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The StripBang website popularity isn’t deserved since the true nature of this https connection is a malware domain with fake profiles.

StripBang Background: What Is It and Who Is It For?

With free registration and advanced search tools on the site, you can open any browser on the internet and have fun while meeting exciting encounters on the page. Registered users of the chat can easily leave comments, share in-chat links, and keep talking about any appealing topic to establish great relationships between the two.

You don’t have to focus on committed communication formats — don’t hesitate to discover this page and date other members casually. The ratio between male and female accounts is approximately the same, and the gap between different age categories is significant, varying from twenty-five to fifty years old.

Company Ibilley LTD
Address 15 Bromet Close, Watford, Hertfordshire WD17 4LP
Phone-Hotline +1-855-787-4706
E-Mail There is a live chat option, but it is recommended to contact its operators via email.

Our first impression of the site was positive. However, it didn’t take long to change for the opposite — there are so many negative reviews about the platform that doubt its legit nature and help interested parties pay more attention to such reports and protect their future love stories. This time, we would like to determine the website’s rating and check its efficiency. Let’s get it started!

Review in Detail: Registration and Fake Services at StripBang

It takes a few seconds to satisfy your curiosity and become one of those parties interested in dating assistance from the analyzed website:

The distinguished dating project doesn’t check the origin and credibility of email addresses, so it isn’t a problem to use a fake one. After registration, you can’t check the dating life on the site right away. You will need to provide your card details and purchase a full membership.

The Functionality of StripBang App: Special Features and Services

The efficiency of such websites on the internet depends on how well they execute classic dating performances and satisfy members’ needs in divergent search tools, free registration, and so on. For people who choose this subscription over others, we have bad news. During our stay on the site, we communicated with several fake profiles. The degree of scams varies from conversation to conversation, but there are accounts that wouldn’t irritate to comment on quite pleasantly. But it is a rare case.

In other scenarios, our experts survived various scams — from constant begging for gifts to financial assistance requests. In many reviews, former members of the platform ranked this service a bit higher because of its advanced communication formats such as video messages.

Advantages and Disadvantages of StripBang.com

Your touch to searching for ideal members on this internet-based dating organization won’t cause an explosion, but the emotions will be similar. Such websites tolerate their mistakes and decide the destiny of visitors (and commonly without prior notice and their consent at all). The informativeness of the interface is restricted to advertising third-party solutions. In the terms and policies of the team, enthusiasts can even find data about its pricing ranks. When we just used its features, this chat didn’t seem that bad. Once our experts summed up all the drawbacks and benefits, it turned out that the balance between scams and non-fake data is drastically ruined.

The Cost of Membership on the StripBang App

With promising exciting encounters, the StripBang website popularity is still increasing. The problem is that its scams aren’t detected at the very beginning. Compared to other websites on the internet, this low-ranked portal has flexible pricing strategies. It means discounts, coupons, and incentives aren’t restricted to the free registration via a chosen browser:

Safety & Security Issues

It isn’t a problem to maintain a good internet connection with such websites. Still, it isn’t always enough to ensure that the on-site performance won’t lag behind and be interrupted by endless popping-up messages. This subscription trap doesn’t add prestige to the portal and its place in our ranking, largely because of the ripping-off pricing strategies of the provider.

However, the lacking maintenance and moderation of the domain are a real threat. Even if your knowledge isn’t based on hands-on experience, it is clear that the organization’s operators have to verify accounts to minimize the number of fake profiles. We don’t even mention SSL protocols and other practices to cope with malware and bots. It is a pity to review scam subscriptions that could have become decent parties and recommended solutions in the online dating world.

From the Terms and Conditions Section

People don’t only rely on the original internet source to verify their impression of the site is true to life, and that’s where multiple subscription reviews found online come in handy. On the contrary, it is also crucial to be able to detect such issues on the main page. This way, you will be able to meet your significant other in real life too.

Based on the information we got from the company’s policies, people with created accounts decide to leave the distinguished dating website for a reason:

  • You acknowledge and agree that You, and not the [website], shall be solely responsible and liable for all damages, liability or other consequences, foreseen or unforeseen, of all information which You submit, publish, display, disseminate or otherwise communicate through the Website even if a claim for damages or liability should arise after termination of service.
  • You acknowledge that You understand that we cannot ensure nor do we make any representations or warranties regarding the security or privacy of information that You voluntarily provide to the [site] or any other website users and that You release its directors… and assigns from any and all liability and responsibility in connection with the use of such information.

On top of that, just imagine how the combination of these negative factors found in this subscription trap can influence your confidence and approach to talking with like-minded singles.

The Conclusion from Our StripBang Review

All in all, it has become a popular option for singles to opt for meeting like-minded soulmates on specialized websites with top positions on the rating. When enthusiasts find search websites, they are more focused on having fun than reading the reviews about money-related policies of the site or former users’ comments about the overall performance.

Pursuing prompt results doesn’t always pay it off. With this professional report, it is as simple as ABC to verify the dating status of StripBang scams. We can suggest the following: no matter how much money you invest, maintain your awareness about what legit dating performances are and match those impressions to other discoveries in the market.


  • These operators ensure your dating world isn’t limited to committed relationships between men and women. Interested parties are welcome to spend money on exclusive dates with like-minded singles and create partnerships based on mutual passions and kinks. Unfortunately, we had to deal with a lot of injustice on the website, including difficulties in canceling pricing plans and the ability to leave the chat on time.
  • The number and variety of dating sites in the world are only increasing, so it is crucial to stay aware of what great solutions are. Not only does the analyzed portal have a lot of negative reviews and comments, but also there are no documents and licenses to verify the value and prestige of the target digital dating institution.
  • Our team can’t help but highlight the abundance of scam details in this report, and plenty of fake profiles won’t be the only challenge. Based on our experience in the domain, there are extremely lacking cyber protection measures, which results in this low rank of the website for any members.
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