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USA Bang Palace is a dating site where you are promised to find a mate or a partner for intimacy. Unfortunately, almost every profile is a fake.

Usabangpalace.com in a nutshell

Site USA Bang Palace is designed for dating young people as well as more mature users. Minimum age of members is 18 years old and location is the USA. Thanks to regional searches, it is easy to find a friend for socializing or a closer encounter. At the same time, access to the site is available from a computer browser or smartphone, as well as through an application.

There is all the information about the owner of the dating site on the portal. Access to the data brings positive emotions due to the fact that the owner is not trying to hide the basic info from users. But do not relax: we check absolutely all the nuances of the platform and come to a disappointing conclusion.

Company Info Media International A.G.
Address Baarerstrasse 133, 6300 Zug, Switzerland
Phone number
Email [email protected]

When visiting the site, everyone can find a companion for himself. It does not matter whether you are men or women. Sexual orientation has no importance. Here there are profiles of traditional partners, it is also possible to find a gay or lesbian. But dating often doesn’t turn into a relationship, just because you exchange messages with a fake profile. They are created for entertainment but play the role of real users. This is due to the fact that communication flows in a paid mode. The money is charged for each comment, so the owners need maximum activity from you.

These and other points are described in detail in our review. We have studied all the pros and cons of the platform so that our review could help you not to fall victim to this scam trap.

Details of registration at usabangpalace.com

Getting registered on the site USA Bang Palace is fast enough. It only takes a couple of minutes, and you will be one of the legal users of the platform. To have created account on the dating site, you need to specify:

Thanks to the medium length registration form, you will quickly fill out the form and complete the rest of the steps. You also need to go through identity verification. To do this, an email is sent to the specified email address. It offers links to the dating platform and data confirmation.

You can also use another way to create an account. The creators offer to synchronize the information through Google. But the method is only suitable if you have an account on the site.

At the end of the process, you will be able to identify people interested in talking to you. In their questionnaire some details are given, which will allow you to form a certain opinion about the owner of the profile on the website. If you want, you can start dating. But be aware that messages will not be sent for free. In addition, there are many fake profiles on the site, which are managed by bots or hired operators. This is discussed in the review, so you can avoid mistakes if you are attentive enough.

Characteristics of the USABangPalace website

USA Bang Palace is positioned as a convenient and safe resource for dating. It accepts adult users who are accountable for their actions. The site is interesting by its design. On the front page, the owners post pictures of gorgeous girls.

By visiting the dating site, you can quickly create a profile. The process is intuitive and does not require any experience. But keep in mind that the login and password should not be given to anyone. Otherwise, third parties will get personal information. But this does not mean that the information is secure. The conditions operating on a dating platform allow the creators to use personal data of the members for their own purposes.

Another trick is the presence of Digital Fantasy service. It is designed to increase activity among visitors, to familiarize them with the features of the portal. The idea is that you are provided with fake profiles. When choosing them, you have to communicate with bots or hired operators. The disadvantage is that there are many of such spam profiles. And they are not always marked with an appropriate sign on the website.

The site uses a system of credits. You will have to buy them in order to have access to read and send messages. The review below shows how much you will have to spend to communicate.

Prices on USABangPalace

If you become one of the members dating site, you will have access to basic level functionality. For example, you can view the number of comments you have sent, search for the profile you are interested in with blurry photos. That’s the end of the free usage of the site.

If you are interested in dating and sending a message, you have to deposit money. You are not required to sign up for certain programs. It is enough to buy credits, with which you can communicate with other users. The prices are as follows:

Depending on the number of credits purchased, the cost of messages is determined. It varies from $1.15 to $1.75. But often the coins at USA Bang Palace are spent on dating and chatting with bots.

Pros and Cons

Reviews site USA Bang Palace will not be complete without evaluating the pros and cons. With their help, you will understand whether it is worth spending your time on the created account. The main advantages include:

Here the positive aspects come to an end. Now consider the minuses:

You will hardly succeed with dating that lasts. It is virtually impossible because of the presence of fake members. When making another profile for a dating site, the administration will assign a bot or operator to the profile. They are in a dialogue on the website to empty your card.

Safety & Security

USA Bang Palace uses the latest security systems typical of dating sites. For example, encryption protocols, secure services to store personal information. But it does not guarantee safety when you are dating with other members. Administration of the website does not check the reliability of the data specified in the questionnaire on their urls. Accordingly, any user can pass himself off as another person.

This approach is disencouraging. It is impossible to talk about secure dating on the site. It is possible that on the other side of the screen, you are communicating with a maniac or a frequent visitor of medical institutions for patients with mental disorders.

Terms and Conditions

USA Bang Palace has certain terms and conditions, indicating that the activity is legit. But do not exaggerate the pros of the platform. As with most dating sites, there are some pitfalls. Here is an excerpt post in the relevant section of the website. After reading it, you will understand what the disadvantage of the dating site is.

Your use of the service is at your sole risk. The service is provided on an «as is» and «as available» basis. The company expressly disclaims all warranties of any kind, whether express or implied, including, but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement.


In more detail, the administration of the dating website disclaims any responsibility and shifts it to the members. Even if the user is not to blame for what happened, he still can’t prove anything. For example, the dating platform can use the contact and other information about the visitors for their own purposes. No one is responsible for the service provided, either despite the fact that visitors pay a certain amount of money to access the functionality.

Conclusion from our review on usabangpalace.com

USA Bang Palace is the place for new dating. It works in a legit way, but because of the many nuances, we do not recommend using it for its intended purpose. There is a lot of scam going on due to the spam forms. Not real visitors of the platform will offer you dating and communication, but bots or operators.

Ideally, the administration of USABangPalace should report spam profiles, exposing certain icons. But if you search for beautiful girls, you’ll instantly see a fantasy account.


  • USA Bang Palace is a legit platform for dating. Here you can have created an account at the age of majority. The site offers to choose a profile and talk in private chats. But here the Digital Fantasy service works, the essence of which is to create a third-party questionnaire. Such forms are available on most dating sites. The problem is that they are used to scam visitors. They receive spam comments from them which make them communicate for money.
  • Yes, like most dating sites, USA Bang Palace pretends to be legit. But there are many pitfalls in the terms and conditions. For example, for dating with a person, communicating and then exchanging contact data, you need to top up your account and buy coins. But it is not the fact that you will connect with a real visitor to the website. A bot will respond. We see this as a straight scam.
  • USABangPalace is a scam like most dating sites by this operator. You have to choose the platform responsibly. Otherwise, dating will turn into a big expense. For example, the portal has many spam profiles. If you want to communicate with other members, there is no guarantee they are real. As a result, you can leave comments to bot or operator without knowing it. The activity of the service is specified in the rules, so it is quite a legit scam.
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