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Users will be “satisfied” with the premium membership on such online dating sites — XSwipes also lets members date fake profiles only.

XSwipes Background: What Is It and Who Is It For?

Whether users would like to sign up for dating solutions and analyze accounts of local girls or get access details of adults from all around the world, X Swipes will be one of the sites to explore. Any person can date gorgeous ladies here: they just need to confirm their identity and try hookup services with the stunning woman of their dreams. The age range won’t be a problem either — the site mentions that ladies can proceed with a free registration whenever they want. But these are usually people up to fifty years old who choose premium membership tools.

Company It is known as X Swipes but is also associated with Plymouth Associated LTD.
Address non-available
Phone-Hotline +1-800-564-9432, +1-727-755-7249
E-Mail You can access its operators on the site via a live chat or an online contact form.

We were definitely tempted to test how well these trial messages will work. It is one of those reviews when our team was disappointed to see another scam dating solution, which offers only fake profiles and ripping-off strategies. Stay tuned to find out why staying away from this platform is the best decision. Onwards!

Review in Detail: Registration and Fake Services at XSwipes

Overall, the registration process on the site is quite simple and intuitive, no matter what your objective is as a user. To access premium membership details and other chat functions, any woman or man explores the way to hook another person on the website. The first step here is to sign up for the tools of the presented dating world:

Unfortunately, whether you would like to encounter sex and hookup partners or chat with beautiful women and establish deeper connections, it is impossible on the X Swipes dating site. This platform doesn’t distinguish itself from other online dating sites with its quality. On the contrary, the way it scams and suggests fantasy cuties to any registered user will ruin your dreams. Welcome to the universe of fake profiles!

The Functionality of XSwipes App: Special Features and Services

In terms of the functional peculiarities of the premium membership we were to review, it is hard to say any conversation pattern could be considered exceptional. After login, our team explored both trial messages and up-market messages, including sex chats, advanced searches, and sending gifts to other girls. The more we communicated, the more we understood that staying connected would be meaningless — there is no chance to meet real users on the dating portal. We signed up for luxury features but had to deal with fantasy cuties, namely, bots and hired professionals.

Advantages and Disadvantages of XSwipes.com

The list of pros is quite short:

However, it will take really long to highlight all the drawbacks we had to deal with. Let’s review some of the most annoying issues:

The Cost of Membership on the XSwipes App

If you would like to meet and hook other people on the domain, you are supposed to choose the right trial period plan for your needs. Whether you prefer a trial service or a full-course premium membership at once, the prices on the X Swipes dating site don’t seem too high at first:

We had to discover different types of scams on the X Swipes dating website. In turn, we can’t say it is any different from poor-quality online dating sites.

Safety & Security Issues

One of the biggest issues this casual dating website presents is the lack of information about its architecture. We could find out about its policies, but there are no details about how exactly its representatives manipulate end users’ data in peculiar cases. This makes the promises for safe sex chatting online empty — not only can you hardly ever encounter something else aside from meeting fake profiles after registration, but the X Swipes dating site also doesn’t help with its lacking ability to contact operators and solve any subscription problems personally. It is a real trap with poor answers, no matter how hard you search for and pay for them.

From the Terms and Conditions Section

When it comes to the X Swipes casual dating website contrary to other sites, the way a user is meant to agree to its policies and search for sex contacts with another person on the site is also basically the same — singles have to proceed with a free registration form, choose the desired subscription plan, and check its tools within an intuitive interface.

The key problem is that a typical user will most probably skip checking the comments of former members of the community and proceed with a trial version right away. That’s how they usually come into a trap full of fake profiles and non-customer-oriented operators.

The S Xwipes dating world also shows its hidden intentions to get the most out of each user. We suggest taking a closer look at what lets us acknowledge this dating website as one of the scamming online dating sites:

  • You release the Company, its managers, officers, directors, employees and agents from all claims, liabilities and demands, of any kind or nature whatsoever, including but not limited to interactions with Fantasy Cuties.
  • You comprehend, acknowledge, and agree that no in-person meeting will ever happen between you and the people providing Fantasy Cuties functionality, and the interactions You have via Fantasy Cuties functionality are for entertainment purposes in addition to encouraging participation in our Service to help monitor the use of the Service.
  • You expressly understand that the company shall not be liable for any direct, special, or exemplary damages, including but not limited to damages for loss of profits, goodwill, data, or other intangible losses.

Source: https://www.xswipes.com/?wm_login=admin&page=terms&from=s4
Would you like to cooperate with such a dating site in the market? We don’t think so.

The Conclusion from Our XSwipes Review

Singles are searching for great partnerships with sexy people around the world, but any user will regret visiting the X Swipes dating website with this intention. Compared to the options of other online dating sites, no reviews of this casual dating website can’t justify so many scams and fake profiles. All in all, after checking its trial subscription and other features, we are sure that potential partners will never find worthy singles here — only pleasant comments from bots, spam messages, and fake operators.


  • In conclusion, the X Swipes dating website doesn’t alter from scam sites around the world — they seem to provide a discreet dating solution for any user but intend to rip them off in person instead. Members are supposed to have fun and communicate with no commitment if desired, which creates enough room for a trial trap subscription.
  • The X Swipes dating website seems to have all the needed functions to be called such a platform. However, as you can see in numerous comments of former members, the amount of fake content on the site is overwhelming. It is not only about fake profiles. We can’t help but admit that a typical user will be frustrated after they review the domain with its spam notifications, popping-up and no-exit ads, and so on.
  • It is pretty easy to discover how the X Swipes dating website implements fake content on the domain and lures any user to stay connected longer and spend more money. Unfortunately, the majority of accounts are created for entertainment purposes and guarantee no personal contact with other members. Sooner or later, your conversations will gain a repeated character and highlight this spam even more.
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