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How to not get scammed when you try to experience dating? Don’t use Udates.io and you will spare yourself many misfortunes.

What Are The Main Things To Know About Udates.io?

When you only begin your cooperation with different dating resources, you need to make sure you are working with a legitimate service that will provide you with real dating possibilities and at least, talking to real members. In this respect, Udates is nothing but a mere fraud focused on luring users into an eternal subscription trap.
The U dates website is held by:

Company name SOL Networks Limited
Company location 71, Tower Road, SLM 1609, Sliema, Malta
E-mail address [email protected]

Never try to reach them because your messages to the support udates.io team will be ignored, just like your messages to the fake ladies on the site. But what about working with the website? Read on to learn more about registration.

How Does Udates Work: Starting Registration

When you first visit Udates app, it will be extremely hard to recognize the scam. The main reasons are a pretty average interface of a dating resource with local singles and simplicity of registration. Moreover, it is fully free. People are glad to hear about free services, because they don’t think that a dating app they use may be fake.
To create your dating profile, you just have to use:

Pretty average set, isn’t it? But this is just a great cover of a huge scam. Everything is made correctly, so you will never be able to recognize the scamming method. But we did.

We created an account for free, so now let’s talk about how this site deceives you.

The main features of Udates

Starting the work with the site, we could see that the profiles looked pretty natural. Even our expert sight was blurred with them. But that was just the beginning. We didn’t even take our time operating the site as bots and fake operators started spamming us with simple and pretty similar messages that asked for a conversation. We thought that we would have at least some sort of unlimited chat on U dates.

And we had a great option to send a first free message to make sure that everything was a scam. We decided to write some complete nonsense in order to receive a reaction. It comes as a nice solution to see whether the bots operators read the messages or not. And we had a brilliant proof that no, they don’t. Free message came as a perfect solution for seeing how fake this dating app is.

When we wrote about being chased by CIA and having not much time to find a lady, they simply asked us “So how’s your day honey?”, and asked for our phone number. It made us laugh. But we couldn’t stop and decided to donate. Of course, they gave us an opportunity to send messages to these fake profiles. But, in fact, it gave us even more motivation for spending money we had.

Before moving on with our review, let’s discover the main pros and cons of working with this resource.

Are there any benefits to this website?

Well, including the fact that this is just a scam site, we have to claim that there are no advantages found. Of course, you have a nice option to laugh at stupid bots that don’t even operate your messages correctly, but this is nothing. Maybe, having one message for free to make sure that U dates is fake comes as a nice solution, but most users will just buy coins to continue texting. The main advantage of this fake dating app is that it gives you an opportunity to chat any account here to make sure that you should quit this website.

The site is a fraud resource, and the main disadvantage of it is that it looks nice. This is not a regular site that looks like something illegal. It looks fully fine to bait more people who want to donate money. A demand to purchase coins appears, and people want to use this fake app to send at least one more message to a lady they like, having no idea that she is fake.

And they get nothing. This is cruel, because we know how many men and women would like to use this dating app in order to find some attention.

Udates.io pricing policy

The costs on the site are pretty average. You have to buy a premium subscription that might be fine for many users, but for such a scam site it means that you will be charged for these fake services regularly. The prices are the following:

Reading reviews of other users, we could see that buying a 3+ month package would cause you pay for all 3 months in advance. So you will pay $30 right ahead. Yes, after getting a free bait, this dating app will try to take everything from your bank account, and in most cases, it does it successfully.

And after paying $20 to them, we got no genuine service. The bots tried to send us some photos that didn’t load and said that “it was our turn to send them something.” This way, they just tried to steal more of our data to blackmail us further.

Security issues

If you want to start cooperating with Udates app, you will realize that this site has a huge number of security issues. This is not just about their scam, but about the security of your data. U dates dating app just screams that it wants to reach your bank account, and many users give them such option.

As for payment issues, you have to include your debit card to the integrated payment service in the app. This way, to continue dating, you have to tell one of the most important pieces of information about yourself. And there will be no surprise if people who created this dating app will steal everything from your bank account.

The site doesn’t even try to mask their true desires. This dating app wants to know everything about you. You cannot even complete the registration without including a profile photo. And after they know your appearance and know your possible name, via the e-mail you provide, they will just use this data to find you on social network and send you awful messages there. But maybe the site has something to tell about that?

Udates Terms and conditions

The site does not try to hide their policies and shows us how unfair their work is. Udates dating app terms say:

Member Communications. You are solely responsible for Your interactions with other Udates.io Members. Udates.io reserves the right, but has no obligation, to monitor disputes between You and other Members. Also Udates.io is not in any kind responsible for expectations, promises or truthfulness of any information of any Member.

Source: https://www.udates.io/terms-and-conditions/#

It means that they justify you being scammed and that you will never get at least some assistance. Well, including the fact that Udates is the one to scam you, the one, who steals everything from your bank account, there is no surprise that you will find no help in this dating app.

The Final Say

Udates is a scamming resource that has no idea about how genuine dating works. This site is just focused on taking your money and personal data to use it for their further benefits. Instead of making hearts fill with love, Updates makes users’ wallets empty.

If you want to stay safe and get a great dating experience, avoid Udates app. This is nothing but a scam that presents no real women, no single dates, and no free solutions to users.


  • UDates app looks like a nice resource where lonely hearts can find their loving matches. But taking a closer look at this site, we can see that this is nothing but a complete fraud with the only goal to spend all your savings on dubious chats with fake women members.
  • Udates is not a legitimate site that uses a lot of scamming methods to steal money and data of average users. This resource is focused on providing you with poor quality services combined with fake features.
  • Udates is an application which scams people. It uses profiles of fake women and bots to provide you with an illusion of real dating. This website steals money, time, nerves, and of course, your personal information.
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