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ZoomHookups Review

The ZoomHookups paid membership is always automatically billed, but that’s not the only issue with this insufficient dating portal.

ZoomHookups Background: What Is It and Who Is It For?

When the trial ends, it becomes clear whether dating sites are truly diligent and don’t hide any details about their performance. When it comes to finding prospective matches to meet off line, a lot of users decide to try their chances by chatting via a professional dating account. That’s where fully responsive web designs like ZoomHookups come in. Its trial period is enough to check its coin plans and enjoy delivering free messages to other members of this dating world.

As the name implies, ZoomHookups is an advanced membership varietal for hassle-free experiences on the internet. Any interested person can create their profile page on a browser and contact gorgeous women, creating perfect conditions for sex dates. The age of other users varies, but you will surely be able to search for great pictures of younger members, mature adults, and even links to senior singles’ profiles.

Company Deniro Marketing LLC
Address 6777 Embarcadeo Dr. Suite 3, Stockton, CA, 95219
Phone-Hotline +1-888-649-9178
E-Mail [email protected]

Once we heard about online cupids on the ZoomHookups dating site, we got an approximate understanding of what user profiles on the website would be like. Are you eager to detect fake profiles together with our professional team? Let’s track our journey of joining the app and signing up for its dating features. Onwards!

Review in Detail: Registration and Fake Services at ZoomHookups

Women can send free messages and arrange sex dates and share links to more intimate profile reviews whenever they feel interested in fellow Zoom Hookups users. Since ladies seem active participants in creating a hot dating atmosphere in this hookup world, a few people can resist the temptation not to open their browser and join this community after free registration:

  • Compared to other sites, login details are simple and classic. You can sign in to your dating account with a chosen email address and password to start chatting with other members of the dating site.
  • Before being enabled to choose the membership plan on the page, mention your location. The majority of fantasy profiles are registered by customers from the United States. But this system lets people from different countries around the world search for gorgeous women, exchange free messages with perfect matches, and have more fun with an ideal person at a budget-friendly cost. For instance, we could find several fictitious accounts from Canada and meet ladies from Australia.
  • Aside from must-have fields like date of birth, this page asks for customers’ mobile numbers. However, it is an optional field to fill in. So you can skip commenting on it.

The Functionality of ZoomHookups App: Special Features and Services

After choosing their subscription plans, Zoom Hookups users will be able to check the tools below:

  • Of course, the main functional power of such online dating sites is how amazing their chatting potential is. Since the interface itself is intuitive, the navigation didn’t cause us trouble. We instantly mastered sending messages, photos, and other files to fellow women on the app. If you are a person who would like to comment on other accounts, it is an effortless activity. On the contrary, trying to cancel your trial membership will be a more demanding task. Its instructions are limited to reaching the customer support team, which can delay responses a lot.
  • The number of freebies isn’t clear at first since they are tightly combined with pre-paid instruments on the page.
  • The system doesn’t let you access your dating account, search for prospective matches, check other individuals’ photos, etc. unless you provide a valid email address and confirm it. The interface won’t also show you the view of its fake profiles and chatting tools until you verify your dating account. In turn, this domain seems to tolerate fake bios only when they are made by their own operators. Does it increase the overall security of the portal? Our team doesn’t think so.

Advantages and Disadvantages of ZoomHookups.com

To make our dating site reviews useful, we always analyze different performance aspects and show whether your subscription to the website will meet your expectations about the chosen membership plan. Here are some things to comment on:

  • This app lets interested parties send an unlimited number of messages to fellow dating account owners, search for new pages with intuitive tools and filters, as well as chat with several interlocutors at the same time.
  • You are welcome to cancel your membership and stop payments. However, Zoom Hookups free notifications and assistance might be quite misleading and postpone the process. In turn, the initial trial membership will transform into a paid membership plan that is automatically enrolled.
  • Its webcam chat seems a multifunctional instrument on the Zoom Hookups sex dating site at first. The longer we tested it, the more we realized that this type of interaction with fake accounts would lure end users into spending more money on this dating website. Contrary to alternative online dating sites, where this premium subscription service is limited and requires more specialized criteria to function, ZoomHookups creates an illusion of real communication here and now. Why do we use the word illusion here? It is pretty simple to explain — you won’t be able to hang out with other users off line either after the trial period or even avoid online cupids on the ZoomHookups dating website.

The Cost of Membership on the ZoomHookups App

The Zoom Hookups dating site is a demanding institution for singles. If you don’t pay on time since you would like to stop payments, there is nothing to worry about. This chat has a trial plan, which is always automatically enrolled in more advanced recurring plans.

If you still insist and desire to stop payments and forget about fake photos, it will take some time to truly cancel your membership. Thanks to our experience, we always use auxiliary methods to cover the cost of the app and its fantasy profiles. So scam operators couldn’t rip off our balance. However, we want you to understand that this tactic isn’t typical, and the probability to be tricked by this scamming pricing policy is really high.

When you sign up for the Zoom Hookups dating chat, here are classic membership types on the dating site:

  • Online dating sites like Zoom Hookups lets interested parties contact fellow fictitious profiles, which are commonly created by bots and operators, without charging extreme fees. In such reviews, your abilities to comment on other members’ accounts created on the domain and chatting options will be limited.
  • With one-month and three-month premium subscriptions, this fully responsive web design offers you full-service rights to perform different activities within the framework of paid memberships.
  • The trial membership is a great chance to get virtual tokens and gifts. They make the trial period and the following membership plans more advantageous by enriching your recurring plan with more credits. If there are any credits unused within chosen coin plans before the trial ends, you aren’t eligible for receiving any refund. In addition, don’t forget about your poor chances to stop payments from the first trial and have to deal with your dating account, the balance system of which is automatically billed.

Safety & Security Issues

In numerous reviews, we highlight how companies fail to maintain their users’ cyber security. Unfortunately, fake chat operators of the Zoom Hookups website have different tasks and challenges to cope with and don’t provide a reliable backup. SSL protocols and other popular means aren’t typical features of the analyzed portal, so canceling your subscription here won’t make you regret such a decision.

From the Terms and Conditions Section

Despite how many benefits the presented memberships might offer, checking such reviews about the ZoomHookups website will tell you a lot about what supports fake chat operators so much:

  • You release Us from all liabilities and claims of loss resulting from any error or discrepancy.
  • We specifically disclaim any responsibility or liability for any misrepresentations regarding a User’s age. Users must utilize their own efforts to confirm age before relying on any User’s age representation to the Site.
  • Company does not have any obligation to verify the identity or screen the persons accessing the services. [It] is not responsible and disclaims any liability or responsibility for the conduct of any user, regardless of whether that conduct occurs online or offline.

Source https://www.zoomhookups.com/pop.php?page=terms

The Conclusion from Our ZoomHookups Review

All in all, operators of the ZoomHookups website for dating fake user profiles prove how crucial it is to distinguish the pros and cons of the target membership option before becoming a fan. It is a total scam, which violates customers’ rights by assigning the entire range of liabilities and responsibilities possible to visitors.


What is ZoomHookups.com?

Zoom Hookups might seem a stunning place for hookups and casual dating with the opposite sex (and not only). In reality, though, these are empty promises. The only purpose of this page is to lure its visitors into more serious ripping-off schemes. Not only do they justify cupids, namely fake products of communication, but also its representatives prevent customers from cancelation their accounts.

Is ZoomHookups a legitimate dating app?

On the internet, there is a lot of controversial information about its licensing. Besides, there are no official reviews from authorized gurus in the market, which lets us consider Zoom Hookups a real scam.

Is ZoomHookups.com a scam app?

Zoom Hookups will show off its scams in numerous ways — from the performance of its operators in chats while replacing real users and constant cyber attacks and negative malware operations.

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    • February 11, 2023 2:09 am

    I am convinced we should give fewer chances for scams to improve and fix their mistakes. It doesn’t mean sense. I was so naive to postpone my account cancelation… I just hoped for the better and it never happened.

    • February 3, 2023 5:53 pm


    • February 2, 2023 12:35 pm

    cancel it immediately! these fake photos drive my crazy! this site felt so real during my stay here, but the trial plan is over, and numerous errors with fake profiles don’t stop bombing my email!

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