Top US dating sites 2021
Sofia Date

Top US dating sites 2021

Top US dating sites 2021

Picking a dating site isn’t easy nowadays despite the variety of such services on the internet. There are a lot of cases of a scam as well as many disappointments and thousands of dollars spent for nothing. If you are eager to date but are afraid because you have no idea how to pick a proper service, check the list of top dating sites for marriage and make the right choice.

1. Sofia Date

Sofia Date
Sofia Date

SofiaDate is our choice number one. This is an international dating site where American men can find Slavic women for dating and marriage. First of all, the design of the service is very user-friendly and pleasant. You do not have to spend a lot of time on registration. The good news is that you can sign up just using your Google or Facebook account, unlike on many other sites where you need to pass a long and exhausting verification procedure. is on the list of top online dating sites thanks to their prices and services. It is necessary to admit the cost of services is ridiculous compared to other dating sites even in our list of top American dating sites. You will need to purchase a certain amount of credits and pay with them on the site.

The good thing about that dating site is that you don’t have to purchase a membership at once. After registration, you can use free credits for a text chat and a couple of messages. They are enough to learn how the site works and whether it suits you at all.

Besides, an exclusive feature is a lady’s videoshow. No other dating site features such an option, that’s why we definitely recommend that you try to use it. Moreover, you can view one video per day for free and enjoy natural Slavic beauty!

In general, your experience is very positive. The site doesn’t have any bugs or glitches and works very fast. One of the best things about Sofia Date is their customer support. It is very fast, helpful, and responsive. You can be sure to get a reply to your questions in any situation.

What else did we like about All dating sites have a gift delivery. However, the variety of gifts on that site is really impressive. You won’t find such a range of gifts on any of the dating sites. Moreover, the prices for the gifts are very affordable and much lower than those on other dating sites.

Last but not least, you can make an arrangement for the meeting with a woman. We can truly include Sofia Date on the list of the top dating sites for marriage and grant it the first honorable place due to their excellent customer support, great services, low prices, and a huge range of gifts and special offers for new customers.

2. Ukraine Date

Ukraine Date

This is another dating site that allows foreign men to meet Ukrainian women and takes second place in the list of our top US dating sites. To sign up with this dating site, you should provide your gender, email address, location, and a phone number. The design of the site is very familiar to you. It looks like a very popular dating service and you can find lots of their branches. If you have ever used online dating, you will definitely recognize Ukraine Date and their well-known logo in the form of two hearts. The site belongs to Cupid Media that is definitely well-known to you.

Their pricing policy is nice. You will pay just $5 per your monthly subscription. It doesn’t include a lot of services. However, this payment is lower than on most top free online dating sites to utilize your profile and be able to access the messages. The fee is rather nominal.

All women on the site are eager to meet you, so the payment is definitely worth the subscription you pay which is very low. You might find it too good to be true, but most women are willing to travel to meet you. You know not all women in Ukraine will do it and as a rule, they require you to come to their city. Ladies on this site have no problem going to another city to meet you and this is a very pleasant bonus.

3. Romance Compass

Romance Compass

This is a huge corporation well-known to everyone. In fact, Romance Compass includes a range of other dating sites you could be using. You can join the site using your Facebook account or create a new one using your email address.

The good thing about Romance Compass is that you can see all the ladies’ profiles without even registering on the site. Thus, you can learn at once whether you want to use the site or not and whether the women in their database are worth your try or not.

The list of top dating sites cannot be full without this dating website. Many reviews about Romance Compass mention that they didn’t face any scams and the girls they have met were real and interested in a meeting.

The prices and fees are also not very high and quite pleasant. On that site, you can have a video chat and exchange messages at a very low cost. They also have a lot of special offers and discounts for their members.

Romance Compass has very responsive customer support that is always ready to solve your problems and answer your questions.

4. Best-matchmaking


If we are going to speak about top rated free dating sites, it is necessary to mention Best-matchmaking. Of course, it is not a free dating service and it requires a $199 monthly membership. However, the letters you can send are endless and there is no pay-per-letter system. All you do is pay for the membership and exchange endless letters within a month until your membership is valid.

The monthly package also includes 3 Skype calls 30 minutes each. Yes, you didn’t misunderstand. The peculiarity of that website is that you don’t have an online web-chat but a full-fledged Skype conversation with your woman. You see each other and hear. It helps make sure she really exists.

The monthly fee cannot be called the lowest in the market, however, you can at least send messages endlessly and are not limited at all. You can also order gifts for your lady, English classes, and even a romantic tour or special event.

One of the specific features on that site is that they do provide matchmaking services also. However, they cost more. Customer support is also of a very good level.

5. EHarmony


This dating site is well-known to everyone. Once you insert top free dating sites in your search, you will definitely see it popping up. However, it is not free but still very popular on the dating market. You may meet multiple reviews about this dating service on various review sites.

Eharmony offers equal chances to both men and women to find their match. If you live in Canada or the EU, you can join their affiliates specifically designed for these countries. Both men and women pay for their services. You can find a woman from any location, actually.

The membership fees are quite affordable and anyone can purchase it. You can easily meet a male or female in your area without traveling far away. The site was launched in 2000, which means that it’s been operating for 20 years now.

6. LadaDate

This dating site has a lot of good and helpful information on its blog. LadaDate contains a lot of profiles of beautiful Ukrainian women who are interested in a meeting with a foreigner. The registration on that dating site is free. You can search for a lady by her religion. Thus, you can choose a Christian, Catholic, or Muslim lady. You have a chance to date not only Ukrainian women but also look for interracial dating.

All reviews on Trustpilot are extremely positive. All users like the quality of their services, prices, and customer support. You can be sure to enjoy your experience with that dating site.

Top completely free dating sites

Now let’s see what kind of free dating sites you can use to succeed in your search for a life partner. Below, you will find free dating services that almost do not require any payments. Why almost? Well, you should realize that only social media are completely free when it comes to communication with members.

All dating sites you call completely free allow you to register for free and use some basic services. However, to enjoy a full range of options and features, you will anyways have to purchase a membership or some subscription. Thus, keep in mind a free dating site is a very relative notion and supposes rather a low subscription.



You have definitely heard about that dating service. The platform rather reminds of a social network and not a dating site. The registration on Badoo is totally free. You can create a profile and browse the profiles of other members for free. However, if you want to utilize a full range of services and enjoy your full experience on the site, you need to pay for your membership.

The cost is very reasonable and rather nominal but still, it’s necessary to purchase it. The reviews about this dating site are very different — from positive to negative. However, you shouldn’t count on the highest success on that website. It is full of ghost profiles, so if you are looking for a hookup, it would be ok and you will surely find it. When looking for a serious relationship, you may need to find something better.



We simply couldn’t avoid Tinder when speaking of top free dating sites. Who hasn’t used it? People from all over the world use that dating app to meet someone. Of course, you cannot call it a dating site in the best meaning of that word but it is a great dating app that doesn’t cost much.

Just like the previous site, Tinder requires purchasing a cheap subscription to enjoy a full range of services and options. Swipe left, swipe right, and approve or disapprove other profiles. The principle of this app is very simple.

The good thing about it is that it can be used by people from all countries. No matter whether you are looking for someone in your area or from another continent, you will find this person in its database. The number of profiles of singles is impressive. However, they say there are a lot of fake ones.

It means you need to be careful and make sure to get in touch with real people. Tinder gives a lot of options and doesn’t lose its popularity for ages. It’s no wonder while it is cheap and lots of people meet thanks to it. It might not be the best app for finding a serious relationship, but it is for sure great if you need a hookup or just friendship. Some people got married thanks to it as well, so it really works!



Another app that is included in our list of top free dating sites is Match. Just like other sites, it is not completely free and charges a relatively nominal fee for its membership. Of course, you can use it for free and join and see how things work. However, to use it on a long-term basis, you must pay.

The prices are as follows: nearly $30 per month if you pay for three months and $16.50 per month if you purchase a yearly subscription at once. That app is great for seekers from the UK and Europe mostly. If you are looking for a woman from Slavic countries, for example, it may be better to pick another service.

You are not obliged to pay for your membership, though. Free features include creating a profile with a photo, writing about your interests, and describing who you are looking for. Browsing profiles is also totally free. To get in touch with people, you will have to subscribe to a three-day trial. From time to time, they offer a 7-day trial period. If you don’t cancel your subscription before the trial expires, you will be charged for a membership.

As you see, there are a lot of nice dating websites, but if you want to meet faithful and mesmerizing ladies, you’d better register on SofiaDate and get in touch with the most exquisite and trustworthy Slavic beauties. Believe us, it is really a worthy experience!

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