot of time. And you have to include such information for completing the registration process in this app:

To start chatting with local singles in the hope of building a promised long-lasting union, you will have to provide this data. Yet, don’t let Searchingforsingles fool you. Building a union is not an option on this scam site, because it is focused only on deception. The website registered at hellerman limited address uses a discreet policy in order to create borders for anybody who joins this website for real dating purposes.

Interested why? Let’s talk about the features of this app. What do you get when you register?

Main features of SearchingForSingles

When you go to this website for the first time, you will recognize how laggy it is. It takes 5 minutes to download it fully, and we were literally afraid to press any button. But we saw a lot of profiles, and a notification about receiving a message from some Searchingforsingles members came only 30 seconds after we visited the website. This is something new in our review career.

Low-quality images of every single woman looked wild. Every single photo was too photoshopped. Girls’ locations were hidden, there was nothing to explore, and these girls didn’t make us wish to start talking to them.

It was already suspicious, and we decided to examine profiles properly. We instantly felt something fake in these women, especially when we realized that the vast majority of them had only 1 photo on their profile pages. But when we opened our inbox, we saw that they started spamming!

They started sending a lot of scripted messages that included a “What would you choose” question. We immediately recognized this strategy. This way, admins tried to show us that the website was user-friendly, and that the average member would face here a friendly attitude, but they started baiting us to buy their credits.

It looked like a pathetic attempt to make us buy a premium package. There was no intrigue, and the majority of questions were made up like t made up by a kid. Then we decided to go deeper and examine other features of searching for singles.

Are there at least some advantages?

If this website was legit, we could have found some advantages. But this site is a scam, and there are only fake profiles. Even something that might look interesting here will be counted as a real minus, due to the fact that this beneficial feature will be used for scamming average users. Of course, somebody can tell that opportunity to create a Searching for singles account for free will come as a benefit. But it comes as a challenge to register for free on the platform that is aimed at abusing users’ trust, don’t you think so?

First of all, the profiles. They look fake. It is obvious that the owners of the site tried to complete them better, but they didn’t put enough effort into making the pictures of ladies look natural. Many of them look like they were just stolen from someone’s Facebook page. Pretty pathetic. And what is more important, in our review we never saw a website where all the photos are hidden. Buying credits is the only option to have at least visual contact with the woman you like. Searching for singles review came to a new level.

Secondly, the site is extremely slow. We saw that admins put a lot of effort into making the site look good, but Searchingforsingles has poor hosting, so they cannot properly operate all the resources they have. It is also not enough to register on Searching for singles. You also have to start buying credits to have an opportunity to at least send messages here. It will be almost impossible to contact other people for free.

And one more disadvantage is their payment system. Let’s discuss it in detail.

How high the prices on the website are?

There is a simple credit system on the site. Get a subscription or a membership, or just packages with messages. But here comes a nuance. You have to pay for messages directly, though some features are still locked, and you have to unlock them somehow. Spending messages on unlocking profile pictures? Sounds weird.

But the prices are even worse. You have to spend a lot to get at least minor chatting features:

Paying a dollar for a message? That is nonsense. Imagine having a live chat with a woman. You will send at least 50 messages in only one try, and that will cost you $50. This is disgusting. The creation of a proper image makes people believe that they can really find their love here. But after users enter their contact information on this website, they literally cannot unsubscribe.

And even though we knew the risks, we decided to experience this unlimited access and buy credits to explore the website.
But when we paid, all these members disappeared. They just stopped replying! We spent $35 to try dating here, and that wasn’t successful. Everyone ignored us. We checked the site for several days, and no one visited our profile. This is sad, especially when we realized that many senior users might try Searchingforsingles to find their match. But at least, our account wasn’t deleted.

And what about their security and support? Maybe they could have helped us?

How does SearchingForSingles ruin its security?

There is no support team. Well, maybe some operator of Searchingforsingles support exists, but he also ignored us. And our messages didn’t contain anything filthy or awful. Just a simple and polite greeting.

But when we tried to reach the support, we saw that other $20 were taken from our test account. And then we understood that they just stole our banking data! Yes, to pay for these messages, you have to enter all the data on their site. And they just took our money!

Of course, realizing that the site is focused on a one-time scam, we are not sure that they will blackmail users, but some people claimed in report and review that these bots asked them about their marital status, which was really suspicious. But maybe Searchingforsingles has an explanation for such actions?

Justification of SearchingForSingles scam

Scrolling through the terms and conditions of Searchingforsingles, we saw that they are using a basic template that is just focused on taking all the responsibility off. Here is what they say:

We do not conduct any background checks, criminal checks, or identity checks on any of our website’s users.

Source: https://www.searchingforsingles.com/terms-and-conditions

In fact, it means that this resource is just created for scamming users, and they will never take care of people who would like to try dating via their resource. There is no proof that you are talking to a real woman or other members who are sane, and you have to accept that when registering on Searchingforsingles!

The Conclusion About SearchingForSingles

Searchingforsingles is a scam site that will just take your time and money. If we compare it to other scam companies, this one is truly greedy. It will just steal your money and will take extra funds for their messages. All you receive with Searching for singles is an overpriced opportunity to see low-quality photos and send messages.

Such scam websites can send you messages with links, using fake accounts. Literally, they make you buy credits to have an opportunity to talk to a fake woman. Searching for singles try to use the official image, use a protected link, and give people free registration. All this is to have more new profiles created. Therefore, you should read reviews and comments from fair users to recognize this scam.

If you want to keep your funds in safety, avoid Searchingforsingles. This site is nothing but a complete fraud that will never grant you desired dating experience, because it will even take away your opportunity to contact real women.


  • Searchingforsingles is a dating resource that is focused on scamming users via juicy chats with fake members and poorly compiled profiles.
  • Searchingforsingles is an insufficient dating site that has nothing in common with legitimacy. This site is focused on scamming users and stealing their money. All the services they sell are fully fake and costly.
  • Searchingforsingles is a scam app that provides you with only fake services. This resource sells overpriced and useless credits that common users will never be able to use to their benefit and real life meetings.
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