A serious person — a serious relationship
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A serious person — a serious relationship

A serious person — a serious relationship

The life of a «bachelor» can be interesting and full of bright moments but eventually, it will become dull for you. When it happens, you start thinking about having a family and a lifetime partner. Usually, people face two main problems in this situation: they either have no time or no opportunities. The reason is that when you are not in a relationship for a long time, you are getting older and losing a lot of time that is necessary for building a close-knit family and mindful, healthy relationship.

How can you know where to search for a partner if you haven’t done this before? People begin to panic and make a lot of mistakes, which is not appropriate. This may lead to significant problems, so you’d better do everything properly if you don’t want to have such a headache.

The best way to do this is to ask professionals to help. In our case, professionals are special online services that allow you to find partners for long-term, marriage-minded relationships and communicate with them as well. Sites for dating provide users with possibilities you will never find in real life. Thanks to this, you can find the best partner for you without leaving your home. Isn’t it exciting?

Prepare yourself

To be able to build a serious relationship that can lead to marriage and the creation of a family, you must realize and understand the meaning of a committed relationship.

This is not a way to please yourself and get satisfaction — it’s a long path full of new emotions, complications, and exciting moments. It’s constant work, and the result of this work is a new enjoyable life filled with love. To prepare yourself for this path, you have to go through all the stages from social aspects to self-improvement.

Don’t underrate the role of finances in the relationship. You have to have a stable financial situation to afford to have a family. You also have to be healthy and full of energy to be ready to deal with possible issues. Begin with small steps to make it to the end of the path. What do you want from your relationship? What can you offer to your partner? Analyze your life situation and decide what you have to do next.

Types of love in relationships

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Did you know that love has different types too? This information is not quite popular, which is very sad because knowing the types of love can help you define whether your relationship is developing in the right direction or not. When you can’t really realize what is going on, you can’t avoid troubles, which may lead to horrible consequences. In order not to waste your precious time, make yourself familiar with the following facts:

There are 8 love types: philia, pragma, storge, eros, Ludus, Mania, Philautia, Agape. They differ from each other by two criteria — the emotions you feel and the catalyst that causes a certain type of love. Not all of them suit mindful relationships. Not to waste your time describing all of them, let’s just take a look at those that are good for building a long-term relationship and those that won’t allow you to achieve success, no matter what happens.

The rest of them we will just mention once again just to let you define signs of a serious relationship.

Let’s begin with the most obvious one — Eros. This is the type that is described as romantic love, and its catalyst is the body. Eros can lead to something more serious but usually, it confuses people because they feel a love crush and think it’s exactly what they need, but as soon as the feeling of a crush is gone, everything begins to destroy. Usually, Ludus precedes this type.

What concerns Mania, this is the type you should be afraid of. It’s characterized by egoism, paranoid behavior, and no trust. If you notice that your partner deals with personal issues, you should take a break and try to figure out the reasons to fix the situation in the future.

Pragma is the most wonderful type that is common for long-term relationships. To reach this type you have to put some amount of effort in building your relationships. Philiat, Philautia, and Agape, in the majority of cases keep you on the same level, which means no progress. The last type is Storge and it’s an unpredictable one.

Types of relationship

Not everyone wants to have a committed relationship, but these people also feel the need for love and sexual life. This is the reason why many people don’t mind casual dating and one-night-stand partners. However, there are situations in our life when you can eventually fall in love with a person you have a «no strings attached» relationship with.

Usually, it’s a common problem for women because they are more into family life than men. And so their favorite question is: can casual relationships become serious? The answer is yes, but it’s not a common situation. In the majority of cases, it happened when both partners wanted this deep inside their souls but couldn’t confess this or were limited by some circumstances. The most possible variant is when Eros turns into Philia.

A serious relationship dating site

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Look at the number of possible complications connected with building a committed relationship. This can make you feel dizzy a bit. On the other hand, all of them can be solved with the help of dating services. How? The reason is that the core of these difficulties is the impossibility to find the right person.

If you would be able to find the most suitable partner, it would help you avoid such complications. On the internet, the range of possibilities is much wider and it allows you to achieve success at a 100% chance. Here you can communicate with partners from other countries, which removes distance boundaries and allows you to learn more about other cultures.

Getting started

Dating services are nothing but regular websites with user-friendly interfaces and nice designs. Navigation is simple, and all elements are usually made in minimalist style. For quick start you need to visit a site, click on the sign-up button and create a free account.

This procedure is super straightforward, which means you will not waste any time here. Enter your name, birthdate, gender, and preferences. This is the very beginning of your love journey. After registration, you will be able to start searching for partners using free features available for all users.

Searching and special features

The search is the main and the most outstanding feature of the entire phenomenon of online dating. It’s even hard to express how cool this feature is. With the help of the search, you can obtain a 100% matching accuracy.

It’s a chance to find an ideal match for every member. Even though there are thousands of registered users on a site, it’s not that efficient with the search. You can browse manually, but it will take eternity to find your true love unless you are very lucky one.

The working principles of this tool are based on members’ personal data. Every user has a profile page that should be filled with various facts and parameters about oneselfs. When someone performs the search, he or she chooses filters to apply and look at who meets such a request. Open a profile of the person you liked to read additional information and browse photos.

The search makes it possible to filter all the thousands or even millions of users to figure out which one is your dream-partner. It doesn’t require time or effort — just set the function by applying filters and get to know who is your future partner.

This seems unreal without technology. In real life, you need to find a single person first, then spend a lot of time making out with him or her, trying to realize if you suit each other or not. And only after many attempts you will probably find the one you really fall in love with.

Life hacks and advice

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It’s hard to tell you about everything in such a short article, but our task is to provide you with as much information as possible. So here are some useful tips on how to use dating services properly. This will save you a great amount of time and make it easier for you to reach your goals:

  • Pay attention to your profile. Your personal page is the only place on the internet where people can read about you and your history. So it’s really essential to make your profile complete, interesting, and catchy.
  • Set your goals. As it has been mentioned, you have to prepare for relationships. And it also concerns dating platforms — think about the strategy you will use, your aims, and your necessities. If it’s not your first serious relationship, analyze the previous experience.
  • Borders. You should not accept something just because you are tired of searching or want to make it faster. You are here to find the best relationship that will be filled with true love, so go big or go home.
  • Be positive. Positive vibes make this world better, and you have to remember about this when you talk to other members. Your mood plays a significant role in how things will go.
  • First message. This is the aspect people usually do not pay enough attention to. Your first message, the way you say «Hi» is important because it’s the first impression. Try to make it funny and creative to make people want to continue communicating with you.


If you need help in finding a partner, just come and say «I want a serious relationship». We will be glad to help you with your task. Join the best dating services on the internet and enjoy features that can help you find a partner one day.The knowledge about how to build a lasting love relationship is a guarantee of success, so use this information wisely.

We want to make people happier and provide them with the tools to reach their goals. If you’ve been thinking about the best way to find a soulmate or you’ve been wondering what true love is, now you know all the answers, so you are good to go. Share this information with your friends even if they are already in relationships, maybe some useful facts from this article will help them avoid relationship problems as well.

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