Is it advantageous to date online with someone you like?
A woman and a man taking pictures of themselves on different phones

Is it advantageous to date online with someone you like?

Is it advantageous to date online with someone you like?

It is common knowledge that modern society lives in the digital era. People use the Internet and social media whenever and wherever it is possible.

Many of them even start their relationship online and tend to have such virtual relationships for a very long time. Are there are any drawbacks to online dating? Is it beneficial to date online? Let’s find the answers to these questions here and now.

What are the pros of online dating?

Online dating is getting more and more ordinary. You will not impress anyone nowadays telling you that you are dating online. Therefore, it is possible to assume that there are many benefits to having such a relationship. Let’s review the main pluses of online dating today.

Plus 1. The opportunity to spend more time together.

A woman falls in love reading a message

Modern megapolises are so big that you should spend a lot of time trying to get to the place of dating. Therefore, meeting online is such an outstanding possibility to complete without too much effort.

Doing this, you will save a lot of time and even money. Also, you will not need to spend money on flowers or dinner. So, it is a kind of advantageous for men on a tight budget.

However, if you spend too much time on online dating, your partner might think that you are too mean. As long as you do not present a lady with flowers or do not pay for her cup of tea or coffee, she might think that you are hiding from taking responsibility for her.

Therefore, it might lead to the split. Therefore, you should not overuse this period of online dating. Spend just a few weeks or months on online dating, but not more because she will treat you as a not generous person to pay for her.

Plus 2. You will get to know each other more.

Before you begin dating online, you are to get to know a lot about your partner. A lot of information is specified in your match’s account. Hence, you might find the right guy or lady taking into account all your preferences regarding their color of eyes, hair, weight, or hobby.

Online dating minimizes the chances for you to make the wrong decision. However, sometimes men or women may use fake photos or tell the false facts about their appearance. Nevertheless, the number of such occasions is minimal, but you would better be informed about such cases in advance.

Also, many people are introverts. The introverts are silent people who do not like noisy companies and spending time outside their apartment or house. Therefore, online dating is a perfect opportunity for such people to build the relationships of their dreams.

Besides, many people tend to open up more if there is a distance between them. They are likely to tell you more facts about themselves during online dating. Therefore, you will get to know as many pieces of data about your partner as possible when online dating.

Plus 3. Chat in your pajamas.

A woman and a man taking pictures of themselves on different phones

One of the advantages of dating online is a possibility not to spend hours getting prepared for a date. You should not do a lot of make-up and look for the most attractive clothes. All you need is your pajamas or whatever you wear at home.

Of course, when you plan to go out in reality, you should spend a lot of time to get prepared for it and treat it like a holiday and celebration of some event. In other words, dating in reality might mean for you a special occasion. Therefore, dating online, you will be less nervous.

Just wear the most comfortable clothes for you and cover yourself with a blanket, if it is winter or fall time, and go out. Your parents will not be against your dating because you will be at home. Hence, you will have fewer quarrels with them regarding dating in the evenings.

To sum up, dating online is great for those who do not want to apply too much effort regarding dating. If you like to spend more time at home rather than out, online dating will be a perfect option for you to consider.

Plus 4. Skip the awkward silence.

If you know what dating in reality is, you might have ever encountered the silence, which is awkward. During it, you might have nothing to say, comment on, or discuss. It seems like you have swallowed your tongue.

In order to avoid such an uncomfortable situation, you would better try online dating. You might have such silent moments as well. However, they will be less painful for you if you use various types of social media. For instance, you might make your partner believe that it is the app’s fault that you do not respond to their message for a long time.

In any case, awkward silence might even underline your intellect. Seriously. If you have nothing to say to your partner online, it might look as if you are busy or have already told everything. Therefore, your partner might even begin to respect you more. Thus, awkward silence might be turned into your advantage.

All in all, you might learn the rhythms of your partner and get synchronized to him or her. The psychologists say that when two people love each other, they become synchronized with each other. Meaning, they always message or call you on time.

They are never late. So if you find out that your partner’s call or message is welcome for you, it means you have met a real love and your feelings for each other are mutual.

Hence, online dating might help you get to know about the true feelings of your partner more rather than if you dated in reality.

Plus 5. You might meet more people.

You might doubt whether to proceed to date a definite person. In this respect, online dating is recommended for people who have not decided yet with whom they want to build stronger and more loyal relationships.

Therefore, you might date several people simultaneously. Earlier, you should spend a lot of time getting prepared, getting to, and spending time with several potential partners.

Nowadays, you should not waste as much time as you might have spent before. Hence, you will only need to appoint the meeting in the dating application whenever you want. It is accessible to date two or more people at the same time. This way, you will not make the wrong decision and will have more time to think and decide.

It is very comfortable to download a dating app and use it whenever you need it. Besides, you might find a person that corresponds to your taste priorities. Therefore, mistakes will be avoided when selecting the right partner.

Plus 6. It is perfect for finding exactly what you are looking for.

A girl likes a guy on a dating site

Dating online will minimize the chances to waste your precious time on a person who does not deserve it. For instance, if you are looking for serious relationships and marriage, you should not waste your time dating but ask your partner directly, «Are you searching for marriage?»

You might also ask him or her many other questions that you want to clarify the motives of.

You would better ask such questions at the early stage of your relationship, again, not to waste your time. Therefore, you will avoid many mistakes and find the ideal person for you to match your preferences sooner or later.

All in all, online dating will help you find your Mr. or Miss Right much faster. In the modern digital era, time is precious for everyone. With online dating apps, you will use your time much wisely and in a more fruitful way.

Plus 7. Spend less money.

One of the most significant advantages of online dating is the opportunity to spend not only less time but also money. It is not a secret that it might be rather expensive for a girl to dress up for the first date and pay for dinner. For instance, she should spend a lot of money on her dress, shoes, and handbag to impress her partner.

It is the same for a man too because he also must spend some cash on stunning clothes and shoes to impress his female match.

Therefore, dating online will help both partners spend less money on preparation for the date. Of course, they will not date in the cyber space forever. However, it is essential to date online at the early stages of your relationship not to make unacceptable mistakes.

To sum up, online dating will leave your pockets and wallet full of money. Hence, you will not feel guilty or regret wasting your money and time on the wrong person. If you respect yourself, online dating is worthy for sure.

Are there any disadvantages of online dating?

A mulatto woman corresponds on a dating site

Like every phenomenon, there are two sides of the coin. Of course, it is more beneficial to date online than to date in reality. However, there are some disadvantages, too. Let’s review and figure out why it might be less optimistic to date online.

Minus 1. The information about the partner might be incorrect.

There are many users of online dating websites who present the wrong and even fake information about themselves. Meaning, if you begin to date with him or her, you might not know a lot about him and treat him or her wrong. When real dating comes, you will be frustrated with the truth that you meet up.

Hence, you would better ask your partner to give you a few photos. At least, you should be aware of the way your partner looks. Also, you might ask him or her to provide you with proof of other things. It is normal to ask someone to give you pieces of evidence about anything, so you should not be shy and confused to do it.

Nevertheless, even if you ask for proofs, it might not protect you from some liers that go dating as a part of their profession.

Some fake partners might even ask you to send them some money telling you that they are in need. It is up to you whether to trust and help them or not. However, you should, at least, know that such people exist and the only thing they want from you is your money.

Minus 2. It might get less emotional.

Even if you utilize the smiles, you will not be able to read the mimics of your partner. Therefore, you might not read the non-verbal language and your match’s signals, which means that your intuition may be switched off during online dating.

Truly, you will not get touched during dating online. So, some of the feelings and signals might be ignored. However, online dating is recommended only at the early stage of your relationship.

After you have figured out everything you want, you can plan to go to a real date. There, you will find out how your partner emotionally reacts, and you might even touch him or her.

Harry Chapman, the author of the book «5 languages of love,» claims that touch is one of the love languages. To be more precise, some people need to be touched to feel they are loved. If your partner’s love language is touch, you should go out and try to touch him or her a little bit to see the way he or she reacts to it.

Don’t worry if it does not work, and your potential partner removes his or her hand away. It doesn’t mean that you are not for him or her. Perhaps, they need more time to start trusting you. Anyway,the world is huge to find the right person for you, according to your taste and preferences. Just don’t give up!

Minus 3. You might value and wait for an online date less intensively.

Korean browsing a dating site

It must be mentioned that you sacrifice less when you date online. If you date in reality, you should sacrifice your time and money. Therefore, you might value your online dates less if compared to a real date.

It might be less desirable for you to wait for another date. In other words, you might not expect a lot from the online date and feel less excited about it. Therefore, it is recommended for you to combine online dating with real dating.

If you do it, you will value the time when you meet up more. Therefore, your feelings for each other will become stronger, and your love will grow up and get more mature.

Minus 4. It might be dangerous.

After some period of online dating, you might decide to meet in reality. However, it might be risky for you to do it. There are many tricksters online who want to take advantage of you. Therefore, it is recommended to go out with your friend or acquaintance.

Of course, it might sound ridiculous because you might not probably be willing to communicate with the person you are affected with in the presence of the third party. Yet, it’s better to apply to your common sense and remain cautious.

Hence, to be protected, you should not go on a date alone. If this is not the case, inform your friend where and with whom you are going to meet. This way, if something goes wrong, there will be a person who knows where you are.

The final verdict about dating online

To sum up, the number of benefits of online dating is more significant if compared to the number of drawbacks.

Online dating is recommended for every person who wants to find the love of their lives. At least, you should date online at the initial steps of your relationship, not to make the wrong decisions, waste your time, or make mistakes.

Moreover, online dating is a kind of modern way of spending your time together. You must take advantage of dating online since it is one of the most efficient methods to keep in touch with your partner. Go ahead and register on one of the online dating websites, download the app, and enjoy romance!

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