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Don’t contact other users if you aren’t sure about the site’s credibility — that’s the best advice for the SimpleFlirts.com website fans.

The SimpleFlirts.com Website Background: What Is It and Who Is It For?

When users realize their need to stay in contact with like-minded individuals in a highly discreet and flexible environment, the Meteor Interactive company welcomes such prospective members to its casual dating site. Like in the case of other websites from the brand, you can join them and utilize dating services on the go and at your earliest convenience — this interface is a fully responsive design on desktop, mobile, and laptop devices.

Styled for non-stop conversations, the overall accessibility of the SimpleFlirts.com website is amazing. The only exception is when the users’ age doesn’t suit the on-site requirements — only mature relationships. Members older than eighteen years old are common to encounter here, but there are plenty of profiles of women in their thirties and forties too. Don’t mind these age gaps since user profiles let members review the other person’s traits and predict whether the chemistry between the two is possible.

Company Meteor Interactive B.V.
Address Lorentzweg 22-A? 2964LN Groot-Ammers, the Netherlands
Phone-Hotline non-available
E-Mail [email protected]

Our experts couldn’t miss a chance to check the performance of such a promising site. Let’s roll into this review and see what our research results are. Onwards!

Review in Detail: Registration and Fake Services at the SimpleFlirts.com Website

While fake profiles are created by employees of the SimpleFlirts.com website, other members have to register for this casual dating solution on their own. Here are the details to review:

Websites with free registration are common, but a few of them manage to satisfy their visitors with exclusive solutions with real contacts to women with no fake profiles. This isn’t the case.

The Functionality of the SimpleFlirts.com Website App: Special Features and Services

Casual dating with other members will be complicated by profile settings on the SimpleFlirts.com website. This environment lets interested users search for fellow women registered on the site with ease. Members can choose their age and other parameters of their search. What’s more, buying credits on the website will free you from awkward moments during first dates — you can get to know the person in advance.

When we visited this app to get more details about its usability, we realized that its advancements could be helpful for modern online daters:

On the contrary, we had to pay attention to the quality of profiles and noticed a lot of fake accounts. Our experts tried to dive deeper into this matter and found more fake pictures than real ones. What’s more, soon after registration, we started receiving fake messages from bots. The site could also forward our online presence to other websites through hidden malware links in the domain.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the SimpleFlirts.com Website

We can’t say that the SimpleFlirts.com website is absolutely hopeless — it could have become a nice internet media source to contact women. If users want to become new members, they get access to:

Instead, each and every feature on the SimpleFlirts.com website comes hand in hand with its fake alternative that ruins the quality of the domain:

Of course, we should never forget about fake accounts and fake messages here. They apply numerous opportunities to increase their number — from stealing and customizing fake pictures to utilizing bots for creating and distributing fake messages.

The Cost of Membership on the Simple Flirts App

Compared to other internet sources for hanging out with ladies online, the pricing policy doesn’t seem the worst. However, when new members visit the domain and pay attention to how much each of the features costs, it becomes clear — this community creates fake details just to rip off money of its end users.

To chat with operators of fake profiles, you should purchase one of the packages below:

Please don’t forget that you have to cover the cost of sending fake messages, accessing fake photos, and more details about fellow fake accounts. This makes such experiences absolutely ridiculous.

Safety & Security Issues

Unlike SimpleFlirts, legitimate operators please their members with a thorough backup of their activities within the system. In this case, we didn’t expect any SSL protocols or data encryption. In turn, information leaks and related breaches of your cyber security would be regular issues to review and solve.

We also noticed that such a great number of fake accounts could make people underestimate other problems. When you get tons of fake messages from fake profiles and third parties, you might skip overcharges and unauthorized money-related details. Users can’t even file a complaint because these funds are non-refundable, and registered visitors have to acknowledge that before paying.

From the Terms and Conditions Section

The best way to identify whether members will encounter fake profiles on the dating website or not is to check its policies. There are lots of hints hidden — prospective users just need to pay attention to details. The following abstracts from its terms and conditions will clarify why it isn’t worth paying a visit to this domain ever again:

You [acknowledge] that this is a fantasy entertainment Service and that the profiles are fictional and your interactions will be with operators.”

We do not conduct background or criminal record checks on users, or verify their identity, and you accept all risk of interacting with people via the Service.

You grant us a broad license to the content you submit and to your profile. You retain ownership of and responsibility for your content. We have the right to manage our Service to keep its content appropriate.

We assume no responsibility or liability for users’ profile material. Profile Pages may only be set up by an authorized representative. We do not review Profile Pages…

Source: https://www.simpleflirts.com/agreement

SimpleFlirts is full of fakes — starting with its fake profiles to fake messages from fake operators, users won’t be able to distinguish one from another. The best decision would be to walk out of this world of fake solutions, but the app is also ambiguous about the opportunity to proceed. Registered members should contact the team, which is a complicated thing, especially taking into account how rarely they answer new comments.

The Conclusion from Our the SimpleFlirts.com Website Review

For experts in the market, Meteor Interactive has already become a self-explanatory company. We have yet to identify any real solution from them. Other reviews have shown that these operators are skilled in creating fake profiles and luring real members into subscription traps to lose huge sums of money. This scam for end users is a good sample of what to avoid to succeed in meeting your significant other. If you don’t want to deal with fake messages and fake casual dating, the SimpleFlirts.com website is definitely not your partner.


  • The SimpleFlirts scam might identify casual dating for its members as fake profiles and endless fake messages. With so many fictional users, other features of the domain don’t make sense — the quality of messages, profiles, and other communication functions.
  • Casual dating for end users of the portal is limited to fake messages and hired professionals to trick you. Apart from cooperation with animators, there are other features that can help you define it as a wrong move. On the contrary, the public information about the site and its owner doesn’t signify its legitimacy and suitability.
  • A lot of performance aspects on the portal are fake. The fact that it is a total scam is confirmed by former members of the community, who highlighted the abundance of fake profiles, fake photos, fake messages, and other phony elements. It is an officially registered brand, but modern online guidelines don’t restrict such scammers. It is up to customers to consider what portal is worth their attention, time, and money. The site is expected to exist in the upcoming years as well, so it is important to increase people’s awareness of its scams.
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