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When users want to chat online and have fun on dating sites, WomenWithSecrets will be a scam fantasy entertainment service.

WomenWithSecrets Background: What Is It and Who Is It For?

Feel free to use a browser for wonderful dating interactions on Womens with Secrets. That’s where your dreams can be secured by operators and anonymity will be preserved. The site goes even further in their promises, diversifying its list of features to let you search for your true love as well and date people from different countries just on the internet.

Company Meteor Interactive B.V.
Address Lorentzweg 22-A, 2964LN Groot-Ammers, the Netherlands, CC: 74034782
Phone-Hotline non-available
E-Mail [email protected]

When it comes to choosing the best platform to hang out with gorgeous girls, men don’t think about the importance of checking the hosting concepts, web server reliability, and other credentials that help you discover hidden details about the company’s performance. We decided to check possible interactions with other users on the Women with Secrets dating site. Unfortunately, the trust rating for Meteor Interactive B.V. websites is extremely low so that your chances to meet your significant other are higher on Facebook or other sites with adult content and high traffic.
Stay tuned to find out more about how this website can hide identity of its phishing techniques and why is it no different from other websites with trash dating tools.

Review in Detail: Registration and Fake Services at WomenWithSecrets

Meteor Interactive B.V. represents its websites as places where end users can easily enter an online dating world and search for soulmates on the internet. Unlike other dating sites, its domains can be found in the whois system. This tricks customers a lot, but we advise searching for more essential details and rely on reviews from former registered members of the chat.
Let’s get started with the simplest part of this review and check how people sign up for these digital services:

The Functionality of WomenWithSecrets App: Special Features and Services

Our team always tests different features of dating sites to ensure we don’t miss both positive and negative aspects of their performance. In the case of Women with Secrets, it might be complicated for beginners to distinguish this internet-based platform from really good websites:

Advantages and Disadvantages of WomenWithSecrets.com

Women with Secrets can’t be called a perfect dating website by any means. Not only is it a fantasy entertainment service, but it also rips off its registered visitors with the use of malware and their overall phishing service architecture — from frequently hacked trust ratings on the internet to complicated interactions of customers with their data in the whois system.
Meteor Interactive B.V. does its best to ensure Facebook and other dating sites’ users aren’t enabled to doubt this platform’s hosting concepts or google the truth about web servers that support the analyzed domain. However, former members can advise a lot and share their opinion about the credibility of this entertainment solution. We would like to sum up those comments and our own impressions from the adult content here in the table below.

Pros Cons
You won’t have trouble using its features — like similar websites from the provider, Women with Secrets can’t help but impress with its intuitive and fully responsive interface. The list of free features is mostly limited to becoming a registrared user and search for fictional accounts. When people tend to date girls here, they spend money for every message and related services like sending gifts.
No matter how much time you spend on the site, it won’t be overwhelming for your computer. Don’t hesitate to use any browser and stay in touch with other people in any location around the world. This platform can handle a lot of traffic. Your anonymity won’t be maintained decently since this dating service preserves the right to deal with your personal information however and whenever desired. The fact that a fictional user can hide identity while you can’t is quite nerve-wrecking.
You will be able to discover a lot of accounts and chat with girls 24/7. The main problem is that your chatting is a double-edged sword. On the other hand, it isn’t a legit organization, where phishing signs aren’t perceived as wrong-doing by the team’s employers. According to reviews, one of the most typical signs of scams here is making you trust in other profiles’ credibility to trick you later.

As in the case with other websites from the company, Women with Secrets could have become a decent solution for your dating objectives. But its operators show right away that it is a waste of time to expect that they might change some day.

The Cost of Membership on the WomenWithSecrets App

The dating world is famous for preserving pricing details for later. But this site in the whois system isn’t like that and seems to be quite straightforward. Please note that you only get to know how much credits cost before you registrar. So you won’t have an idea of how many credits are required to start a chat and keep contacting girls, regardless of their location. So we recommend interested parties not to get it wrong and believe in the sincerity of this dating service.
Here are some popular credit packages of the analyzed dating website:

In our humble opinion, it is a perfect strategy to provide crucial data immediately to ensure a potential user won’t google more detailed information via a browser of their choice on the computer or other device. Our team advises you to consider this whenever you seek the best dating websites to avoid chatting with fake visitors.

Safety & Security Issues

Operators promise to confirm any user’s identity to let you feel secure and convenient on the platform. In reality, this provider doesn’t make any background checks, which promotes fictional accounts and entertainment for your money. We don’t believe real customers might have any fun on the website though. Taking a brief look at comments can give you a clue what the overall opinion about the site’s security and reliability is.
Despite the use of SSL protocols and other formats of information protection being announced, it doesn’t lead to positive results. There are numerous cases reported when essential details were lost and used without customers’ consent at all. For this reason, our team can’t guarantee you will be safe while establishing partnerships with ladies on the website. Considering the fact that you don’t pay for registration only and that many features don’t come for free, it is reasonable to take into account more trustworthy alternatives. Check our other reviews to see truly valuable choices.

From the Terms and Conditions Section

Whenever you chat with girls on the site, you don’t really know whether you can trust what you see on the website. Not only is the overwhelming number of fake profiles confirmed in reviews, but this fake nature is authorized in the company’s policies too:

  • Don’t mail any essential pieces of information because they “do not conduct any background or criminal record checks on [customers], or verify their identity, and you accept all risk of interacting with people via the [site].” If you get into trouble because of these fake tools, you will have to deal with the consequences on your own.
  • [The website] reserves the right to suspend or prohibit linking to the [site] for any reason, in its sole discretion, without advance notice or any liability of any kind to you or any third party.

Source: https://www.womenwithsecrets.com/agreement

The Conclusion from Our WomenWithSecrets Review

When people want to contact real individuals and find soulmates with similar hobbies and life values, the distinguished site isn’t a legit place to refer. If you decide to sign up for the portal’s deals, you risk mailing your personal information into the worst hands of fake accounts and ill-minded operators. We have to admit that there is too much malware to define any positive dating functions. So it is better to search for a better dating place online. Since we don’t recommend this website, we can guarantee you will find an alternative easily — just take a look at our reviews in more detail.


  • Despite promising casual and hassle-free dating for customers older than eighteen years old, the truth is that you mail your contact information to complete strangers, who are willing to take advantage of your actions. This platform isn’t what it seems at first — it is just a place where fake tools reign.
  • A lot of moments are quite contradictory, which makes us believe that the distinguished platform is a scam company with fake registration and warranties. We found it on many rankings online, but our experience with it was far from satisfactory.
  • There are several features that help us call it a scam solution — from fake profiles to the inability to ban an account (it might appear within the system later on without difficulty).
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