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Don’t trust Violet Dates advertisements — this dating site offers its registration for men to have fake chats with fake profiles.

VioletDates Background: What Is It and Who Is It For?

Compared to other online dating sites, Violet Dates commonly suggest interested parties test dating websites search and stay tuned to their casual dating tools. The site appears to compete for the status of the best dating site with its advanced online communication methods, premium-class profile pictures of other users, intuitive landing page, and ability to purchase credits and then send messages to as many women as desired.

Company It is VioletDates, but another related organization is Interpillar LTD.
Address There is no information provided on the dating site.
Phone-Hotline It is non-available as well.
E-Mail [email protected]

No matter whether we see a very expensive report on the internet or just comments from other members of the site, we always prefer to check the quality of dating websites on our own. That’s why our team decided to analyze different performance patterns of the Violet Dates domain after registration. Keep reading this review to figure out why it was included in the category of fake chats. Onwards!

Review in Detail: Registration and Fake Services at VioletDates

The landing page is styled beautifully and lets people, who are interested in casual dating and hooking up with other members, find more details about the community. There is no need to surf the internet to check comments and personal reviews about the site, and it is one of the tricks to prevent you from doing individual research on the internet.

To join other free members of Violet Dates, you will just need to provide your gender, name, and email address and confirm that you are acquainted with the brand policies. In real life, sending messages isn’t taken as something overly serious. We believe it is one of the reasons why people don’t analyze online dating sites to the full and send messages to date ladies online on such service portals as Violet Dates without hesitation.

The Functionality of VioletDates App: Special Features and Services

In terms of casual dating on the Violet Dates website, users get details about other members and can initiate a chat at their earliest convenience. The landing page doesn’t show how much this internet-based solution costs, but other pieces of information are that limited. Compared to alternative online dating sites, the performance of VioletDates isn’t extraordinary — text, video, and audio messages come hand in hand with digital gifts to a wonderful fake woman.

Advantages and Disadvantages of VioletDates.com

On the one hand, it might seem a waste of time to distinguish the benefits and drawbacks of dating sites when they are designed for informational and entertainment purposes and represent insufficient dating websites only. On the other hand, this comparison lets novice users in the market for internet-based fake chats meet negative comments and be able to distinguish between a company with legal details and teams with poor yet free interaction deals. In real life, you don’t have so many tools for analysis. Don’t miss these details about the Violet Dates dating site.

Pros Cons
This dating site lets people date women online anywhere and anytime. At the same time, users have to remember that Violet Dates’ fake profiles lead to fake chats only. What’s more, this scam site doesn’t notify you and other members about its policy changes. You have always to monitor what’s going on and not expect to get professional financial warranties on this cheeky scam.
Other members can easily write messages, and women commonly take part in sending messages to male profiles first. Such a woman usually provides a lot of meaningful details about her identity after filling in the questionnaire forms and adjusting her profile settings on the Violet Dates dating site. You sign up for a subscription trap. Despite how informative this fake site seems to be, it is just an illusion. The most important consequence of your registration is that any friend met on this dating site will be among fake profiles.
If we put the efficiency of this feature aside, the promise to verify every account isn’t a red flag at all. This company is also known for advanced conversation tools. We could’ve enjoyed our new profiles and chatting with women on the internet if it had been something else aside from a fake chat. Former users typically blame fake profile settings to be too good to confirm their ill-minded nature. However, this total scam is specialized in hiring professionals to replace free members of the website. If registered members are tempted to contact this dating site’s customer support team to check the credibility of negative reviews, their chance of actually communicating with someone is close to zero.

The Cost of Membership on the VioletDates App

With no trial options, your dating life on the Violet Dates website becomes only your responsibility. Such sites only provide tools to date women online, but they don’t care how much end users might lose because of the fake chat. After you set up an account, you are enabled to get messages from a woman. However, you will require credits to read them and other activities on the domain.

The sum of money varies, depending on how many credits you would like to purchase at once. We didn’t pay a lot and managed to cancel our subscription before any automated enrollment could happen. We chose to pay for twenty credits at first to be able to chat and send a photo to a lady. In several reviews, victims of the phony techniques from Violet Dates mentioned mammoth losses. Trying to build their dating life on the Violet Dates website cost them hundreds of US dollars with no qualitative return on investment.

Safety & Security Issues

Obtaining credits to pay for contacting fake accounts isn’t really worth it. Another part of the research that will help you avoid losing your money is checking what safety measures are taken to guarantee your cyber security. In the case of the Violet Dates website, its representatives just advertise the ability to get messages from a gorgeous woman after registration. They don’t mention any related decision to chat with other girls on the domain; it will be up to your entire responsibility — no support and guidance.

From the Terms and Conditions Section

Before you contact fellow members to find a perfect woman, your task isn’t just to surf through different profile pictures. If you don’t want to appear in a subscription trap and be fooled by fake accounts for your money, try to read the Violet Dates website’s policies, to begin with:

  • All members of the [website] expressly agree not to sue or hold liable the released parties for any instruction, advice, or services that originated through [Violet Dates] and disclaim any liability, to the fullest extent, for any damage, suits, and/or controversies that arise.
  • Any material obtained through the use of the Service is accessed at your own discretion and risk, and you will be solely responsible for any damage to your computer system or mobile device or loss of data that results from the use of any such material.

Source: https://violetdates.com/public/terms-of-use
We tried to contact the support team of the Violet Dates dating website. Unfortunately, the results of our test were rather frustrating. Not only did it take a really long time to get at least the simplest chatbot reply (please note we had to write a lot of messages), but also the service navigation within the terms and conditions is lacking.

The Conclusion from Our VioletDates Review

After free registration, you get an account for real money, which is truly worthless. It doesn’t matter whether you are a man searching for a woman or vice versa, the site appears well-prepared for any scamming scheme. Both filling out a very expensive report and getting professional financial assistance won’t come in handy — it is highly troublesome (namely, almost impossible) to return your money back.
To sum up this review, our team would like to emphasize that we can’t recommend this dating website and writing messages to other members after registration at all.


  • The Violet Dates website lets users test dating websites search opportunities. Despite the fact that it is quite an insufficient dating website, its lacking ability to meet someone in person in real life doesn’t compromise its free chatting for informational and entertainment purposes with other members of this scam site. Instead of casual interaction with any friend met, expect to start sending messages to the customer support team of this fake chat and meet negative comments all the way through.
  • Compared to other online dating sites, this fake site is clear in its poor information about the organization’s origin. Although the landing page lets you access the platform’s policies, there are too many pages of text details. And they are commonly missed to establish a new profile in a stress-free manner. Unfortunately, every person who decides to follow this strategy is meant to register on the scam casual dating websites and access only the fake profile settings of other users.
  • Its fake profiles and ripping-off strategies for money and information don’t let us consider the Violet Dates chat a trustworthy dating domain for its members. Whether you are a man or a woman, you register to surely encounter an ill-minded person — the abundance of fake profiles on the domain is extraordinary. Since its representatives don’t verify accounts and only demand money for the ability to contact fake accounts, we don’t find it a legal solution.
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