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WhatsFlirt app review results: WhatsFlirt is an insufficient and dishonest dating resource for chat and flirt

What Can WhatsFlirt Provide And Who Runs It?

WhatsFlirt is a dating site focused on people of all ages from the US. This fictional dating website claims that novice users will be able to meet new people to find special someone. But during this app review, we managed to find that WhatsFlirt is held by Hit Performance B.V which made us feel a little bit suspicious. In our review career, we saw several scam projects run by this company, but we had a hope that WhatsFlirt chat and flirt site will not be one of them.

However, to reach this company you have to use the following contact data:

Company Name Hit Performance B.V
Company Location Craenakker 35951CC Belfeld, Netherlands
E-mail address [email protected]

The information is rather poor. This is because Hit Performance B.V proved that it is an insufficient dating company that creates only scam websites aimed at stealing money. Our multiple reviews could find enough pieces of evidence proving that.

However, we couldn’t just claim that WhatsFlirt chat and flirt site is just the same, so we moved forward to see some other points in the work of this dating platform.

Starting WhatsFlirt Review: How To Start Registration

When we first visited WhatsFlirt chat and flirt app, we saw that it has a pretty nice landing page. In our app review career, such interface is a real rarity. Though it looked nice, there wasn’t much information included, so we decided to move on.

The free registration process was available right ahead, so we couldn’t miss our chance. There were 3 features available for new users, including registration with a Facebook or Google account. But we couldn’t take a risk. Completing a lot of reviews on websites like WhatsFlirt, we would never give access to some personal accounts. So we decided to use a common registration field. The necessary information included:

When we completed this process, we were able to visit the main page of WhatsFlirt chat and flirt site. And we were literally shocked.

Main features of WhatsFlirt work

The main feature of WhatsFlirt work is providing users with fake accounts of some bots. This is how scam apps usually work. But the template of the website was familiar. Having a lot of reviews completed, we realized that this website is aimed at scamming people through chat and flirt from all over the world, using a translator.

With our VPN, we accidentally used the Netherlands, so these fake profiles with their operators started sending a lot of messages in an unknown language. But after we switched to another country and created one more account, we saw that the profiles of women were the same, with only one difference. Their location now was the United States. The only thing we experienced was a sort of fun. But their coin credit plans are also astonishing.

There is no flirt Whatsflirt will give you, because any single profile here is not real. They will write you to make you buy credits. There is no flirt chat. The message feed is more like a news ticker, where you will receive spam from fictional ladies.

But, at least, we received some free coins that gave us an opportunity to chat and flirt, send five messages and learn more about the pros and cons of WhatsFlirt.

Are there at least some advantages in WhatsFlirt?

Talking about the advantages of Whatsflirt chat and flirt site, we can claim that free registration and some free coins might be really beneficial. But this is a scam app, and our reviews proved that it will not help users recognize the fraud, but will make them pay more money for fake features.

But the disadvantages are present, and they include:

As you can see, the prices on WhatsFlirt aren’t user-friendly to chat and flirt and have fun, so we decided to pay a little to continue exposing this fake dating app.

Pricing policy on Whatsflirt

The prices are unreasonable. There are no types of subscriptions or memberships that will come in handy. On this scam site, you will only have to buy coins.

One message costs about 50 coins, which is already disgusting. Normal dating sites never provide such high message value. But the prices of these coins are also bad. You have to pay for chat and flirt:

As you can see, 5 messages will come for 10 bucks! We never saw such high prices in our app reviews on different dating websites. This is just a rip off scheme. We used our 5 free messages and bought 5 more to have a chat. And all the members here asked us for our pictures. It was the point when we realized that this website is not an only scam, but also a blackmailing network. After we refused, our account was simply deleted. Flirt chat here will be used as a news ticker, where fictional girls send you annoying messages. Having a lot of app reviews completed, we have already faced such scam services.

And what about the security here?

Security issues on this platform

Security issues here do exist. Foremost, let’s begin with the website. All these fake women literally make you post some photos in order to continue chatting. Regular dating will never be like that. Members understand that some users might be shy or just want to test the platform. The attitude on WhatsFlirt chat and flirt site wasn’t even friendly. The operators here are really rude during chat and flirt.

The second issue is that you have to pay money using their internal payment system. This way, all your credit card information will be sent to the admins of WhatsFlirt. It means, that instead of taking 10 dollars, they will take 100, or even more. This is horrible. And believe us, having a huge number of reviews completed, we witnessed a lot of such cases.

But what can this website tell about their fraud?

What can WhatsFlirt tell about its security?

When we reached the privacy policy of this app, we saw the things that we never faced in our reviews. WhatsFlirt admins say:

The User is solely responsible for the content of their registration and further personal data they provide about themselves. Fraudulent misrepresentations may result in civil and criminal proceedings and entitle Hit Performance to block the User profile without affecting Hit Performance’s right to remuneration.

Source: https://www.whatsflirt.com/static/terms

This way, you will not only be scammed by WhatsFlirt chat and flirt site. WhatsFlirt claims that your account can be easily removed if they think that there is something suspicious here. What a pure scam.

The Conclusion About WhatsFlirt

Having completed a huge number of reviews on dating websites, we never saw something like WhatsFlirt. This fake dating site is nothing but a complete scam that will use all the data you give them to scam you  via chat and flirt and make you pay extremely high prices for their non-existing features.

There is no flirt whatsflirt will provide you with, just fictitious profiles. Want to meet people in real time format? This is not an option. This website fakes its profiles, so you will only receive fake messages and bad experiences before your dating account will be deleted, while bank account will be stolen. And this is a fraud we have faced in our app reviews a lot of times.

If you want to have a pure and fair dating experience, whatsflirt will never become your solution for chat and flirt. Here, you will never find a single real woman to start a union with. Just read more reviews and comments, and use only reliable dating platforms to save time and money.


  • WhatsFlirt is an app that is focused on scamming people from all over the world. Their main target for scams is United States men who would like to find a woman to chat with. This website has a lot of fake features that have nothing in common with real dating.
  • WhatsFlirt chat and flirt site is an example of not legitimate apps that provide only fake dating services in order to steal money and personal information from regular members. This website is focused only on fraud, and has nothing fair in its work.
  • WhatsFlirt is a scam application that provides its users with extremely high prices, without giving a subscription or a membership. The operators of these bots are rude, and they give no real dating experience to average users.
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